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Local news and commentary on Santa Monica, Venice Beach, West LA and the Silicon Beach areas of Los Angeles, CA.

Local news and commentary on Santa Monica, Venice Beach, West LA and the Silicon Beach areas of Los Angeles, CA.
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Local news and commentary on Santa Monica, Venice Beach, West LA and the Silicon Beach areas of Los Angeles, CA.






Restaurant Updates and an Introduction to new reporter Brennon Dixon

Fritto Misto will be moving to a new location, adding a bar, larger kitchen and bringing over some original items to the new location. Pasjoli is the new restaurant on Main Street, serving up an elevated neighborhood French bistro menu where the food. Kappo Osen is a new tatami style dining spot in Downtown Santa Monica. Blake interviews Brennon Dixon who shares his reasons why he joined the Daily Press, what his background as a reporter included and what kinds of stories we can expect...


Are suicides a trend downtown? City wins AirBnB fight.

Downtown suicides have been on the rise, and the Santa Monica Daily Press has written several stories about this trend. Fences, signs and other methods of intervention have proven to be effective in other high risk areas. Madeleine Pauker interviewed top experts in the field, and updated what the Santa Monica City Manager, Rick Cole has addressed thus far. The City of Santa Monica has been navigating how to regulate AirBnB, VRBO and other home share services. Madeleine takes us through...


New buildings and business in Downtown Santa Monica

Matt discusses Santa Monica's version of Grand Central Market, which will be a mix of food, retail, office and a garden. The former Fred Segal (ice rink) building at 5th and Broadway will become a mixed use housing project. 84' high, approximately 250 housing units, subterranean parking, restaurants and retail. The other former Fred Segal building across the street on the west side of 5th will not change significantly, and will become a City Target. The former Whole Foods location at 5th...


Promenade bomb threats and getting to know Senior Reporter Madeleine Pauker

Matt discusses a historical account of bomb threats, frequency, reactions. Hearing about threats vs actual bombs can help us understand what level of panic we should be have moving forward. Senior Reporter Madeleine Pauker is interviewed by Blake. Discusses her journalism history, how she landed in Santa Monica and what she is looking forward to in the future.


Restaurant news, meet the editor, and the Great Cheeseburger Ramen debate.

Madeleine Pauker discusses some hot new restaurants in Santa Monica and Venice, dives into the history of the Michelin-starred chefs expanding on some recent coverage from the Santa Monica Daily Press. Editor in Chief Matt Hall shares his background, some similarities that Santa Monica shares with other cities he's lived in, what makes Santa Monica special to him. He dives into some restaurant news, data, and how Santa Monica has become home to a very competitive cheeseburger and ramen...


School Vandalism, New Facilities, Lawsuits, and the Vanlord.

From the newsroom of the Santa Monica Daily Press, Madeline Pauker gives insight to recent stories she's written about the Santa Monica Malibu School District, including Vandalism to SMASH and John Muir, new faciliites that are opening soon and the results of a settlement on a lawsuit. They discuss the Vanlord story, regulations around sleeping in vehicles, recent fails in goverment to manage this issue, and a preview of some upcoming stories she is researching. For more information on any...


The Genesis of the Daily Press

Blake interviews Ross Furukawa and Todd James, owners of the Santa Monica Daily Press. First Ross discusses how the Daily Press was started, the origins of the free daily newspaper model, and how the are managing the changing environment of local media. Next Todd discusses his involvment with the Daily Press, how he became and owner, and what he envisions for the future of the company. Music is provided courtesy of the Brig Band, a LA based jam band comprised of professional studio and...


Inside the Daily Press is here

Inside the Daily Press is a weekly podcast that will encapsulate the news of the week, preview of upcoming coverage and give the audience additional insight to our news making and story selection decisions. Music is courtesy of the Brig Band of Santa Monica and Venice, CA.