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Tune in to hear two friends discuss all the steamy (and sometimes tepid) details of the regency romance genre.

Tune in to hear two friends discuss all the steamy (and sometimes tepid) details of the regency romance genre.
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Tune in to hear two friends discuss all the steamy (and sometimes tepid) details of the regency romance genre.




015 - Eight Kisses Anthology - A Highlander for Hanukkah

Now that we’ve celebrated Christmas, it’s time for the Festival of Lights! This year we’re spending it in Edinburgh and it looks like the gift of a hot, highland man just keeps on giving. Do ye get where I’m going with this lads and lassies? This is only one of two Hanukkah tales that take place in the regency. We know because we looked, hard. This one also included some cool history facts and Zoë gets to put her Hebrew skills to good use (like she learned it in Israel so it’s the real deal...


014 - Maiden Lane 10.7 - Once Upon A Christmas Eve

It’s officially December, so we’re going full-holiday on you all! That special time of year where you spend time with loved ones...or with a family you happen to come across when your carriage breaks down in a snowstorm with Grandma inside! Even if you’re like our hero Adam and not that into Christmas, it’s hard not to find joy from an almost-kiss while hunting down holly for the Christmas Ball. Or better yet - from a bit of action under the stairs while everyone else is occupied with parlor...


013.5 - Bonus - Thankful For Romance

Happy Thanksgiving from the US-of-A! Looking back over the last year, we've realized we have so much to be thankful for. In honor of the holiday, we wanted to take a few minutes to share with you why we're especially thankful for romance! Plus, it turns out we're not the only ones who have strong feelings on the subject. So feel free to take a quick break from all the holiday craziness and listen to us and some of our Frolic friends talk about why romance has a special place in our hearts...


013 - Bridgertons 3 - An Offer From A Gentleman

We’re back aboard the Bridgerton Express, arriving at station stop Benedict! Join us this week for a stunning Cinderella story spun by our favorite fairy godmother, Julia Quinn! We get all the classics - an evil stepmother, a masked ball, and a Mysterious lady who disappears at midnight, and that’s only part one! Two years have gone by when suddenly our hero and heroine are reunited. Yet, it’s not quite the reunion we were expecting... We were once again reduced to sighs of longing and...


012 - Pennyroyal 5 - What I Did For A Duke

Pennyroyal Green we have missed you! This next installment did not disappoint and for one of our hosts it was even better than the book before! Julie Anne Long delighted us with her witty back and forth dialogue, while also giving us a heroine who is not afraid to make her own decisions. Plus while our hero of a Duke has a dark and dangerous exterior, we learn he’s an absolute softy when it comes to the woman he loves. *sigh* Plus we got beautiful renaissance visuals by way of a famous...


011 - Interview - Evie Dunmore talks Bringing Down the Duke

Join us as we speak with Evie Dunmore, whose first novel Bringing Down the Duke came out this past September to great acclaim. Evie walks us through how she became interested in romance and what inspired her to write her first novel. This Oxford-educated woman is a treat, telling us about being a new author and what actually is the difference between a suffragette and a suffragist. We bonded over our collective difficulties reading Jane Austen novels and our love of horseback riding. You’ll...


010 - Hellions of Havisham 3 - The Viscount and the Vixen

Now that it’s pumpkin spice and sweater weather, we have a spooky selection for Halloween! Come with us to Havisham Hall where a ghost is rumored to haunt the surrounding moors! We've got clocks that don't tick, a Mad Marquess, and a ghost of dead mother’s past. Our hero has sworn to never open his heart to love but our heroine is not the title hunter he was expecting. Will Havisham remain the dusty memorial of lost love or will new love also bring new life? We're reading The Viscount and...


009 - Interview - Maya Rodale chats Dangerous Books for Girls

We’re very proud to bring you our first interview! We sat down with bestselling author Maya Rodale to talk about her book Dangerous Book for Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels Explained. She enlightened us on why Romance is so much more empowering than the patriarchy would want you to believe. This book is filled with interesting facts and statistics, which we talk about, but the interview does not stop there! Maya gave us the lowdown on Romanclandia as a whole, and we are even more...


008 - Brothers Sinister 0.5 - The Governess Affair

This episode we have a couple of firsts! Our first novella! Our first hotel room recording! Join us as we chat about The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan, a novella that, let’s be honest, sets the bar for all novellas. Courtney Milan truly played upon all of our emotions in a short amount of pages. We were brought to our metaphorical knees by a twig! A TWIG! And don’t get us started on hairpins as a currency to build trust. *SWOON!* We’ve got a fantastic heroine on a transformative journey...


007 - Bridgertons 2 - The Viscount Who Loved Me

You’re all cordially invited to join us at Aubrey Hall in Kent for Lady Bridgerton’s country house party! We’ve got more Whistledown (in prime form as always), more sibling sparring (delightful), and of course, COMPETITIVE LAWN SPORTS! So pick your mallet quickly unless you want to be stuck with pink or purple, and throw the rules into the lake this week! Winner takes your heart ❤️ **Spoilers for the entire plot of this 19-year-old book** TW: Death of a parent


006 - Bridgertons 1 - The Duke and I

Warning: This episode contains discussions of consent and sexual assault. The ladies of Tea & Strumpets have done it, they've jumped on the Bridgerton train! How could they not when it's such a defining series in the genre?! From a prologue that tugs heavily on our heartstrings, to our heroine making seriously questionable choices, there was a lot more going on in this book than was expected. We put on our 2019 lenses and get serious about how this one makes us feel. So All Aboard the...


Bonus: Giveaway Details!

Hello Listeners! We're dropping in here to let you know a quick announcement that we're currently running a Giveaway that might interest you! We'll be back here Thursday with your regularly scheduled romance review. Thanks to everyone for your support! Link to the full details in the episode notes.


005 - Mayhem in Mayfair 1 - Sleepless at Midnight

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!! We've stepped away from Pennyroyal Green and our co-hosts finally have grossly differing opinions on our book this week! No need to fear dear Listener, no pistols were seen at dawn. Instead there was a healthy debate about the use of adjectives as they apply to our heroine. Also we find our favorite character in the book had four-legs and a tail. **Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!**


004 - Pennyroyal 4 - I Kissed An Earl

You've heard about it since day one and now it's finally here! Today we discuss I Kissed an Earl, by Julie Anne Long, featuring Violet Redmond and Captain Asher Flint. Not only do we get to see our main characters well-matched in wit and courage, but we also get a pirate battle and a chase across the high seas! Plus, who doesn't love a lady who can beat a self-assured man at chess (and we're not just talking about the game). **Spoilers, there are spoilers!**


003 - Pennyroyal 3 - Since the Surrender

Puppets, Museums and Mermaids, OH MY! This week we dive into book three of Julie Anne Long's Pennyroyal Green series, Since the Surrender. If you thought Episode 001 was wild, you may want to take a deep breath before pressing play. As we dive deeper, we learn a bit more about the Eversea family dynamic and that men really cannot resist a penis joke. **Spoilers are a thing, just FYI**


002 - Pennyroyal 2 - Like No Other Lover

Never fear episode #2 is here! We continue our journey into Pennyroyal Green this time with: No Other Lover, by Julie Ann Long. While this book is less jam-packed, it is no less delicious. Our characters positively sizzle when they're near. Also, can we just talk about how nice it is that the main characters are actually honest with each other and do not make dumb decisions based on unnecessary misunderstandings?! **Spoilers are thing, just FYI**


001 - Pennyroyal 1 - The Perils of Pleasure

Welcome to Tea and Strumpets: A Regency Romance Review! Join Kelsey and Zoe as they talk you through some of their favorite books of the genre. In their first episode, they discuss The Perils of Pleasure, by Julie Anne Long, and re-discover how buck-wild this first book of the Pennyroyal Green Series really is. From explosions to a mysterious shooter to a hayloft tryst, there are few romance novel stones left unturned. So strap in and enjoy the ride! ***Spoilers abound! We discuss the WHOLE...


000 Tea and Strumpets Trailer

Welcome to Tea and Strumpets, a Regency Romance Review! Join hosts Kelsey and Zoe every other Thursday as they discuss novels from their favorite genre and what makes them steamy...or tepid. Read along or just listen in - it's like book club, only less work and a lot more fun! Also, it's 2019, Shakespeare. We're taking Strumpets back!