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Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again

Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again


Louisville, KY


Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again




Hayley and the Knobs 1.19.2022



Hayley and the Knobs talk Novak Djokovic, a Weird Al biopic, and things no one prepared you for

Hayley and the Knobs discuss Hayley's late-Christmas/Anniversary trip home, watching movies in the theater versus on your couch at home, Novak Djokovic not getting the shot, a Weird Al biopic, and things that happen in your adult life that no one prepared you for...


John Yarmuth talks voting rights, Build Back Better, and free COVID tests

Congressman John Yarmuth discussed different voting rights topics including Voter ID laws and the filibuster. He also talked about the possibility of the President tweaking and re-branding Build Back Better, getting free COVID tests sent to your home, and his Twitter activity over various issues, including Martin Luther King Jr...


Jack "Goose" Givens on Joe B Hall and his own Kentucky history

Jack "Goose" Givens remembers his coach Joe B. Hall, how he challenged them while he was at Kentucky, and helping Joe broadcast games after his coaching career was over. Goose also talked about Coach Hall welcoming African American players into the program and some of the issues Jack had to deal with being a part of the team...


Jim Host talks about Joe B. Hall

Jim Host discussed his friend Joe B. Hall. He talked about Coach Hall successfully following Coach Rupp, Coach Cal bringing Joe B. back into the fold, and the Joe B. and Denny Show...


Tim Findley talks "whitesplaining" MLK and violence in Louisville

Mayoral candidate Rev. Tim Findley Jr. discussed the "whitesplaining" of Martin Luther King Jr.'s beliefs on issues like voting rights and the filibuster and co-opting some of them for their owns causes on this MLK Day. He also talks about not being invited to an event earlier today that other mayoral candidates were invited too, violence in Louisville, and re-investing in public projects...


WHAS 100 with Wayne Perkey

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Wayne Perkey. Wayne updated us on his family and kids plus how he got to WHAS, big snows, and and how he stayed in radio so long...


Ole Joe says the party if over for U of Smell

Old Joe says the party if over for U of Smell. Baldy Chris Mack's team is the worst in America! And Loserville's glory days are 40 years ago!


Shameka Parrish-Wright talks about her run for Mayor and dream for Louisville

Shameka Parrish-Wright is running for Mayor of Louisville and she discussed her dream for the city, reconnecting Louisville's small cities, the need for better healthcare, taking care of our homeless population, and how to lower the homicide rate...


Dan McDonnell on the Leadoff Dinner and the Cards' 2022 season

Louisville Baseball Coach Dan McDonnell talks about the upcoming Leadoff Dinner, his team's challenging schedule, and his team being the hunters in 2022...


Kentucky Law Professor Josh Douglas expounds on voting rights

Lots of people are talking about voting rights lately. We even had the Commonwealth's Secretary of State Michael Adams on to talk about it earlier in the week. After his appearance, UK Law Professor Josh Douglas wanted to get on to expound on some of the Secretary's thoughts...


David Beck updates us on what is happening at Kentucky Venues

David Beck, the President and CEO of Kentucky Venues, keeps us updated as to what is happening at the Kentucky Exposition Center and the Kentucky International Convention Center...


Brett Guthrie talks his trip to the Mexican border, drugs, and tornado relief

Congressman Brett Guthrie discussed his visit to the boarder with Mexico, the drugs coming into the country, and the tornado relief that continues in his district...


Michael Adams talked voting rights and "voter suppression epidemic"

Michael Adams, Kentucky's Secretary of the State, discussed being a "model for the nation" on voting regulations, keeping voting rights in the state's hands, and the "voter suppression epidemic"...


Rand Paul says Fauci "should be fired" and talks the origins of the virus

Senator Rand Paul discussed Dr. Fauci's claim that an attack on him is an attack on science, the funding behind COVID-19, and why he should be fired. The Senator also touched on the future of the filibuster, voting rights and inflation...


Lifelong Georgia fan Cody Patterson talks about last night's win

Lifelong Bulldogs fan and Georgia Alum Cody Patterson talks about being in Indy for last night's game and UGA coming away with a National Championship...


Bobby Cooper of the Louisville Fire Dept talk apartment building fire safety

Louisville Fire Department Major Bobby Cooper discusses the dangers of apartment living and things you should be aware of to keep you and your family safe...


Hayley and the Knobs talk rich NFL owners, Louisville's Ron Burgundy, and Jeopardy

Hayley and the Knobs discuss "Black Monday" in the NFL and rich owners firing their coaches, former Louisville news anchor Mort Crim and how he inspired the movie "Anchorman", and Amy Schneider running down the record at Jeopardy...


Old Joe had a great weekend!

Old Joe said he had a great weekend! Coach Cal and his Cats beat Georgia and U of Smell lost to former Cat Leonard Hamilton and Florida State...


IN Sec of State Holli Sullivan talks voter ID and federalzing elections

Holli Sullivan, the Indiana Secretary of State, called-in from Indianapolis to talk about filing for retention of her office and prepping for her first statewide election. She also discussed Voter ID, auditing the 2020 election, and federalizing elections...