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ELEMENTAL HEALTH. Seeking true health - Cutting through all the noise to find your true path to health.

ELEMENTAL HEALTH. Seeking true health - Cutting through all the noise to find your true path to health.
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ELEMENTAL HEALTH. Seeking true health - Cutting through all the noise to find your true path to health.








12 Words That Will Set You Free - Find out how to navigate you way through life with Alexander Butler

12 Words That Will Set You Free - Find out how to navigate you way through life with Alexander Butler Join me this week for another amazing episode with Alexander Butler (@deep_coaching) This episodes sees us dive deeply into the coaching paradigm and how to understand what is going on in your head. Alexander is an experienced coach that has spent time unpacking his and his clients struggles to define a code for life. We all face challenges and it is the quality of our thinking that...


Living on Purpose with Patrick Rae - Understand the Spiritual Journey You Are On.

Patrick Rae - The Spiritual Warrior. In this episode: Finding truth, living with purpose and how Patrick's journey is unfolding. The effects of meditation and deep work on life and the deep dive into behavioural change and transformation. Patrick is a very unique human with a humbling view of life and the world. Dive into the work of Dr Joe Dizpensa and the impact that is has had on Patrick and his community Jam packed with impactful nuggets for you to ponder. From group meditation...


Turn Wild with Ian McClelland - From extreme expeditions to the fundamentals of coaching and creating a truly amazing goal

Turn Wild with Ian McClelland - From extreme expeditions to the fundamentals of coaching and creating a truly amazing goal I am luck enough to have known Ian for many years at this point and I have had the fortune to be coached by him and along side him. This Guy has an uncanny ability to distil the complex an make it understandable and actionable, which is the key! Recently back from his expeditions to Norway and Iceland we dive into how preparing and being involved in a serious...


Peak performance and being a busy Dad - Lawrence Price tells it straight!

Join me for this weeks instalment. Welcome Lawrence Price. He is best known for his recent inclusion in the fitness hall of fame for being on the front cover of Men's Health. My friend Lawrence bears all for the podcast and lets us peak behind what it takes to be a fitness pro. From elite sports to fitness coaching and a life in front of the camera. Juggling coaching, brand work and a family life is not easy. In this episode:


Stop Chasing Pain - Dr Perry Nickelston dives into pain, life and lots more...

Join me this week with Dr Perry Nickelston as we dive into Pain and the amazing work he is doing in helping poeple with pain find a path back to health. Ever suffered from pain? I going to assume that is a yes if you are human! This episode is for you, it explores pain and the amazing work Perry is doing. In this episode: Break down what pain is and what it means - all pain has a meaning Therapies that work and don't work Why the main stream thinking is not working and much much...


FIND YOUR TRUTH with The Urban Barefoot Jeff Shub

This, to me, is a mind blowing episode. Please welcome Jeff Shub @theurbanbarefoot Apart from Jeff's tips and tactics on how to be healthy and move towards an amazing life we go deep into the motivation behind everything Jeff does and his 'why'. Honestly, this is one of the most amazing conversations I have had. Jeff, is an amazing human seeking real alignment in his life.


Playing around - Find out how to get more out of your movement and life with Si Stratton

Playing around - Find out how to get more out of your movement and life with Si Stratton Movement should parallel life and Si is truly trying to create an training sphere that incorporates many different aspects of nature and life. The key take away for me form this show is that training and "fitness" can and SHOULD be fun. We take a deep dive into how to bet the most out of your training. More than that we uncover how to completely shift your perspective on how and why you train,...


Shift your perspective to find Energy, Intention and Purpose with Coach Jeremy Abramson

SERIES 2 - THE DEEP DIVE - EPISODE 1 COACH JEREMY ABRAMSON @coachjeremy305 Excited to bring you series 2 of the podcast and even more excited to bring you Jeremy. This show is a deep dive into tall things movement and mindset. Find out how to control your intention and create the highest level of energy and purpose. Jeremy has a truly unique view of the world and we dive into how anyone can shift there intention and create something truly unique in their life. Shift you view and...


Have you cultivated the "White Belt" Mind? Jump in with Yousuf Nabi and understand how Jujitsu can change your life!

Jump in to this episode where we join Yousuf nabi an claimed black belt instructor in BJJ to understand what the synergies are between life and martial arts and why we have seen an explosion in the sport of Jujitsu. In this show: - How a guy who was not interested in sports and did not see themselves as much of an athlete can climb the ranks to champion - the beginners mind and how the learn can truly find growth through failing and living beyond the comfort zone - The movements and...


Change how you train - Reconnect with your body and the natural environment, it is time for change with Danny Clark

From wrestling to the history of human kind to .......Natural Movement and the huge MOVNAT system for health and movement. Forget what you know about training systems, open your ears and MIND and let me know what you think of this one! We dive into everything that Danny is up to and the way we can change the landscape of conventional fitness and training systems and take a fresh approach. I know what we talk about in today's show was something that I was missing for a long time in my...


Consistency is not the problem, YOU ARE! Solo-cast with Nick Quinton

**WHY CONSISTENCY IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM** . OK, so, I have lots of chats with prospective clients and, surprise, surprise, they all sound pretty similar. . I just need a couple of session to get me started, or get me back into it, and I will be fine (my minimum commitment for a new client is 8 weeks!). Sound familiar? The truth is you left your plan to be fit or [fill in the blank] for a very good reason. The problem was you 'got' busy and couldn't be consistent, you have...


Immunology and inflammation, what you need to know, from the expert

An honest and insightful foray into inflammation in the body and the immune system. As always I (NQ) try to distil down the amazing knowledge of my guest, Dr Jenna, and bring you the need to know information. This week we cover one of, in not the, most important topics when it comes to your health - inflammation! We dig into the research and uncover what is actually important and what we should be focus on based on the amazing studies that are now being validated.


Conquer Pain! with Yusuf Varzideh

Conquer Pain! with Yusuf Varzideh Find out how Yusuf overcame chronic pain from a very young age. His journey from struggling as a young man and suffering some back issues to the wrong type of training and how he overcame pain to find a new path...Now he is a single digit fat burning warrior that unlocks correct movement an strength training for all his clients.


Kristy Coleman on how diabetes can be reversed and how to get your nutrition right.

Join us as we unpack gut health, getting nutrition right and how Kristy helped her Dad reverse type II Diabetes. Where are we going wrong when it comes to our nutrition, well, everyone has an opinion? Kristy has done the hard work and is helping people understand what is going on with their gut health and help them get on top of their nutritional game in order to be healthy. Science is only just coming to understand the connection with the gut and very area of our health including our...


Q & A - Fat burning and How to shift stubborn belly fat

Lets jump into the Q & A that I promised you guys! In simple terms if your in a calorie deficit you should be burning fat....Yes, but life is never that simple :O) Counting calories, the right diet, macros and micros.....it is a real minefield out there, lets peel it back and find the simplest most effective path to getting the results. Find out why you might not be shift the fat you want to. In this show I answer a question on nutrition from one of the listeners. As always, please...


Tactics and insight to living YOUR MISSION with Richard Miguca

Looking for a visceral connection to an awesome guy who is full of passion and drive towards inspiring and helping guys live their mission in life? Look no further... ..Enter Richard Mugica @onwardmen who is a guy who truly lives "in spirit" and has turned the corner for inconsistency and being unproductive, form a life of "could have's" to a life of drive and passion towards a clear goal. Enabling men to live a meaningful, mission lead life is Rich's purpose and this conversation the...


Building an Iron Mind - Join me for a solo-cast and dive under the "hood" in on one of my coaching calls...

Building an Iron Mind - Join me for a solo-cast and dive under the "hood" in on of my coaching webinars. Part 4 of the Iron Mind series I did last year for a small cohort of guys looking to take control of their health. In this, the final instalment, we really look at the tools and tactics of what is helpful when we need to implement real change in our lives. I do my best to break it down from the 30,000 foot view of what is going on and dive down to the tools that are proven to deliver...


Mastering Movement - Alex Nino, Exploring Lifting, moving and how to master anything

Join me with the Legend that is Alex Nino. This Diverse conversation explodes with passion for all things movement from a true master of movement! We unpack how he learns and masters everything and how the right mindset and passion can take you from a village life in Colombia to the bright lights of London. In this show we breakdown how to live a healthy life without focusing on the BS that is in the fitness space and how to really focus in and get the results that you truly want and not...


The Plant Powered PT - From major surgery to discovering health and plants

Episode 2 Adam Sansbury - The Plant Powered PT. Join Adam and I as we journey from huge surgery on the gut to a 100% plant based athlete and Adam's why... Every thought about veganism and what it can do for you?....Jump in to this episode where go deep on why Adam professional view on plants.


Finding Your Health - Who and how this podcast is going to change your world

Join me for the first episode, where I explain my journey and how this podcast has been born. Awesome Health Episode Zero My 'Why', and some background on the project. 7 years in healthcare and 10 years in fitness has made me realise that the healthcare (or sickcare) system is fundamentally broken, but, I know and have seen amazing people doing amazing things. The Awesome Health podcast is essentially you joining me on a journey to cut through all the noise and provide a better...