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Beats mismatched. New mystic moods. The International Style. Pressed and dressed. Queasy listening. New ways to fail. More is more. Backroom room tones.

Beats mismatched. New mystic moods. The International Style. Pressed and dressed. Queasy listening. New ways to fail. More is more. Backroom room tones.


East Orange, NJ




Beats mismatched. New mystic moods. The International Style. Pressed and dressed. Queasy listening. New ways to fail. More is more. Backroom room tones.




Bézier in the mix! from Jul 20, 2021

Bézier - "Une Salade Oblongue" - Parler Musique Guillaume Teyssier - "Vortex Disco (Murray Lake Remix)" - Vortex Disco [Bezier in the mix!] Niklas Wandt - "Wo Es War" - Solar Musli [Bezier in the mix!] Keita Sano - "Acid Romance" - The Sun Child [Bezier in the mix!] Sunju Hargun - "Chale (Initials B.B. Remix)" [Bezier in the mix!] Time to Time - "Time To Trance" - Omnibus [Bezier in the mix!] NWAQ - "Above II" - Above [Bezier in the mix!] Slowglide - "Dead Leaves Dub" - One Love...


A Dark Night Affair from Jul 13, 2021

The Parallax Corporation - "Whore of the Floor (Disco Sucks)" - Cocadisco Umo Detic - "Fahrenheit (Original Mix 2)" - Fahrenheit Cute Heels - "A Dark Night Affair" - Symbols DJ Tennis - "Atlanta" - Atlanta New York Disco Orchestra - "Reverie" - Reverie Son of Sound - "Your Voodoo's Broken" - The Dusty Files EP Dan Aslow feat. Irene Ermolli - "Time to Rise (Discoslap Remix)" - Time to Rise Kiwi - "Throw Down (Latin Freestyle Mix)" - Throw Down Love Letters - "Press N_Pull" - Beyond...


"a tremendous uneasiness" from Jul 6, 2021

Laurie Anderson - "Big Science" - Live 3/9-10/83, Warner Theatre, Washington DC Julius Eastman - "Gay Guerrilla Part I" - Unjust Malaise James Baldwin - "Unaired Interview" - 20/20 on ABC Funkadelic - "America Eats Its Young" - America Eats Its Young Elysia Crampton - "American Drift" - American Drift Throbbing Gristle - "American Magician Talking" - Best of...Volume 1 Jeff Witscher - "Ok, American Medium" - Mono No Aware Klaus Dinger + Rheinita Bella Düsseldorf - "America" - Néondian...


Four for the Floor: It's the Fourth Annual Polyglot Pride Extravaganza from Jun 29, 2021

Divine - "Show Me Around" - I'm So Beautiful Alicia Bridges - "Play It As It Lays" - Play It As It Lays Big Boys - "Work" - Where's My Towel/Industry Standard Sister George - "100 X No!" - Drag King Wayne County & the Electric Chairs - "Toilet Love" - Blatantly Offenzive EP The Dicks - "Little Boys' Feet" - Kill from the Heart Buena Vista - "Hot Magazine" - He's Okay/Hot Magazine The Dynamic Superiors - "Nobody's Gonna Change Me" - Pure Pleasure Patrick Cowley - "Baciami" - White...


Polyglot is three! from Jun 22, 2021

Connie Francis - "Three O'Clock in the Morning" - Greatest American Waltzes Lasry - Baschet - "Quatuor Pour Trois" - Les Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet Pauline Oliveros - "Mnemonics III" - Four Electronic Pieces 1959–1966 [https://paulineoliveros1.bandcamp.com/album/four-electronic-pieces-1959-1966] Hawke - "3 Nudes in a Purple Garden" - 3 Nudes in a Purple Garden Red Flag - "Count to Three (Power Mix)" - Count to Three Severed Heads - "Three Doors Down" - Under Gail Succubus Autumn...


Our love is alive, you know. from Jun 15, 2021

Queen Jean - "Invocation" - Brooklyn Liberation March, June 13th, 2021 AceMo feat. Russell E.L. Butler - "A Ballad for 2020" - Low Pressure [https://acemo.bandcamp.com/track/a-ballad-for-2020-ft-russel-e-l-butler] River Ocean featuring India - "Love and Happiness (Masters at Work Original Remix)" - Love and Happiness Honey Dijon feat. Josh Caffee - "La Femme Fantastique (KiNK & KEi Extended Remix)" - Beyond [https://honeydijon.bandcamp.com/album/beyond] Octo Octa - "Goddess Calling" -...


It's alright and it's coming on from Jun 8, 2021

Pantha du Prince - "Supernova Space Time Drift" - Conference of Trees Maxine Nightengale - "Right Back Where We Started From" - Right Back Where We Started From Slikback - "Klout" - Quoios/Klout [https://byrdout.bandcamp.com/album/quoios-klout] Bergsonist - "LABOR POWER COMMUNITY" - #c8005e [https://bergsonist.bandcamp.com/album/c8005e] SJ Tequilla - "Untitled 119_k2 (SW.Remix)" - Moving in and out Ragga Head - "Give the People Junglis" - Psycoustic Dillusion Conception MoMA Ready -...


Leaving home from Jun 1, 2021

Alix Dobkin - "Lesbian Power Authority" - Living with Lesbians [RIP Alix Dobkin] Toshi Wada with Yoshi Wada and Friends - "Fanfare" - FRKWYS Vol. 14 - Nue [RIP Yoshi Wada] Jasen Loveland - "Epoxy (Space Mix)" - My Medicine [RIP Jasen Loveland] TANS - "The Walk of Shame (The Long Flanger’s Audio Warface Mix)" - TANS with remixes from Chris Mitchell, Cuerina Raw Dry & The Lone Flanger [RIP Jasen Loveland] Museum of Love - "Marching Orders (Red Axes Remix)" - Marching Orders Alma Negra -...


KMRU in the mix! from May 25, 2021

KMRU - "Logue" - Logue [https://kmru.bandcamp.com/album/logue-2] tau contrib - "Lenomn" - encode [KMRU in the mix!] Ben Bondy - "Liminal Rip" - Oje [KMRU in the mix!] Félicia Atkinson - "Hope Alarm" - Echo [KMRU in the mix!] Davide Pestillo - "Blue Shadow" - Anima respinta dal futuro Vol.1 [KMRU in the mix!] Grouper - "I Saw a Ray" - A I A : Dream Loss [KMRU in the mix!] Mount Fog - "Canìcola" - Anima respinta dal futuro Vol.1 [KMRU in the mix!] Ivanka Cotrina - "Yachag" - Anthology...


Not Waving in the mix! from May 18, 2021

Not Waving - "Two-Way Mirror" - Intercepts C 307 - "K-04" - Golpea Tu Cerebro: Spanish Underground Cassette Culture, 1980-1988 [Not Waving in the mix!] Ann Margaret Hogan - "Fragile Elements" - Funeral Cargo [Not Waving in the mix!] Laura Allan with Paul Horn - "As I Am" - Reflections [Not Waving in the mix!] Robert Wyatt - "Fragment" - Comicopera [Not Waving in the mix!] Piero Milesi & Daniel Bacalov - "Sequenza Ragazze 2 Parte (Girls' Sequence Part 2)" - La Camera Astratta [Not Waving...


I say let's start. from May 11, 2021

Igor Wakhévitch - "Let's Start" - Let's Start Luciano Esse - "Lost City" - Anthems for No State Joseph Ashworth - "Eavesdrop" - 20 Years Cocoon Recordings [https://cocoonrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/20-years-cocoon-recordings-ep2] Iñigo Vontier - "Weird Mantras" - Dune Dune EP [https://inigovontier.bandcamp.com/album/dune-dune-ep] Boris Pupul - "Wéi?" - Foundations [https://deewee.bandcamp.com/album/foundations] Jarle Bråthen & Hard Ton - "Master of Disguise feat. Hard Ton" - Master of...


I don't mind if the climb is steeper. from May 4, 2021

Sonic Boom - "Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper) (Remix)" - Almost Nothing Is Nearly Enough [https://sonicboomspacemen3.bandcamp.com/album/almost-nothing-is-nearly-enough] Vladislav Delay - "Rapaa" - Rakka II [https://vladislavdelay.bandcamp.com/album/rakka-ii] Ase Manual - "World Music Part 1 Ft Marvelito" - 8 Years of Cakeshop [https://carouselseoul.bandcamp.com/album/8-years-of-cakeshop] Bailey Ibbs - "Warriors Call" - Helter Skelter...


Amen, oh men from Apr 27, 2021

John Waters - "Prayer to Pasolini" - Prayer to Pasolini [https://johnwaters.bandcamp.com/album/prayer-to-pasolini] Coil - "Ostia (Early)" - The Wheel Carnera - "Francesca" - Colpo Di Mano Nella Zona Grigia [https://shelostkontrolrecords.bandcamp.com/album/colpo-di-mano-nella-zona-grigia] Ana-Maria Avram - "MetalStorm (performed by Stephen O'Malley)" - at the GRM Paris [https://ideologicorgan.bandcamp.com/album/at-the-grm-paris-performed-by-stephen-o-malley] Ricciarda Belgiojoso & Walter...


Dax Pierson in the mix from Apr 20, 2021

Dax Pierson - "For the Angels" - Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction) [https://daxpierson.bandcamp.com/album/nerve-bumps-a-queer-divine-dissatisfaction] The Soft Pink Truth - "Shall" - Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase? [Dax Pierson in the mix!] Tyler Holmes - "To Accept" [Dax Pierson in the mix!] Wobbly - "Every Piano" - Popular Monitress [Dax Pierson in the mix!] Group Rhoda - "Beauty in the Waste" - Passing Shades [Dax Pierson in the mix!] Mash - "Sand Wave" -...


Claire Rousay in the mix from Apr 13, 2021

Claire Rousay - "Peak Chroma" - A Softer Focus Claire Rousay - "Roles All Mapped Out" [Claire Rousay in the mix!] Theodore Cale Schafer - "Track 01" [Claire Rousay in the mix!] Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi - "Sonja Henies Vei 31" - Sonja Henies Vei 31 [Claire Rousay in the mix!] Ka Baird - "Brooding Exercises I" - Brooding Exercises I [Claire Rousay in the mix!] Claire Rousay - "ILYSM" - ILYSM [Claire Rousay in the mix!] Alexandra Spence - "Immaterial" - Immaterial [Claire Rousay in the...


Another another world from Apr 6, 2021

ANONHI, Bryce Dessner, Australian String Quartet, Sydney Dance Company - "Another World (String Arrangement)" - Impermanence/Distintegration [https://brycedessneraustralianstringquartetsydneydancecompany.bandcamp.com/album/impermanence-disintegration] Jas Shaw - "Caution Your Blast" - Sollbruchstelle 2 [https://jasshaw.bandcamp.com/album/sollbruchstelle-2-absent-and-incorrect] Pavel Milyakov & Bendik Giske - "Pavel Milyakov & Bendik Giske" - Untitled 4 Second Seasons - "(d)rift" - Parse,...


Pinkcourtesyphone in the mix + LINE label special from Mar 30, 2021

Pinkcourtesyphone - "Charm, Offensive (for J.D.)" - Leaving Everything to Be Desired [https://room40.bandcamp.com/album/leaving-everything-to-be-desired] John Barry - "Boom!" - Boom! [Pinkcourtesyphone in the mix!] Strawberry Switchblade - "Go Away" - Strawberry Switchblade [Pinkcourtesyphone in the mix!] Dekalb Works - "With" - Duologue [Pinkcourtesyphone in the mix!] Chris & Cosey - "Take Control" - Pagan Tango [Pinkcourtesyphone in the mix!] Sustainer - "Anticuario #1" - Anticuario...


AGF in the mix from Mar 23, 2021

Music behind DJ: Coil - "Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull (Part 1)" - Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull unknow - African_Instrument_mp3-mr40-bull-roarer [AGF in the mix!] AGF & BaTIDA - "SOPHIE’s song" [AGF in the mix!] AGF & Various - "Kasiani" [AGF in the mix!] Vladislav Delay - "No Name, Study in Loops (2a)" - No Name, Study in Loops (2a) [AGF in the mix!] ELASTIC_FICTION - "PhytophonicChoreographies #feministsonictechnologies" [AFG in the mix!] Helena...


2021 Polython Week 2 from Mar 16, 2021

Liza Minelli - "Rent" - Results Alvie Johns - "Give It All to Me" - Give It All to Me Eminence feat. Kathy Brown - "Give It Up (Dr Packer Extended Remix)" - Different Strokes Vol.2 Sensible House - "Give A Little More (Tribal Mix)" - 4 to the Floor Presents: Sub-Urban Records S.A.M. - "Money Blues" - Pacific Trilogy 009.2 Yolanda - "Money, Money, Money" - Money, Money, Money Music behind DJ: Jennifer - "Puss Och Kram" - Trash Cocktail/Puss Och Kram Low Jack - "Hats & Cash" - Like...


2021 Polython Week 1 from Mar 9, 2021

Danny Tenaglia Featuring Roxy - "$ (That's What I Want) (The Register)" - $ (That's What I Want) Green Velvet & Doorly - "Money" - Money Amanda Lear - "Money Money" - I Don't Like Disco Felix Da Housecat vs. Poptarts - "Money, Success, Fame, Glamour (Remix)" - Party Monster Soundtrack [Vocals – Chloë Sevigny as Gitsie*, Macaulay Culkin as Michael Alig*, Seth Green as James St. James*] Placidic Dreams featuring Rowetta - "Money" - Money Klaus Wunderlich - "Money, Money, Money/Sunny/Tante...