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California Burning: The Science of Fire Behavior – November 15, 2019

The Camp Fire was the most destructive fire in California’s history – and the World’s most costly disaster of 2018. 19,000 homes were destroyed – at least 85 people were killed. With a perfect storm of climate change, increased fuel, and misguided fire suppression policies, some experts have been asking why we haven’t seen even […]


“Two-Spirit Pow Wow” Gives You an Inside Look at an LGBT Native American Pow Wow – November 14, 2019

The Documentary Two-Spirit Pow Wow is the first full-length film to give an inside look at an LGBT-hosted Native American Pow Wow. In his film, Rick Bacigalupi follows the development of the first LGBT Native American pow wow in the United States. Thousands travel from across the region to attend this annual gathering in San […]


The Kincade Fire and the Russian River. Should We Be Concerned? – November 13, 2019

Following the Tubbs fire in 2017, concerns about water in Fountaingrove delayed rebuilding. This year’s Kincade fire will also affect local water supplies. The Russian River provides water to more than 600,000 local residents; close to a million visitors use the river for recreation in the summer. Reporter Pamela Lorence visited Healdsburg last week to […]


Healdsburg Residents Relive Peril – November 12, 2019

Friday, residents of Healdsburg gathered on the plaza to celebrate their narrow escape from the Kincaid Fire. Since the Kincade fire, there’s some talk of folks pulling up stakes– tired of the alerts, the blackouts, the evacuations. But for two residents of Healdsburg, the latest fire has only deepened their love of home. Pamela Lorence […]


“Men Caring” is a Documentary About Adults with Disabilities and Their Caregivers – November 5, 2019

Documentary filmmaker Bill Chayes wanted to make a film about autism from a perspective that is typically ignored in documentaries. In his film, Men Caring, Bill Chayes breaks down stereotypes about adults living with disabilities and their caregivers. One of the stereotypes he addresses is that caregivers are all female. Reporter Adia White talked with […]


Healdsburg Halloween Do-Over Unites Neighborhood – November 5, 2019

When kids look forward all year to Halloween, they don’t care if it’s a few days late. Kids in the Parkland Farms neighborhood of Healdsburg returned home at the end of last week – too late for Halloween. So, Saturday afternoon, neighbors organized a Halloween do-over that radiated gratitude and good spirits. Roving reporter Matt […]


For Tubbs and Camp Fire Survivors Kincade Fire Triggers Trauma – November 1, 2019

While the Kincade fire is now largely under control, it has left many of our neighbors reliving the nightmare of the Camp Fire, the Tubbs Fire and other recent fires they survived. Reporter Adia White has the story we first broadcast earlier this week. This story was produced in collaboration with North State Public Radio’s […]


Code Blue Advisory Especially Concerning for Those Living Outside – October 30, 2019

Sonoma County issued a cold blue advisory, meaning near-freezing temperatures are expected in the county over the next few days. The weather, in addition to hazardous air from smoke, means sleeping outside this week is especially perilous. KRCB’s Adia White tells us what’s being done for those living in tents along the Joe Rodota Trail. […]


For Tubbs and Camp Fire Survivors, the Kincade Fire Triggers Trauma – October 29, 2019

As the Kincade fire continues to burn in Sonoma County, many are reliving the nightmare of wildfires they’ve survived in the past. Reporter Adia White has the story. This story was produced in collaboration with North State Public Radio’s Sarah Bohannon. For a list of mental health and recovery resources visit


California Burning Episode 2: Native Intelligence – October 25, 2019

We take a journey to the Yurok Indian Reservation in Northern California to learn how Native Californians used fire to protect the land. As the Kincade fire continues to burn near Geyserville, we take a look at fire prevention techniques that have been used in California for thousands of years. You’ve likely heard a lot […]


Indigenous Peoples Day Also Recalls a Meaningful Anniversary – October 24, 2019

In many places around the country, Indigenous Peoples Day is replacing Columbus Day. The holiday this year fell close to an important anniversary. Fifty years ago, a group of young American Indians and their supporters occupied the site of the notorious prison for 19 months. To commemorate the anniversary, more than a dozen tribal groups […]


Santa Rosa Middle School Students Talk to an Astronaut Aboard the ISS – October 23, 2019

Ever wonder what it would be like to live on the International Space Station? Ten Santa Rosa middle school students talked with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station last month. KRCB’s Adia White attended the event at the Sonoma County Library and tells us how talking to someone in space boosted their interest in […]


Survivors of the Camp and Tubbs Fires Look Forward and Backwards Between Their Anniversaries – October 22, 2019

Over the past two weeks, art lovers have been visiting studios throughout Sonoma County. Art Trails – which organizes the visits — was about to start two years ago, when the Tubbs fire raced through Santa Rosa. Artist Bill Gittins was ready to display several hundred of his paintings and prints but lost them all […]


Documentary Addresses Gaps in Health Insurance Access for Undocumented Adults – October 18, 2019

California is the first state to expand healthcare access to low-income, undocumented residents under the age of 25. But what happens to those over that age? Monday night at 9 KRCB TV 22 presents Coverage, a story about California activists fighting to expand healthcare access to undocumented adults. The film follows Emma, an undocumented caretaker […]


Women’s Suffrage Celebrations in Sonoma County Come with Asterisk – October 17, 2019

The coming year will bring a presidential election, and on the hundredth anniversary of women’s suffrage, women voters may again decide who becomes president. Leslie Graves is busy preparing for 2020. That’s when local and national events will mark the anniversary. She talked with KRCB News Director Steve Mencher about the complexity behind the celebrations. […]


Local Author Writes a Guidebook for Immigrant Parents – October 16, 2019

For many students, traumatic experiences may hinder their ability to do well in school. Santa Rosa Author Rafael Vazquez published a book this Fall to help migrant parents raise their kids in a country they didn’t grow up in. “Achieving your dreams” is only available in Spanish and focuses on the trauma many immigrant families […]


Fire Survivors Express Frustration After Planned Power Shutoff – October 15, 2019

Nearly two million in the state lost power last week in PG&E’s public safety power shutoff. But in one Northern California town, residents have not had access to power for nearly a year. The utility shut off power last week as a way to help prevent wildfires from starting during dangerous conditions. As part of […]


Two Women Mourn Mothers, Seek Community Help – October 11, 2019

The pain of losing a loved one doesn’t ever go away. It just changes and becomes a part of daily living. Meet two women who lost their mothers two years ago in the wildfires. Tuesday, October 8th at 5 pm – Santa Rosa Courthouse Square. A small group gathers to commemorate lives lost two years […]


Residents Observe 2-Year Anniversary of the Sonoma Complex Fires – October 10, 2019

Community members gathered on Tuesday evening to observe the anniversary of the Sonoma Complex Fires. At the end of the service, organizers rang a bell 44 times in memory of those who lost their lives in the fires. After the ceremony, KRCB’s Steve Mencher talked with assembly-member Jim Wood and former Santa Rosa mayor Chris […]


Sonoma County Ridesharing Service Aims to Help Women Feel Safer – October 9, 2019

When Renee Cooper was driving for Lift and Uber, countless women told her they were relieved to have a female drive. That’s why she decided to start her own company here in Sonoma County. “Women Driving Women” is based in Healdsburg and serves customers in both Sonoma and San Diego County. KRCB’s Steve Mencher spoke […]