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Former NFL Cheerleader and current journalist Bridget Case breaks down “real life” outside the game and sucker punches athlete stereotypes mid-interview. Sports figures join the show each week with juicy tell all tales from on and off the field. Pro and NCAA athletes talk life after the game and current sports news. Support this podcast:

Former NFL Cheerleader and current journalist Bridget Case breaks down “real life” outside the game and sucker punches athlete stereotypes mid-interview. Sports figures join the show each week with juicy tell all tales from on and off the field. Pro and NCAA athletes talk life after the game and current sports news. Support this podcast:
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Former NFL Cheerleader and current journalist Bridget Case breaks down “real life” outside the game and sucker punches athlete stereotypes mid-interview. Sports figures join the show each week with juicy tell all tales from on and off the field. Pro and NCAA athletes talk life after the game and current sports news. Support this podcast:






The Dismount Discovery, with Megan Astore

It's about to get real REAL on the podcast today - are you ready to discover your true self? Welcome special guest Megan Astore to the show! Megan is a Certified Health Coach, Blogger, and Founder of "Female Athlete Rising". As a former competitive gymnast, she has made it her mission to inspire other female athletes to free themselves of the pressures they felt under a life of elite athletic competition. And all that B.S. doesn't just disappear when you say goodbye to your


Your Network is Your Net Worth, with Shakeout's Classye James

New CBA announced for the athletes of the WNBA, congrats ladies! How do you translate your personal brand as an athlete into the workforce? Former D1 Basketball Player Classye James is here to break it all down for ya! Classye is the CEO and Founder of Shakeout LLC. Forced to retire after injury, she now helps fellow athletes navigate the abyss that is life after sports. We talk making rejection your friend, why the word "no" won't kill you, and how the Googles and Facebooks of the world...


Choosing life or the knife: A healthy athlete blueprint, with Dr. Chad Stephens

It's the morning of the College Football National Championship...I'm 100% confident the Tigers win. Get it? ;) Dr. Chad Stephens, Interventional Pain and Sports Medicine Physician, joins the show today! Dr. Stephens is a surgeon, non-invasive treatment specialist, world speaker, and the podcast host of "Dr. Stephens Speaks". He breaks down what sports medicine really means - not only treating professional athletes. His number one priority is putting a patient back into life, not an athlete...


Building your Legacy off the field, with Taj Dashaun

What good is an athletic mindset if you're not applying it to something that you actually care about? These wise words from today's guest, Taj Dashaun. Taj is a former college football player at Stony Brook University who now helps fellow athletes "Thrive After Sports". A Coach, speaker, and podcast host, Taj ignites the inner athlete within us all to leave our own unique legacy. Visit his website at to learn more. Connect with Taj! LinkedIn:...


"Getting injured saved me mentally," with Texas Volleyball Player & Blogger Blair Westerlund

Blair Westerlund joins the podcast! Blair has survived the highest of pressures as a D1 athlete, but didn't get to leave the court completely on her own terms. After tearing her ACL and undergoing multiple surgeries, the University of Texas Volleyball player had a choice to make: risk it all for the teammates she'd die for or walk away with her head up for the sake of her own mental health. Through decades of dealing with paralyzing anxiety and panic attacks, Blair has learned to love the...


Finding Faith and Purpose: Sports Spectrum Podcast Host & Former ESPN Producer Jason Romano

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to remind ourselves what the spirit of the season truly means. Jason Romano joins the show today to talk following his purpose in sports ministry. Jason is the host of the Sports Spectrum Podcast, a former producer at ESPN, author, and speaker. Jason had it made working at the mecca of sports, but was called by God to pursue a bigger purpose in life: Sports Spectrum, where faith and sports connect. Bridget and Jason discuss the...


Baller to Blogger: Redefining the male athlete in the digital age, with Drew Mellon & Molly Hogan

Drew Mellon is your classic D1 college athlete. As a walk-on at the nationally acclaimed University of Arizona basketball team, Drew lived out every kid's dream of suiting up on the world's biggest stage and punching multiple tickets to the NCAA tournament. After the final buzzer of his career, he was without a plan for the first time in his life. Grinding his way through a few boring sales jobs, Drew met his girlfriend Molly. Not only did he meet his dream girl, but he found his saving...


"Many ways to get to the cheese", with NFL Agent Sam Leaf Ireifej

CFP Rankings are out! Who is in? And what does that mean for the future of college athletics? NFL Agent Sam Leaf Ireifej joins the show to share his opinion on the future of the NCAA and give us the inside scoop on what it takes to become an agent. Sam is a former NFL Player who represents high profile clients and hot young talent including Malik Reed and Devin Singletary. He is the President of Entourage Management, a sports agency that works with their clients on more than succeeding on...


Reach out with a Reason: Work In Sports' Brian Clapp is the Networking Guru

Are you on LinkedIn yet? By the end of this episode, YOU WILL BE. Meet the mastermind of professional networking, Brian Clapp. Brian is the Host of the Work in Sports Podcast and VP of Content and Engaged Learning at Work in Sports is a premium job board subscription for the sports industry with over 24,000 active jobs. After 20 years in the industry and stops at CNN/Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports Northwest, Brian has helped build the Work in Sports mogul into what it is...


Athletes Overcoming Addiction: How a game of catch 37 years ago saved lives, with College Football stars Dan Devaney & Walter Bailey

Dan Devaney and Walter Bailey grew up in Oregon and went on to star as some of the best defensive forces in the Pac-10. Dan is a Duck and Walter is a Husky, but the conference rivalry is the only thing that separates them. Dan was Walter's football hero growing up. One afternoon the two met, picked up a football, and played a game of catch. That was in 1982. Fast forward to 2019, and the two have reunited. One saved the other's life. After years of battling with drugs and alcohol, both men...


The Guide to Intuitive Eating: Crushing eating disorder stereotypes & health barriers with RD Katie Spada

Two toddlers make a quick appearance before introducing the next AOS guest, Katie Spada! Katie is a Dietitian and Nutritionist who is best known for her brand "Fueling Former Athletes". She spent all of her life competing in synchronized swimming and continued her career as a college athlete. As a former athlete herself, Katie has taken her experiences from the pool to create a welcoming space for other athletes finding it difficult to transition out of sports - especially when it comes to...


You're more than a million bucks: vegan fried chicken company serves Shark Tank with a tall order

DISCLAIMER: Bridget is really sick and sounds like a dying turkey. You might not recognize her. But perfect timing because it's almost Turkey Day, and the AOS podcast celebrates with a special guest! Deborah Torres is best known as the woman who went viral for turning down ONE MILLION DOLLARS on ABC's Shark Tank. Crazy or genius? We think BRILLIANT! Deborah fries up the world's most popular vegan fried chicken along with other vegan products that you can find served up at restaurants across...


Believe in the Power of the Mind: Lessons from missing the Olympics, with 2x National Champion Swimmer Seth Pepper

What do you do when you're one of the best swimmers in the world, racing stroke for stroke with the reigning Olympic Gold Medalist, but you peak between Olympic Games? You harness the power of the mind. 2x National Champion Swimmer Seth Pepper pops in today to take us through his real-life "mental experiment". He didn't start swimming until the age of 14, and within a few years was setting world records at the University of Arizona. Seth discusses his pro career and the panic attacks that...


Where do we go after Gold? Olympic Gold Medalist Louise Dobson

Australian Olympic Gold Medalist Louise Dobson joins the show! From leading the Hockeyroos to #1 in the world to missing her own home country Olympic Games in Sydney, Lou knows what it's like to be at the top and deal with the ultimate trials that follow in life. Whether you're an athlete or not, there's something to learn from Lou's journey. A former dual Olympian, Lou now runs her own business and speaks to elite athletes around the world. To connect with Lou and learn about her business,...


Professor Plum in the Rage Room with the Hockey Stick: How an NHL Mascot went viral, with Lauren Capone

What started as a Twitter battle between bird and prey one year ago ended up launching the National Hockey League's first worldwide influencer - Gritty. The Philadelphia Flyers' mascot turned 1 year old in September, and he's been able to gain more followers on social media with his game day pranks and pop culture memes than most digital personalities. Lauren Capone, Philadelphia's Marketing Communications Coordinator and former college gymnast at Temple University, joins the podcast to...


Pt. 1 Take a Chance on Yourself: From Walmart to the NFL with Jajuan Harley

Once a Walmart employee, Jajuan Harley seized every opportunity that came his way to achieve his dream of playing professional football - even if that meant training on the Walmart treadmills at midnight and sleeping in his car. But what make's a rich man find happiness? Jajuan joins the podcast to teach us what it means to truly be "rich" and live every single moment as a blessing. Now he's putting in all his poker chips to bet on himself - and that's a pretty good bet. Jajuan is an...


Pt. 2 Take a Chance on Yourself: Turning a Bad Decision into Opportunity with Noah Whittle

Noah Whittle had the chance to play running back at a four year university. But, one wrong decision and that opportunity was gone forever. In a new era where NCAA athletes will be getting paid soon, it's important to remember the ones who have come before them and consequences they've faced. Noah joins Bridget and Lauren on the AOS show to share his recipe on how to make life's lemonade with really sour lemons. Fresh off a pro season in the German Football League, Noah is on the grind to...


"Decluttering for Dummies" with Organized Jane

We all could use a little less clutter in our lives. Enter Jane Stoller, better known as "Organized Jane". As the world's first "Life-Biz" organizer, she's a pro at helping entrepreneurs, athletes, moms, and helpless souls get their ish together. Whether it's doing a full digital overhaul or simply starting with your bedroom closet, Jane gives you the building blocks to live a happy lifestyle. A former cheerleader and current author, Jane speaks to professionals around the world and shares...


Writing a Reading Revolution, with MLS Goalkeeper Jeff Attinella

We kick off the show with Bridget's take on the Astros' firing of their outspoken Assistant GM. Will the Nationals sweep Houston to win the World Series? MLS Goalkeeper Jeff Attinella of the Portland Timbers joins the podcast to talk about all of his off the field endeavors he's explored since being sidelined with a season-ending injury. Jeff is also an accomplished children's author and publisher. He founded It Had To Be Told Publishing and has written four books. Listen to Jeff on his own...


Choosing a winning mentality, with NY Yankees Mental Conditioning Coach Lauren Johnson

LeBron overshadows the MLB postseason this week as an unofficial diplomat and the Nationals are headed to their first franchise World Series! As the Yankees and Astros battle in the ALCS for a spot in the 2019 World Series, NYY Mental Conditioning Coordinator Lauren Johnson breaks away from gameday action to discuss the importance of a winning mentality on and off the field. Lauren and Bridget discuss strategies athletes use to survive a grueling season and block out all of life's...