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V&V Episode 012 Jeff Robbins and Pixies' Surfer Rosa

This episode I have the opportunity to sit with a great guest and new friend, Jeff Robbins. We get into quite a bit of it all, from beginnings of his music career as a major label artist, to transitioning to a family man, to creating his own path through entrepreneurship, to getting back into making music. It's a long one, but that's a lot to get through. Plus we tackle one of rocks greatest albums of all time, Pixies "Surfer Rosa". Dig the new theme song for Vinyl & Vision, by Jeff...


V&V Episode 011 Tracy Garrity and The Clash

My guest tonight is Tracy Garrity, one half of an amazing duo, Vulgarrity. Together with her brother Shawn, they have been making some impressively complex and layered music through technology and intense determination. We discuss the highs and lows of her career over some rye and musical inspiration provided by The Clash. Please consider giving some support to the band through their bandcamp here: Watch their music video for "Maniac Shuffle"...


V&V Episode 010 Daryl Rabidoux and Asia

Today's episode finds me sitting down with super talented and good friend, Daryl Rabidoux of The Cancer Conspiracy. At Daryl's request, I reluctantly agree to feature Asia's 1982 massive pop prog self titled debut. Not much to promote today. Just rocking out to a classic 80's album.


V&V Episode 009 David Tessier and Genesis Nursery Cryme

Tonight I sit down with my good friend, David Tessier. All around good guy and true bohemian. We discuss life as a full time musician, current and upcoming projects, and of course, Genesis' seminal masterpiece, Nursery Cryme. Outta sight. Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe, like, comment and share! Here's where you can order your one-of-a-kind 7" vinyl: Find Dave's music here:...


V&V Episode 008 Shawn St. Martin & Brian Mastrobuono and Black Sabbath

This latest episode has me siting down with good friends, Shawn St. Martin and Brian Mastrobuono, currently of the metal band Hell Bent! Monsters of heavy riffage in their own right, but tonight I have them discussing another monster, Black Sabbath's self titled debut record. In addition, we discuss their band and new upcoming record, Apocalyptic Lamentations, which I am also featuring some clips of a couple of the songs! First listen available here only! Listen for that and don't forget to...


V&V Episode 007 James Toomey and Sunny Day Real Estate's Diary

On this latest episode of V&V, I interview my long time friend and former band mate, James Toomey. We touch on his life as part of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council, his new band, Umbrella Co., and our featured record tonight, Sunny Day Real Estate's 1994 debut, Diary. Due to technical difficulties, our interview stops a little abruptly, but I encourage listeners to continue the conversation through the comments on whichever platform you use to listen. Thank you and enjoy! Find out more...


V&V Episode 006 Tall Teenagers and The Velvet Underground

Our latest episode finds us sitting down with Damien Puerini and Chelsea Paulhus of Providence band, Tall Teenagers. This is a band that I personally feel has some strong connections to the influence and musical styling of the featured vinyl, The Velvet Underground. They have some upcoming shows so please find and follow them here: Find...


V&V Episode 005 Brendan Britton and Devo's Freedom of Choice

Tonight's latest episode finds me on location in Providence with my good friend the super talented, Brendan Britton, of the local band, Triangle Forest! With that band being one of the best synth bands in the city it was only fitting to have Brendan sit down with one of the greatest synth records of all time, Freedom of Choice. Being on location, we had a few bugs to work out and hit a couple of snags, but it was a great time and we had a great talk. And maybe a little too much to drink....


V&V Episode 004 Andy Larsen and The Velvet Underground and Nico

On today's episode, I sit down with a good friend, Andy Larsen, who has a massive record collection I will be curating. Amongst his collection was this gem, The Velvet Underground and Nico's seminal classic produced by Andy Warhol. Tons of great tracks and an original 3rd State pressing. Now available at auction through Andy's eBay webpage. Find it here:...


V&V Episode 003 Steve Mattos and John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band

Tonight I got to sit down with Steve Mattos of Chrome Jackson, Doomsday Student and Arab on Radar. We discuss and listen to some of his new album, Invertebrate Waltz. We also sit down with a first US pressing of John Lennon's, Plastic Ono Band. Amazing! Find Steve's new album here: His band and labels: And find my store and the auction for Plastic Ono Band here:...


V&V Episode 002 Dan St. Jacques and Iggy and The Stooges Raw Power

Tonight I'm sitting down with a local legend! Dan St. Jacques discusses his music career, what he's done, what he's doing and whats to come, while we listen to a first US pressing of Iggy and The Stooges seminal Raw Power! See Dan live here: And check out some of his bands here: Don't forget, the record is NOW live at auction on Ebay here:...


V&V episode 001 Jimmy Drab sits with Paul McCartney's Ram

Sitting down with one of Paul McCartney's greatest, Ram! Listen with me and see it for yourself at our youtube page. And if you like it, you can buy it. See profile for links.