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Music Minds is a weekly podcast where two music industry “lifers” talk shop about music.

Music Minds is a weekly podcast where two music industry “lifers” talk shop about music.
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Music Minds is a weekly podcast where two music industry “lifers” talk shop about music.






Is It Time Up For Tik Tok?

It’s your kids latest obsession: Short videos they make of themselves dancing or singing or just goofing off to some of today’s hottest music. Innocent enough, right? Well... with artificial intelligence following every move they make, and a system designed to make videos go viral to potentially millions of viewers - with little to no money (surprise!) going to songwriters and labels - Tik Tok may not be so “innocent” after all...


Synch and Swim – The basics of Synchronization Licensing

Tony and Jon start a series of podcasts focusing on synchronization licensing and getting your music used in TV shows, films, commercials and more. In this first episode, Jon breaks down the process of licensing music for synch, including the terminology, the rights, and the money to be made and the exposure your music can get – and sometimes can’t – from getting used in a big-time TV show. Does placing a song on Teen Mom really make you an overnight sensation? You might be surprised.


Ed Sheeran and Eminem: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Tony and Jon take a look at some pending lawsuits – Eminem VS Spotify and Ed Sheeran VS Seemingly Every Other Songwriter in the World – that are each potentially worth millions and could have major impacts on the music business going forward. Em’s publisher Kobalt says Spotify isn’t paying enough royalties for some of his biggest hits, and two other songwriters are saying Ed Sheeran ripped off parts of their songs in some of his biggest hits. Plus Kobalt says the Music Modernization Act is...


Payola -The Dangerous Game of Pay to Play

Tony and Jon discuss the age old practice of payola - where record labels bribed radio DJ’s to play their latest releases to spur record sales - and how the evolution of media and consumer attitudes have ushered in the next wave of pay-for-play - corporate partnerships between brands and artists.


Why to Go or Not to Go to Music School

Tony and Jon – who didn’t go to music school – talk about why you probably shouldn’t, either. Drawing from their experiences that led to them becoming music “lifers” despite no formal training (Jon went to school for acting), T&J discuss the pros and cons of getting a higher education in music – and the arts in general –, the challenges musicians and writers face while trying to make a living in this business, and how a degree from Berklee likely won’t help.


The “Fair Use” Scam

Tony and Jon take a look at the world of “fair use”, where the rules of copyright apparently need to be “reformed” (*cough* “eliminated”), and the right to “use the full body of human culture and knowledge for the common benefit” means that anybody should be allowed to use your work however they like without your permission or paying you. Wanna guess what T&J think about that?


Social Media Distortion

Tony and Jon talk about the influence of social media platforms on the industry – both positive and negative – and how the idea of compensating “creators” somehow skipped songwriters and artists. There’s definitely loads of money to be made out there in YouTube-land and the like, but if you’ve got your songs being streamed on those platforms, don’t plan on buying a house just yet with all those “micro-pennies” you’re earning.


Taylor Swift v The Big Machine

Tony and Jon introduce themselves and talk about Music Minds before delving into the hot topic in the music business this summer: Taylor Swift VS Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta and The Big Machine! Tony and Jon discuss the particulars of this very modern feud – or “debacle”, as it is being called in some corners of the internet – and how it may play out, as well as how it shines a light on some of the darker corners of the biz – from lousy record contracts to backroom wheeling-and-dealing...