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The Tri-Partisan Carolina Podcast hosted by David Staley.

The Tri-Partisan Carolina Podcast hosted by David Staley.
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The Tri-Partisan Carolina Podcast hosted by David Staley.




Ain't No Lie, Baby Bye Bye Bye

A lack of a game to talk about makes this the shortest edition of the podcast to date, but that doesn't mean there aren't still topics to discuss. A discussion of how the media can take the same stat or game and spin it in a different way depending on whether it occurs in an ACC or SEC game leads off the pod as David has a DOUBLE whine of the week. Then a breakdown of the current Coastal division standings. Another Sports Night clip makes an appearance, and a quick 3rd and Longo check-in.


Welcome to Atlanta, Where the Players Play

A look back at Carolina's win over Georgia Tech in Atlanta, including an analysis of GT's two point conversion decision, the Heels' running back situation, and defensive struggles against the run. Plus an ACC Network themed Wine and Cheese Whine of the Week, marked improvement in the 3rd and Longo segment, and the return of Dear Rameses, who helps a listener decide which upcoming game to attend. Finally, thoughts from a nine year old watching the game.


One for the Money, Two for the Show

A discussion of Mack Brown's decision to go for two on the final touchdown of the Clemson game. And then a discussion of the play call. Really, a lot of time spent analyzing a play that would have resulted in two points had it been successful, but resulted in zero since it wasn't. Plus a look ahead to Georgia Tech, a Wine and Cheese Whine of the Week about holding it close against the Tigers, and more 3rd down conversion statistics in this week's 3rd and Longo feature.


A Recap of the App Crap

David goes full blown basketball school mentality by hitting on a big time big man recruiting get as well as Late Night with Roy before addressing the loss to Appalachian State. The 3rd and Longo feature finally gets its recurring content...unfortunately, it's not pretty. David somehow manages to whine about noon games, despite Carolina not having played in one yet this season. Finally, he goes ahead and concedes a loss to Clemson.


In the Wake of Wake

David accepts some responsibility for the loss to Wake Forest before recapping the game, then uses his first Hark the Sound segment of the season to criticize ACC officiating. He previews Appalachian by actually talking with a guest who knows a little something about ASU. Plus the first basketball related Wine and Cheese Whine of the Week, as he touches on the Tar Heels' upcoming season schedule.


Riding out the Hurricanes

Come for the 30,000 foot overview of the on-the-field performance against the Hurricanes, stay for the in-depth analysis of the fan experience at Kenan Stadium during Mack Brown's first home game back at the helm. Plus, exciting new intros for Dave's Wine and Cheese Whine of the Week and Return of the Smack. Just like with football teams, you always see the most improvement between episode 1 and episode 2 of a podcast.


Celebrating the Victory over South Carolina

David discusses the Tar Heels season-opening win, whines about Alabama football fans, dispenses advice on dealing with Gamecock fans, responds to a rude South Carolina fan, and looks ahead to the matchup against Miami.


What to Expect from the Carolina TriPartisan Podcast

David gives a quick overview of what to expect from the Carolina only edition of the TriPartisan podcast. It'll be hosted by a fan for fans, and will feature several recurring segments: - Dear Rameses - Hark the Sound - The Wine and Cheese Whine of the Week - Return of the Smack - 3rd and Longo Audience participation is requested for several of these segments, so reach out to David on Twitter @HeelsboroDave or via email at