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On the banks of the Grand River, high above the Gorge, this is thebuzzr podcast. New releases. Industry insiders. Out of the box conversations. Interviews with guests from the True North to the West Coast to the East Coast. On-air indie.

On the banks of the Grand River, high above the Gorge, this is thebuzzr podcast. New releases. Industry insiders. Out of the box conversations. Interviews with guests from the True North to the West Coast to the East Coast. On-air indie.




On the banks of the Grand River, high above the Gorge, this is thebuzzr podcast. New releases. Industry insiders. Out of the box conversations. Interviews with guests from the True North to the West Coast to the East Coast. On-air indie.






Plastic Poetry

Alternative Rock 4-piece band Plastic Poetry joins us from Glasgow, United Kingdom. The band’s latest, self-produced EP is a collection of songs that deal with loneliness in the modern-day society, early adulthood and the fears that arise from facing the future. The lyrical work of this band is outstanding! We feature two tracks from the album, Post Romantic Collections, Volume 1. The band formed in 2017 in Glasgow. The singer Victor Deschamps and lead guitarist Adrien Bordes originally met...


The Beatflux

Muca of The Beatflux joins us today. The Beatflux is a collective global rock project created by London-based guitarist and producer Muca. Muca is the mastermind behind the band. He is a fully rounded talent - guitarist, music producer, songwriter, and sound engineer. Muca is also a radio show host, London Calling 89fm. He is also the owner of The Secret Warehouse of Sound, a music production studio in East London, he is very thick into the London music scene.


Kevin Estrella, Pyramids on Mars™

Hamilton Ontario based band Pyramids on Mars™ joins us. Kevin Estrella talks about his music, the creative influences behind the unique other-worldly of his sound and other great stuff. Pyramids on Mars™ is instrumental rock guitarist Kevin Estrella. He combines progressive rock, metal with Baroque Classical influences of J.S Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. Kevin Estrella is a Neck Illusions Signature Artist along with Steve Vai (David Lee Roth, Whitesnake) and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson)....


The Smoke Wagon Blues Band

Featuring whiskey-stained soul vocals, funky blues harmonica, slick R&B/roots guitar, swinging piano work, soulful organ, riveting The Smoke Wagon Blues Band saxophone, with a racy, taut rhythm section, The Smoke Wagon Blues Band has been performing on festival stages for over two decades.Formed in 1996, the band first became crowd favourites in Hamilton, Ontario’s famous Hess Village. Seven independent album releases, international radio play, and a large local fan base propelled the band...


Sweet Roger

Montreal based artist Sweet Roger is a surly blues and folk songwriter, distilling everyday life into sound and fury. With his finger-picking guitar playing, crafty melodies and poignant lyrics, he is reminiscent of early 20th century outliers who sang in rough and coarse overtones, and yet he finds relevance for folksy themes in an advanced age where we continue to search for solace. Sweet Roger released his debut album, You’ll Always Have Yourself, in 2017, impressing his fans by spinning...


Rune Westberg

We have joining us L.A.-based Danish producer-songwriter, record and mixer Rune Westberg. His work has earned a Latin Grammy nomination, and songs have been featured in Grey’s Anatomy, The Rookie, Riverdale and ABC’s network promo Pride and Solidarity. In 2018 Rune signed a publishing deal with Pure Pop Music – resulting in an exclusive worldwide co-publishing deal / joint venture with Angry Mob Music Group. Bio: LA based writer producer-songwriter. His back catalogue with Round Hill Music...


Jessie Monk

Jessie Monk is a conglomeration of subatomic particles, originally from GunaiKurnai land in Australia. She sings folk songs inspired by the people she keeps meeting, stories she keeps hearing and thresholds she keeps walking through. Also a dancer and an actor, Jessie has played in some major musicals in Australia, including David Bowie’s last piece, Lazarus. She began singing her tunes for people around Israel in 2019 before moving to Berlin in 2020 where she’s been astounded by her warm...



This episode frontman Chris Senador joins us. Summersick is a surf rock band out of Atlanta, Georgia. We discuss the band's three recent singles "Out Of Town", "In My Head", and "Madeline". Graphic art by​ Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin Effect author credits: Youlean Image Rotation, Youlean Audio Shake, Youlean Kaleidoscope, Youlean Drop Shadow, Youlean Handheld, Youlean...


The Jailbirds

We have The Jailbirds on this episode. Joining us are guitarist/vocals Myke Penney, guitars John Gould, and bassist Liam Hills. We chat about “Water Grave”, “Dull My Brain”, and their new release “I Will Move On” released February 2, 2021. The drop of "Watery Grave" established the band as a Canadian rock indie band to follow. The Jailbirds offer music redolent of melodic death metal of the 70s and 80s with new raw rock talent. From 2016, the band has developed a unique sound. The band...


Patrick Conseil

Music publisher/talent manager & industry veteran Patrick Conseil joins us from Los Angeles on this episode, February 5th Patrick has secured over 200 cuts internationally with artists as diverse as Celine Dion, Desi Valentine, Deepend, Axelle Red, and American Authors. His credits include signing Shawn Hook, Richard Walters, and Cobi. Add to these credits, his releases have achieved certified platinum in 20 countries. He scored worldwide top 10 hits with Jennifer Paige (‘’Crush’’) and...


Jared Harper

Jared Harper is an acoustic-style singer-songwriter born and raised in San Francisco. Following his time on Season 18 of The Voice, he had over half a million views on YouTube His lyrics come from his experiences of everyday life. His music is influenced by the early days of modern music during the 50s, 60s, and 70s. His lyrics remind you of those written by Lennon and McCartney to the anthems by Oasis and The Strokes. In the style of indie/active-rock & other genre styles, he creates...


Ali Aslam

Our guest is indie-folk songwriter Ali Aslam. Based in Brooklyn, New York. Ali gets real about his debut album, The Last American. The Last American is an acoustic collage of stories about growing up straddling the Pakistani culture of his family and the American culture of his peers. Anyone who’s ever felt they don’t quite belong for any reason will relate to this show. Facebook Twitter Youtube Link Spotify Soundcloud Bandcamp Instagram


The Shop Window

Today a fantastic Maidstone, UK Indie Pop/Jangly guitar band from the UK joins us. The four-member band has had 3 successful singles prior to the release of “Sad Eyes”. They are racking up the Spotify playlists and radio play including BBC Radio London.We are joined by frontmen Carl Mann and Simon ‘Syd’ Oxley. Carl is vocal & guitars. Syd, vocal harmonies and keyboards.The two’s musical history together started in the mid-90s. In this episode, we talk about that, get to know the band, and...


Happy Walters

The Industry's Best Kept Secret Happy Walters is a noted music producer with years of noise in the industry. This break out single debuts his talent on the beats.The debut release “Paid Vacation” is classic boom bap hip hop, “with straight forward spitting over classic DJ Premier type production”, says the artist. Happy Walters rose from the hoods of Saint Paul, Minnesota. The artist has played many shows in Minnesota and Los Angeles. Happy Walters is currently working on a lot of TV shows...


Addie Hamilton

Our guest today is Los Angeles-based Addie Hamilton. Addie is a Grammy & Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter. From the age of 15, she was in the studio song writing.Her music has earned prominent placements in television commercials and cinema. Her first record found placement on network television with a featured vocal.Addie is an internationally published model.Vogue Online recognized Addie twice before the age of 18.Addie’s new single “Tangerine” released early January. Her latest release...


Jack Spann

Today we have guest Jack Spann. Jack is a singer-songwriter and master keyboardist/pianist out of the NYC area. We feature his latest single “Jesus of New Orleans”, and the release “She Makes Pornography On The Weekend” from his 2017 album Beautiful Man From Mars, a nod to Bowie. Facebook Twitter Youtube Link Spotify Soundcloud Jack Spann Full Episode Show Notes"JESUS OF NEW ORLEANS" © 2020 Jack Spann. Produced by Jack Spann. Vocals, all keyboards, piano,...



Guests L.A. based artist, songwriter, BAYWUD and music publisher, talent manager Patrick Conseil. BAYWUD is a classically trained pianist born in Miami and Texas-raised. With a song writing career over a decade, his past and current releases are getting outstanding radio play. He just released “Altogether Now”. He met Patrick in 2019 and the two have been working together ever since. Patrick has secured over 200 cuts internationally with artists as diverse as Celine Dion, Desi Valentine,...


One In The Chamber (OITC)

The band on today are Toronto based rock band One In The Chamber. The band's sound is their own. Yet like Zeppelin, they pushed the limits, challenge standards and pull out all the stops of making music. What they put out is fantastic. Mike Biase, lead singer and guitar and drummer Gerrod Harris are here today. Facebook Twitter Youtube Spotify Apple Instagram Bandcamp One In The Chamber Full Show Notes Director - Diego del Río Producers - Diego del Río and One In...


thebuzzr pod | show trailer

With the upside-down world for indie right now, it is time to put thebuzzr indie blog on the air. Like the blog, the pod will promote independent artists of all genres from around the globe. The best of worldwide indie will be on this show. From my pad to yours, over the airways. Cheers, Shay thebuzzr podcast Trailer Show Notes Music credit: Kevin Estrella | PYRAMIDS ON MARS | "NACHT WAFFEN" from EDGE OF THE BLACK.