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8-4-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie breaks down what the future of the market could look like. Also the future of abortion, and why democrats are trying to keep certain phrases out of the media.

8-3-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie breaks down the results of yesterday's special primary election, discusses the life of great Dodger's broadcaster Vin Scully, and can the city crack down on cops using inappropriate language?

8-2-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses crime in the Tri-State, what the Pope was doing in Canada, and an update on turnout in the Ohio primary today. Plus the latest MLB trades.

8-1-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie has the latest on the Deshaun Watson punishment, reminds everyone to vote in tomorrow's primary, and the state of national politics.

7-29-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses crime in Cincinnati, what another 4 years of Democratic rule would mean for the United States, and the latest from training camp.

7-27-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the emergence of monkey pox, the Vice President declaring her pronouns, and the great lie that is college.

7-26-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the latest with the Bengals reporting for camp, a Cincinnati police officer fired for using the N-word, and breaking news on Joe Burrow.

7-25-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie breaks down the latest officer involved shooting, the latest out of Washington, and did the mock turtle soup live up to expectations?

Sunday Night LIVE w/ Billy Cunningham 7/24/22

7/24/22: Billy chats w/ Wayne Allyn Root, John Lott and Steve Goreham. He also takes your calls at 866-647-7337.

7-22-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie has the latest Covid-19 updates, the state of the new I-75 bridge, and what the Democrats are trying to do to save themselves in the fall.

7-21-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the continuing fallout from the PG Sittenfeld verdict, the likelihood Biden invokes the 25th amendment, and the changes coming to Bengals football this fall.

7-20-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the left's push for Green Energy, stopping cancer, and the latest inductees into the Bengals Ring of Honor.

7-19-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie debates if the armed citizen in the Indianapolis mall shooting was a criminal, if the Green New Deal is still in reach for Democrats, and the state of politics in America.

7-18-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses what to expect from the Reds out of the All-Star break, why Covid-19 is still around, and the fate of abortion in the country.

7-15-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the latest crime in the greater Cincinnati area, where the JD Vance campaign has been, and weeks later, the national status of abortion.


7-14-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie breaks down what is going on in the story of a 10 year old girl getting raped and having in abortion. Also why PG Sittenfeld will be writing a big check to the city of Cincinnati, and what the Bengals are teasing now.


7-13-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie breaks down the last 36 hours in Warren County, the state of national politics, and the Cincinnati Zoo is on Hippo watch.


7-12-22 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie talks with a former Reds now Yankee legend and is the Solar System doomed as we know it.