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My name is Robert Rio and I am on a mission to make knowledge and happiness go viral. Learn how to live life on your terms and the way you have always dreamed of. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review. Don't forget to share it if you love it!

My name is Robert Rio and I am on a mission to make knowledge and happiness go viral. Learn how to live life on your terms and the way you have always dreamed of. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review. Don't forget to share it if you love it!
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My name is Robert Rio and I am on a mission to make knowledge and happiness go viral. Learn how to live life on your terms and the way you have always dreamed of. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review. Don't forget to share it if you love it!




Be Patient, Be Happy

If there is one thing I can say that I lack, it is patience. In this episode I discuss what patience is, how you can develop it, and why it is so important to happiness.


10 Life Lessons For Happiness

In this episode I share ten life lessons that may bring you closer to happiness as well as improve your outlook on life. By integrating just one of these into your daily routine you could begin to see your life much differently.


Be Happy Right Where You Are

In this episode, I discuss happiness as being a moving goal that is difficult for many people to achieve. Once you achieve one goal, it seems the goal post is moved further down the field and you are forced to achieve a new goal for happiness. How do you deal with the moving goal post that is happiness and how do you possibly overcome it? Listen to this episode to find out.


3 Myths To Avoid About Happiness

We all want to be happy. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be listening to this podcast. But in order to be happy, we need to figure out what happiness is, and more importantly, what happiness isn’t. Every one of us has their own idea of what happiness is. We all see happiness in a different way and may think there is a different way of reaching that ever-elusive goal. But there are some pitfalls, some flaws in our thinking that may try to through us off-track along the way. That’s why I wanted...


10 Tips To Finding Happiness At Work

Work is not always the happiest or most positive place. There are, however, ways to make a normally routine and mundane workday happier and more positive. If you are struggling through your workday, this episode is for you. I will discuss 10 quick tips that can help you change your outlook on work.


Get Into The Flow

Have you ever been doing something and felt like you were “in the zone” or in the “flow”? Where everything else just disappeared and you were completely focused on what you were doing? Researchers have found this “flow” state to be where we are happiest and most productive. But it is also a very unnatural state for us to be in. Find out why it is so important to get into the “flow” state on a daily basis and how you can do this. Please visit the Dare To Be Kind Movement website. Gabriella...


Control Your Happiness

Your happy moments should not be determined or controlled by others. You should have complete control over your happiness. If you feel as if you rely on others too much for happiness, this episode is for you. I discuss 6 ways to both create and control your happy moments.


Break The Habit Loop With Mindfulness

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. Mindfulness can be a useful tool in identifying and modifying bad habits. We develop a habit loop filled with cues and triggers that can force you to lead life on autopilot. By becoming mindfully aware of these cues and triggers, as well as the outcomes of rewarding yourself, you are able to modify this loop in a positive...


Rewrite Your Life

Believe it or not, you can actually rewrite your life. It's called expressive writing, and it has been found to reduce the symptoms and signs of depression and sadness. In this episode, I will discuss how to use expressive writing to take something with which you are struggling, and "rewrite" how you feel about it. If you like what you are listening to, please subscribe, rate and review. Join my Facebook Group! Follow me on social media: @MasterYourHappy Visit my website!


Dealing With A Job Loss

I will never forget the day I lost my job. It was horrifying. I was in complete shock and felt like my world was shattering around me. Instead of showing my feelings and emotions to my family and the world, I decided that I had to be strong and act like it was for the best. Act like everything was going to be alright, even though I really wasn’t sure that it was going to be. It seems cliché, but when you go through a tragedy or a crisis, like losing your job, most of us experience some...


Move From Mediocre To Excellent

We all have that natural tendency to want to fit in and not stand out from the crowd too much. Where do you think this tendency comes from? I personally think it comes from long, long ago when we traveled the Earth in tribes. It was beneficial for us to blend in and not stand out from the tribe. Standing out and being different could mean death. We wanted to fit in with the tribe so they would provide safety, shelter, and food. But what has happened over the years is that people began to...


8 Ways To Boost Your Energy Level

Do you get those mid-morning yawns or hit the 3 pm wall during work? I think we all do from time to time. And what do we normally do? We grab a candy bar, soda, or a cup of coffee, right? That sugar and caffeine will give you a quick pick-me-up, but what happens a little bit later? That’s right, you crash and you feel like crap. As a matter of fact, you probably feel even more drained and tired than you did before. What you need are some tried and true techniques that can help you boost...


Boost Your Motivation

Have you ever felt unmotivated? Like you just didn’t want to do anything? Especially things that you had to get done? Does it make you feel like you are just lazy? Let’s think about that. Does this truly make you a lazy person, or do you just need to boost your motivation? Some of us have a very difficult time starting projects or even starting our day. It takes a great deal of energy to do simple things that people take for granted. If you are finding yourself lacking motivation, this...


Using Positivity To Defeat Negative Thinking

In this episode I discuss techniques to defeat negative thoughts using positivity. Negativity can creep up on you from out of the blue on any given day. It can be as random as a thought that pops into your head or a sentence spoken by someone. The unfortunate part of this for some people is an event like this will drastically change their mood. It will begin to drag them down for the rest of the day. They will dwell on the thought or sentence until they are obsessed with it. If this...


Boosting Your Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence

Self-esteem and self-confidence are essential to living your best life and being the best version of you. Low self-esteem and self-confidence is a leading contributor to depression, anxiety, and leads to so many other issues including physical issues. In this episode, Robert discusses eleven ways to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. By using any one or a combination of these ways, you may be able to face new and exciting experiences, meet new people, enhance your relationships,...


How To Argue More Effectively With Your Partner

Unless you are outside the law of averages, every relationship has its share of arguments. The key to self-improvement is learning how to turn those arguments into a positive event instead of allowing it to cause more harm. I will show you 5 steps to having more "effective" arguments with your partner. These steps will help ensure that you come out the other side with a better understanding of each other and your relationship.



Ah, the weekend. Those two glorious days that those of us who work a Monday through Friday job cherish. The two glorious days that we have to recharge from a grueling week of emails, deadlines, and meetings. For many of us, however, the weekend has gradually been being cut short. Have you ever been enjoying your Sunday afternoon or evening and get an email or phone call from the office? Maybe it isn’t even an email, it could simply be the fact that you begin to think about what you have to...


How To Focus On Yourself Without Seeming Selfish

Is it possible to focus on yourself and not seem selfish? Absolutely! As a matter of fact, it is essential to good health and happiness. In this episode, Robert discusses some ways to stay focused on yourself without seeming selfish or greedy.


How To Find Your Purpose

Finding your purpose shouldn't be some epic task that takes a lifetime. If you break it down, finding your purpose comes down to finding what is truly important to you. Robert walks you through how to ask yourself some simple questions that can help you find your purpose in life.