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Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again

Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again


Louisville, KY


Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again




Jody Demling updates the Vince Tyra situation

Jody Demling calls from Grawemeyer Hall to update the Vince Tyra situation. It has been rumored that Tyra has interest in the Athletic Director position at Florida State University, and after today's meeting he is free to do so. The Board of Trustees has amended Tyra's contract by eliminating both the non-compete clause and the 30-day notice clause. Get all of those details and thoughts on who might be taking over from here...


John Yarmuth on trusting Putin, Build Back Better, and Massie's Xmas card

Congressman John Yarmuth talked about the recent video conference between Presidents Biden and Putin and how much we can trust the Russian leader, why we have a military advantage over China, when he feels Build Back Better will be passed, and Congressman Thomas Massie's Xmas card...


Charges dropped against Chris Hartman for Fairness Campaign protest at ham breakfast

Chris Hartman, Executive Director of the Fairness Campaign, talked about the charges being dropped stemming from the protest at the 2019 Kentucky Farm Bureau Ham Breakfast and issues he looks forward to in the 2021 political session...


WWII veteran Glenn Fisher talks on the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor

On the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Colonel Glenn Fisher talked about America entering WWII, trying to enlist at the age of 15, being injured in Europe and treated next to German prisoners, and his continued service to others...


WHAS 100 with Shay McAlister

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Shay McAlister. WHAS-11 Investigative Journalist Shay McAlister talks about being "paid to pry," how she prepares for high-profile interviews, and being on Tiger King...


Judge David Holton on the Michigan shooting and metal detectors/SROs in schools

Judge David Holton discussed the legal process that the Michigan high school shooter will be going through in the next few days/weeks and gives his opinion on having metal detectors and SROs in schools...


Derwin Webb discusses the "Behind the Black Robe" program

Judge Derwin Webb discusses the idea behind his "Behind the Black Robe" observation program and the benefits it can bring in our community...


Nick Coffey previews Louisville's match-up with Michigan State

Nick Coffey, the host of The Red Zone on 790 WKRD, previews Louisville's match-up tonight against Michigan State. He talked about what the team learned while Chris Mack was out, what to expect from the Spartans, and Night #2 of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge...


Ricky Jones talks Rosa Parks, black history for white people, and free speech

Dr. Ricky Jones discussed the anniversary of Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus, a black history test for white people, and free speech vs cancel culture...


The Beasman and BBN are suddenly chanting ELLE'S Up

Ole Joe says Cat fans are doing something they've never done before, chanting "Elle's Up!" in honor of Elle Smith being named Miss USA. He also had a few thoughts on Stoops' Troops smashing U of Smell...


Brian Manzella talks Tiger Woods and Brian Kelly

PGA Teaching Pro and LSU fan Brian Manzella talks about Tiger's interview with Gold Digest and Brian Kelly becoming the new head man for the bayou bengals...


Georgia superfan Cody Patterson talks the SEC Championship and the CFP

Georgia superfan Cody Patterson discusses the Alabama/Auburn game that put Bama into this Saturday's SEC Championship against his Bulldogs and the CFP possibilities...


Ole Joe is dancing around with his Ls down

Old Joe called again, while doing his Ls Down dance, to talk about Levisville, Stoops' Troops getting back at U of L for Booby Petrino running up the score, and all of the future loses the Cards will get courtesy of the Cats...