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Episode 42: Koch Tree Test

This episode was so fun for us! We did the Koch Tree Test, which is typically used in child therapy. We each drew a tree and then interpreted our results. Of course we had to kick off our conversation with a starter, and today we exposed all our garbage. Lots of fun! Link to take the test: Koch Tree Test Interpretation of the drawing can be found here: Tree drawing interpretation


Episode 41: Inner Child Quizzes

How old is your inner child? How do you release your inner child? How much of your personality is ruled by the little you? We took a boatload of hokey and non-scientific quizzes to answer these questions. And to kick things off, we looked at the lines on the palms of our hands to gain insight into our personalities (eye roll). Hit play and come have a listen! Conversation starter: How Old Is Your Inner Child? How to Unleash Your Inner Child Who Is Your Inner Child? How Alive Is Your...


Episode 40: Doctor You Personality Quiz

We dipped into the book Kokology today and tried a quiz called Dr. You. We had to pretend we were therapists (ha!) and answer questions about our office, the first client of the day and the presenting problem. Our conversation starter involved picking our favorite door. Sit and listen as we discover more about ourselves in today's episode. Conversation starter: Pick a Door Our personality quiz came from this book: Kokology; The Game of Self-Discovery by Tadahiko Nagao TED Talk by...


Episode 39: How Do Others Perceive You?

We took a test written by someone unknown and falsely attributed to Dr. Phil. It's called How Do Others Perceive You? It's a quick, easy and free personality quiz that will reveal which of 6 different personality types best describe you. Are you vain and always need to be the center of attention? Anyone ever call you a plodder? Come join us as we see where we land! To take the personality quiz: click here Our conversation starter involved picking our favorite sugar skull, not an easy task!...


Episode 38: Knowing Yourself Personality Quiz

Relational tests are what ya want? Then that's what you'll get! Another quiz today that you can take along with us as you listen. You never know with these...completely accurate or totally hokey? Hit play to find out! Conversation starter: What is the moon for your birth month? Take the personality quiz: Knowing Yourself


Episode 37: Dark Triad Test

Ever hear of the Dark Triad? It's the three personality factors that can lead to a dangerous combination and a potentially risky person to be around. Which one of us do you think has the highest score? Hmm... Do YOU possess the dark triad? We begin the conversation with a quiz from this book: Kokology; The Game of Self-Discovery by Tadahiko Nagao Take the Dark Triad test: click here


Episode 36: Chinese Zodiac

So one day a goat, a tiger and a rooster decided to make a podcast. This is the result. Listen to us read all about our Chinese Zodiac animal symbols. But first, we have to pick a path to reveal more about our personalities. Happy listening! Conversation starter: Which path are you most drawn to? Find out what your Chinese symbol is here:


Episode 35: Doshas

What is a dosha, you ask? Great question! We talk all about the 3 energy systems (kapha, pitta and vata) within our bodies and how they influence our personalities. To get things kicked off, we pick an image to determine our childhood know, our favorite kind of conversation starter! Enjoy! Pick an image to learn more about what trauma you experienced as a child: Take the quiz to find out which dosha is strongest in you! Click here


Episode 34: The Stolen Berries Test

Get ready for a relational test that is supposed to reveal all about your hidden sexual desires! And to get things started, we each pick a stone that will tell us even more about ourselves. Which stone did you pick? Pick a Stone conversation starter: The Stolen Berries Test: click here


Episode 33: The DiSC Test

Today we take the DiSC Test that helps you better understand your work style and how to build more effective relationships with colleagues. It's a serious test, one that's scientific and validated. However, our conversation starter is the complete opposite! Find out how to discover your Life Path number and what it reveals about your personality. Have fun! Find your Life Path Number: click here For the official DiSC Test: click here For the *free* Tony Robbins test: click here


Episode 32: Love Path Test

If you love relational personality tests, you'll get a kick out of this episode! We take a walk on the Love Path and find out how our choices along the path disclose details of our personalities. No preparation needed, just listen and play along! Link to our conversation starter: What is your soul nickname? Link to take the test: Love Path Test


Episode 31: Highly Sensitive Person

Has anyone ever said you're too sensitive? Have you wondered why you don't fit in? Do you suspect you feel things more intensely or deeply than those around you? If you said yes, you just might be a Highly Sensitive Person as described by Dr. Elaine Aron. Listen to us delve into this topic that resonates with two of us, and not so much for the 3rd (can you guess who is not highly sensitive?). Enjoy! Link to the website and quiz: Highly Sensitive Person


Episode 30: I Cannot Fail!

Erin finally gets her turn in the hot seat to disclose all about her deepest fear. Many of us might relate to this discussion. And for our conversation starter, we each choose which entrance is the fun! Conversation starter: Which entrance is the scariest? Erin as a cheerleader with a broken ankle! Costa Rican stairs that broke Erin's toe! Book Erin recommended: Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequest Amy & Erin's favorite yoga teacher, Allie Van Fossen!...


Episode 29: Birth Order

Are you the oldest, youngest, middle or only child? Let's see if your birth order has anything to do with your personality style. Conversation starter: Which mandala would you choose? QUIZ: Can we guess your birth order based on random questions? QUIZ: Birth order based on how you react to these gifts Book Heather recommended: May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein


Episode 28: Four Temperaments

Heather takes us on a journey back in time to the world's oldest known personality test, The Four Temperaments. Greek physicians claimed to know all about your personality based on which of four bodily fluids you have in excess; black bile, yellow bile, blood or phlegm. Gross! Take the test and come join us for a juicy discussion! Take the Four Temperaments test here: List of the 15 blends of temperaments: Conversation starter: Choose a...


Episode 27: What's Your Sign?

Do you believe your personality and destiny are written in the stars? Is astrology for real or just a bunch of hooey? We were surprised to hear all about our sun, moon and rising signs. Take a listen and tell us what you think! Get your free birth chart here: Cafe Astrology Physical traits for each zodiac sign: Click here TED Talk by Kristen Neff: The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self-Compassion


Episode 26: The Castle Personality Quiz

Do you love the episodes where you can play along and take a personality test with us? Then you're in luck! Today we take The Castle Test, a quick and quirky personality quiz that we enjoyed. Have fun with this one and don't forget to let us know your hidden psychopathy trait! Link to take the personality test: The Castle Test Link to take our conversation starter: Psychpathology Test


Episode 25: Am I a Hoarder?

Today's episode explores the topic of hoarding and organization. Are you a collector? Is your space always cluttered? If so, do you tend to acquire physical things like clothing or food, or maybe you enjoy collecting knowledge and information? Find out the different styles of clutter and also learn if you've crossed over to hoarder territory. Peter Walsh's quizzes: What's Your Clutter Personality? Clutter Assessment Peter Walsh article: What Kind of Clutterer Are You? Which swear word...


Episode 24: Bem's Open Sex Role Inventory

Are you classically masculine or feminine? Are you somewhere in the middle or a little bit of both? Come listen as we discuss gender roles and take an assessment to determine where we fall on the spectrum. Link to take the test: Open Sex Role Inventory


Episode 23: Values Assessment

Today we took an assessment to determine what we value most in our personal lives and at work. Free version of values assessment: Click here Full assessment ($6.95): Click here Pick a Tree Personality Test: Click here Link to the vegan YouTuber Amy follows: High Carb Hannah Fen the German Shepherd and Joey: