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🌲 Monument is a global community bound together by the transformative power of music, art and human connection.


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🌲 Monument is a global community bound together by the transformative power of music, art and human connection.




MNMT 396 : Konduku

For MNMT 396 Konduku presents a mix of lucid techno experiments, full of new and unreleased heat delivered in curious time signatures and rhythmic pulse. His releases have seen him majoring for the likes of Nous’klaer - a label he’s most commonly associated with - to releases with Delsin’s Mantis Series, DJ Nobu’s Bitta label, and his celebrated Parlama EP for Spazio Disponibile - Konduku delivers an undeniable sonic pattern of uptempo, liquid and polyrhythmic groove. Follow:


MNMT 395 : Avsluta

Avsluta is a London-based producer, DJ, live performer and curator. While her output is diverse in both her live performances and DJ sets alike, it most often taps into the realms of ambient, downtempo, UK-bass and off-kilter deep techno, navigating the liminal spaces between ambient and dance music. She runs Introspective Electronics, a platform featuring regular radio shows, podcasts and co-curated live events. Together with the London-based DJ and producer Alicia, she co-curates progressive club experience series Terra Obscura and in collaboration with AMOENUS, she co-organises Sonic Garden, a series of outdoor experimental ambient and downtempo happenings. Follow:


MNMT 394 : Toxido Mask

Toxido Mask, is a DJ/Producer & Sound Designer based in Berlin. With an energy that is resolute, her passion for natural detail orients throughout her music. Toxido is currently overseeing the artistic direction of the podcast series 'Catharsis'. In this mix she focuses on a dance-floor approach, seeing her hypnotic signature interlaced with intricately tuned energy exploring the synergy between polyrhythms and straight grooves, harmony and disharmony, clarity and distortion, yin and yang. The mix is a representation of her current approach and style of mixing, subtle 3 decks layered with occasional reverbs and loops, all intertwined with the music which inspires her. Follow:


MNMT 393 : Vardae

Vardae is a project with the ambition of breaking away from the genre barrier, to explore new sounds territory around the love of psychedelic music. His productions and performances result in a percussive and hypnotic sound, a combination of tribal rhythms, repetitive leads and atmospheric textures which navigates from dub to tribe, passing through techno and drum’n’bass. Vardae defends a universe where immersion and experience prevail over codes with the idea of offering a journey to each of its appearances. Follow


MNMT Recordings : Jin Synth x Mostra

MNMT recordings presents Jin Synth recorded live at Mostra 2023. Jin Synth played on the third day of Mostra 23 at the iconic landmark of Castell de Montjuïc in Barcelona, one of the venues of Mostra festival. The Catalan festival will take place in its third edition from 28 to 31 March in 2024. About her time at Mostra Jin Synth said: "Mostra was an absolutely beautiful music festival. It was my first time visiting Barcelona. Meeting incredible artists and warmy friends was the best part of the experience. These four days were a revelry and the stunning beauty of Castell de Montjuïc was a sight to behold. The event left a nice impression on everyone’s heart. I believe the memories created there will last!" Follow:


MNMT 392 : Sunju Hargun

For MNMT 392 Sunju Hargun presents a very special mix. This incredible 2.5 hour journey was recorded in the Japanese mountains at the legendary Paramount Festival earlier this year. Delivered during the precious hours of sunrise with sounds of time bending, space stretching delights. Essential listening. Sunju Hargun has over fifteen years of experience DJing, he has showcased his skills across the globe, from space-out sets in jungles to power psychedelic music in abandoned warehouses. From Asia to Europe, Panorama Bar to Organik Festival, Sunju has illustrated how his unique cross-fusion of cultures and musical blends is loved across multiple continents. Building on his own Thai and Bangkok identity, with Indian and Japanese roots, Sunju, himself a fusion of various cultures across the Asian continents, has been one of the leading regional actors, ensuring that cross-pollination and collaboration have become essential facets of the Southeast Asian scene, with inspiration and energy regularly transmitting between cities and crews. Beyond his love for DJing and bringing his musically diverse pallet to the dance floors, his labor-of-love projects, Karma Klique, and @siamesetwinsrecords, also are finding an ever-growing foundation in the pan-Asian electronic music scene, fostering human and musical connections across the region and beyond. Follow: SC: FB: IG: BC: Paramount IG Web:


MNMT 391 : Elyan X

Eliana Giraldo aka Elyan X joins us direct from Colombia for Monument 391. She is forging a name for herself in the Pereira scene focusing on dark beats and raw melodies an engaging journey awaits. Follow : @elyanx


MNMT 390 : Julie

For MNMT 390 we present Dutch artist Julie with her deep, hypnotic, percussion-driven take on techno. With standout performances at legendary venues and events like Bassiani, De School Tresor & Draaimolen plus b2b sets with techno veterans James Ruskin, Sandrien and Claire Morgan, Julie is an artist not to miss. The outstanding 3 hour journey she has crafted is a perfect example of why she should not be missed; a deeply hypnotic voyage gradually unveiling layers of tension, psychedelia & textured frequencies, delivered with the perfect pacing & finesse of truly skilled selector. Start your week off right with a 3 hour trip down the rabbit hole. Follow: SC: FB: IG:


MNMT 389 : Martinou

Fresh off the release of his brilliant sophomore album, Martinou gives us the perfect soundtrack to the changing seasons - whichever part of the world you're in. Sink in, let the cozy melodies wash over you and enjoy the ride. A note from the artist himself about the mix: "The mix is made up of music I adore, with a majority of the music forthcoming for the winter and next year. Some tracks by friends, some by me, and some by a combination of the two." Follow: SC: FB IG Chiral album:


MNMT 388 : Aa Sudd

German producer & DJ, Aa Sudd, is known for his cutting edge releases on legendary labels such as Midgar as Aa Sudd, amenthia recordings as Konsudd (along with Konduku), Mirror Zone as Vector Trancer and more. He is also the host of the outstanding Hyperterranean show on Lyl radio. As an artist his sound is deeply psychedelic with complex and unconventional rhythms, seamlessly fusing techno, broken beats and drum n bass. Follow


MNMT 387 : Polar Inertia

For MNMT 387 we are excited to present the talents of Polar Inertia. With a focus on the Sci Fi mythology surrounding techno music they provide a pulsating energetic session building with layers over the course of the one hour live journey recorded exclusively for MNMT in Paris, France. Polar Inertia builds anticipation for their 4th chapter, soon to unfold but partially heard in this session. Follow :


MNMT 386 : Midnight Traffic

Midnight Traffic is the alias of DJ/Producer Rishi, based in Hyderabad, India. His sound is a fusion of darkness and light, modern sound design and hypnotic rhythms. With almost a decade of honing his craft in the studio, Midnight Traffic’s catalog comprises several notable EPs on India-based Qilla Records, an EP on Italian label The God’s Planet, a collaborative EP with Qilla Records founder, Kohra on Berlin-based Charybdis Records, along with several independent releases on Bandcamp. As a DJ, Midnight Traffic’s sets tend to lean towards the more fast-paced, hypnotic end of the spectrum. The last few years have seen him grace renowned venues and festivals like Echoes of Earth & DGTL in India, Lapita festival in Japan, and a remarkable Boiler Room Debut in 2022, to name a few. Follow SC: FB: IG: BC:


Monument Festival 2023 : Nelly

Shadowy, refreshing techno beats from the promising @nelly_dj. Mastering by Sjoerd Oberman Picture by Anja Rohner


MNMT 385 : Michał Wolski (hybrid)

For MNMT 385 Polish legend @michalwolski presents us with a very special hybrid mix. Known for his deep, richly detailed music this voyage features four track mixing and live looping techniques to deliver something truly mind-blowing. Michal is an acclaimed DJ, live act & producer, with releases on legendary labels such Semantica, Eerie Rec, Nonplus, Silent Season, Kynant and many more as well as his own Minicromusic Rec. On his approach to the hybrid mix Michal said: “The entire recording was made in Ableton Live. In addition to the tracks that make up the elements of the podcast, you can also hear a whole range of sound events that are brought to life through looping, as well as inducing feedback-loops. Narrating in this way allows me not only to enjoy the music itself - tracks that have caught my attention, whose energy I would like to share - but also to explore regions that are only possible to visit >in this very moment<, during the mix. They can't be planned, they can't be engineered - feedbacks tend to bring transformations having at their source, what is to be given. It's a deeply delicate technique - it can be smooth or extremely aggressive, it's all about being one with the sound and reacting to events at the exact moment and to the exact degree. A mix carried out with four tracks mixed live brings a whole range of possibilities - not only in terms of DJ techniques, but also strictly in terms of production, primarily with effects work at the forefront. This kind of playing sparks my imagination limitlessly.” Follow: SC: FB: IG: BC:


MNMT 384 : Svreca

We are incredibly honoured to welcome powerhouse DJ, producer and visionary founder of the legendary @semantica-records, Svreca. For MNMT 384, Svreca proves once again that he is the master of cerebral techno with deep, transcendental intensity unfolding over a powerful 2-hour odyssey. Strap yourself in, turn the volume high and enjoy the trip. Follow: SC: BC: FB: IG:


MNMT 383 : Acronym

@4cr0nym has been a consistent presence in the realm of electronic music for over a decade. Coming from a heavy-metal background, Acronym's DIY spirit has driven him to produce and independently release five full-length albums and more than 20 EPs. As a result, he has become a well-known figure in the world of psychedelic techno and experimental dance music. His passion for discovering new music and inspiration shines brightest in his DJ and Live sets. Those who have experienced his selections can attest to his ability to effortlessly blend tracks from different electronic music genres while always maintaining his signature groove. Follow: SC: FB: BC:


Monument Festival 2023: Yan & Alfred Czital

@Harmony-rec founders aligning heavy groovers one after the other in the purest back-to-back tradition, to close the first night of this year's Monument Festival. @yanmmxiv @fred-czital Join us in 2024 🌿 Tickets are already available at


MNMT 382 : Tatsuoki

For MNMT 382 we are very happy to have @tatsuokifukuda, a highly skilled selector hailing from Japan who has been DJing since 2011. A key figure in the Fukuoka techno scene and founder of the Broad event series, where he brings artists from Japan and abroad every other month. His mix is a deeply psychedelic trip with his own fresh twist on the legendary Japanese techno sound, expect a lot of twisted melodies, textured & pulsating rhythms and plenty of trippy bleeps for good measure. Follow: Soundcloud: Instagram: Facebook:


MNMT Live : Akob

@akobmusic are Paris & Berlin based DJs, producers & live act with releases on Lowless, The Gods Planet and more. We are very happy to present their special liveset recorded at La Marbrerie, near Paris, at a @lowless-music party alongside Neel, Wata Igarashi & Seb Alcachofa. The idea behind their live setup is to create the ability to reuse and rearrange elements produced in the studio while leaving enough space for improvisation and tweaking the sound live in the moment. The laptop-free setup is a combination of analog and digital machines: samplers/sequencers/looper (2x Octatrack), drum machines (Rytm), synthesizer (Syncussion, MB33, 0-Coast), effects (Octatrack, BigSky, T-resonator), midi controller (2x Nanokontrol) as well as mixer (Xone 96). Follow: SC: IG: FB:


MNMT 381 : Adhémar

French DJ and Producer Adhémar joins us for episode 381. He has a prolific catalogue of productions and continues to add to this with high quality works spanning across numerous established outlets. For this session he delivers a meditative trip into the realm of his mind a smooth and touching journey expertly interweaved to deliver a blissful 96 minute experience. Follow - @adhemarmusic