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Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again

Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again


Louisville, KY


Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again




Henry Sadlo says a coronary calcium scan can save your life

Terry best friend, cardiologist Henry Sadlo, talks about the importance of a coronary calcium scan and how it can really help save your life...


WHAS 100 with Ted Werbin

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Ted Werbin. Ted aka Mark Jacobs talks about enjoying the Florida lifestyle, the people he worked with here in Louisville, the news being the same all over, and the Blue Angels...


Help put a wreath on graves of American veterans

Jim Lehrer, the former owner of Brownsboro Hardware, is helping with an effort to put a wreath on the grave of ever America veteran. If you would like to help, listen and get all of the details...


Hayley and the Knobs talk holiday shopping, movies, and Taylor Swift

Hayley and Knob #2 discuss holiday shopping, the movies you have to watch every holiday season, and Taylor Swift's new music video (of course)...


Lara MacGregor discusses the mission and expansion of Hope Scarves

Lara MacGregor talked about her battle with cancer, the mission and massive expansion of Hope Scarves, and her nomination to be a L'Oreal of Paris Women of Worth and how your vote can help her get more money for her cause...


Teddy Abrams updates us on the happenings at the Louisville Orchestra

Teddy Abrams, the Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra, talked about the orchestra's efforts to continue performing during the pandemic, the piano concerto he wrote over the past year, and the personal connection with artists and music...


Natalia Martinez discusses the dark side of groups like The Bail Project

Natalia Martinez from WAVE 3 News discusses the Bail Project and their efforts to pay the bail or bond for those who have not been convicted of crimes, typically for non-violent offenders. However, during last year's protests, it was discovered that violent offenders were helped by this group and others...


Old Joe is in Cats heaven

Old Joe says he is in Cats heaven. Stoops' Troops beat up Vanderbilt, are 30-point favorites over New Mexico State, and will take care of the Cardinal Criminals on Thanksgiving weekend. And then he started in on U of Smell losing to Furman...


Greg Fischer was in DC for the Infrastructure signing

Mayor Greg Fischer was in Washington D.C. for the signing of the Infrastructure Bill today. He joined us to discuss the impact of the Bill both nationally and locally and some of the specific opportunities available to Louisville...