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As the Curator of Crime Wave, I will provide an escape from your reality by taking you into a darker truth, a fact, already experienced by your fellow man. This is the human experience, this is Crime Wave. Presented in a documentary no holds barred style.

As the Curator of Crime Wave, I will provide an escape from your reality by taking you into a darker truth, a fact, already experienced by your fellow man. This is the human experience, this is Crime Wave. Presented in a documentary no holds barred style.


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As the Curator of Crime Wave, I will provide an escape from your reality by taking you into a darker truth, a fact, already experienced by your fellow man. This is the human experience, this is Crime Wave. Presented in a documentary no holds barred style.




the community

From the time humans evolved from individuals to social animals. We have increasingly grown dependent on our cohorts. We rely on them for support through life's most challenging obstacles. We depend on those closest to us, and when that is not enough, our circle of trust expands to meet our needs. We establish cohorts within our families, houses of worship, our neighborhoods, and places of work. Whatever the specialty, you will likely find a community to support. Podcasting is no different....


the tulpa

Podchaser: Twitter: Website: Hello, and welcome to the Crime Wave archives. I want to take a few mins for some housekeeping, it has been almost a year since the podcast launch, and today's episode will be the season 1 finale. Season 2 will be back early next year, so follow me on Twitter, or you can check the website to find out when season 2 launches. Of course, you can...


the agent

Leave a rating and review on Apple Podcast here: Leave an Apple Podcast Review Here Leave a rating and review on Podchaser here: Leave a Podchaser Review Here Follow on Twitter here: Since technology has become more readily available, we have had to adapt. Many argue that social media has made us less social. Crowds of people with their eyes laser-focused on the dim blue light emanating from a mobile device as they go about their daily lives. This scene...


the stalwart

Most of us would like to think that if the time comes when we need to exude strength and maintain purpose, we can do it. To demonstrate the resolve needed to make split-second decisions to save lives. The fact is, it takes a special person to pull this off under the most extreme circumstances, and few of us are capable. In today’s episode, we will examine the story of a teenager forced into an extreme situation that reveals a remarkable valiance. Episode Sources and Music can be found...


the oath

It takes a village to raise a child. We accept this as fact. The essence of the meaning is that kids learn from their environment, and the more situations they are exposed to, the better equipped they will be to handle them once they're adults. To achieve this, we put our trust in institutions, institutions like our community schools, religious organizations, and youth organizations. We have all heard stories of the creep who watched kids on playgrounds, at malls, or any public place....


the maternal instinct

The maternal instinct, is it fact or fantasy, we all know someone who's a mother, we see them interact with their kids, and at times it seems uncanny how they can know when their child is in trouble and just how to soothe them when the time comes. Almost as if an automatic response is triggered by something they see in their kid. They follow a sequenced set of behaviors that manifest in a way that almost always results in protecting the well being of their child. Some dads are said to have...


show update #2 | more stories to tell...

I wanted to let you know that I am taking a short break from releasing episodes. The world events have pre-occupied my thoughts and energy and I will be taking time to spend with my family. Like many people in the world, I am also having to adjust to working and managing people remotely and that has my highest attention. Most of my day is spent prioritizing work so the team that I manage can continue to provide for their families. As you can imagine there is no energy left at the end of the...


the fall

Power over people is the ability to make someone do something he or she would not otherwise do. There are various types of power, physical, mental, and another one that is not as overt as the aforementioned, but no less impactful. That type of power is social power, which is the potential for social influence. A person with social power attempts to control the world around them, either positively or negatively. Social status can pave the way for social power. What happens when a person who...


the obsession

Looking for love is not as difficult as it once used to be. The internet has connected us in ways we could never have imagined. It has brought us closer together and, in some ways, disconnected us even more. Finding a life partner has gotten easier with dating sites popping up every day; it seems. We size up our potential suitors by analyzing their profiles, their likes, their profession, and their lifestyle. What we don't see is the baggage that comes with that profile and subsequently, the...


the motive

Motivation drives human behavior. Our life's experiences influence our intentions to behave; they dictate our impulses to act in specific ways. Why do people do what they do? The answer to that question is something we have been chasing for many lifetimes, and it still eludes us to this day. When it comes to murder, we use the term motive, to describe why someone would commit this violent act. If the family and friends of a victim can understand why someone is driven to murder their loved...


the plan

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry," or so the saying goes. We center our lives around "plans"; we attempt to impart certainty to an otherwise unknown future. When we were young, we planned on being a firefighter, a policeman, a teacher, or maybe a nurse, most often than not, something heroic. Typically, that plan didn't include hurting people; it didn't include the desire to be infamous. In today's episode, we will examine the plan created by two brothers, Robert and...


the photos

Pictures capture life's events, birthdays, trips, special occasions, usually happy moments. Sometimes those pictures are a snapshot of the last living moments in someone's life. In today's episode, we will examine the story around an array of photos, over 100 in fact. These photos are possibly the last documented moments of men, women, and children taken by a serial killer, one who operated in plain sight, one who used his skills as a photographer to lure unsuspecting victims, documenting...


the protector

Dads live by an unspoken oath, an oath that, at its core, requires them to provide and protect, to ensure that they have tools they will need to tackle this world. A dad's mission is derived from this oath, and it's to create an environment where kids can thrive, learn, and experience this world safe from harm. The primary objective of that mission is to raise them to be productive members of society. To love and nurture them into adulthood. Kids with dad's who live by this oath, have a good...


the line

helplines: The fundamental principle innate in all human beings is survival. The instinct to survive is ingrained into every aspect of our being. The human mind and spirit will go through extraordinary feats of strength and endurance to ensure that our time on earth will not end in haste. But what if the body is so badly damaged that it overwhelms our will to survive? What if the body is eviscerated, interrupting the life force flowing...


show update | more stories to tell...

I am the host and curator of the content for this show. For those of you who haven't listened to the trailers, the reference to the archive refers to the sea of servers that make up the internet. Daily, the best and worst of humanity is documented through various devices. I, as the host, am curating that content and delivering it to you in this form. In essence, consolidating the information through research, and packaging it into episodes and making them available to you. I wanted to share...


the archive

The term archive is defined as a place where public records and other historical documents are kept. At the end of the last century, a new archive emerged; a digital one. The internet has become a place to publicize our lives. We post our happiest moments and in some cases our worst. Newspapers moved online, trials are now streaming, the news is now spreading on computers and mobile devices. All this history, bouncing from server to server. Creating a public record. The internet has become...


This is Crime Wave

Through the annals of time, waves of crime have washed over civilization, eroding the social constructs we hold dear. We are the apex predators of this planet, the only species that will prey on our own kind for inexplicable reasons. Since the dawning of the internet, true crime stories have been documented on servers around the world, creating a digital archive of some of the worst that mankind has to offer. This archive will be explored, exposing the full range of deviant behavior,...