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EP 01 – Is this thing on with Shauny Marv

Welcome to the first episode of “What the F Am I Doing?”! On today’s show we wake up our good friend and future co-host Shaun Marvin. We talk to Shaun about his Twitch channel - HuntleyGames, his talented wife, Olga, her art ( SaatchiArt/OlgaLadyArt ), and how they met. We also discuss why he should wake up and join the pod. Check out our homies at The Beans and Rice Podcast that the bearded one himself Casey is featured in. Thanks for checking out our inaugural podcast! Keep checking in for...


What the F am I doing – Ep 1 with Joel Wylam

Sat down with Joel Wylam a man of many hats. Joel manages a drive through coffee shop in the morning, professional real estate agent in the afternoon, and an aspiring entrepreneur. We dive into the rich culture that the coffee shop provides and the relationships formed from the day to day interactions with the customers. Learn a bit about the real estate team that he is helping build and some wild stories in-between.