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Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again

Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again


Louisville, KY


Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again




Hayley and the Knobs talks toothbrushes, baby formula, and Tom Cruise

Hayley and the Knobs revisit yesterday's toothbrush controversy, Bette Midler making a fool of herself over the baby formula shortage, and who gets to join Williams and Kate at Tom Cruise's England premiere of the new Top Gun movie...


Jeff County PVA Colleen Younger talks 2022 assessment and proposed senior freeze

Jefferson County PVA Colleen Younger discusses the meteoric rise of property values, the tax assessments that goes with those values, and a proposed value freeze for seniors and those with disabilities...


The Urban Govt Building in Paristown is being developed and residents are being asked for input

Shannon Musselman and Eric Baldwin represent the residents of Paristown Point and discuss an upcoming meeting that is open to the public ahead of the development Urban Government Building. Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting and get info/voice their opinion on the development. Listen for details...


WHAS 100 with Scott Goettel

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Scott Goettel. Scott talked about growing-up listening to WHAS, watching home movies with Milton Metz, where he is today, and being retired but still working in the biz...


Jason Nemes talks early voting, no income tax, and power to the states

Kentucky State Representative Jason Nemes talks about early voting options in the Commonwealth, eliminating the state income tax, power to the states, and the upcoming race for Governor...


Hayley and the Knobs on White Castle, baby formula, the Eagles, and the Judds

Hayley and the Knobs talk judges fighting at an Indy White Castle, the baby formula shortage, the return of the Eagles to the KFC YUM! Center, and the passing of Naomi Judd...


Lauren Jones talks Frenck Lick Resort's quest to help the community

Lauren Jones told us she has renewed her love for reality TV, but she really wanted to talk about 75 brand new homes being built in Orange County, Indiana and French Lick Resort opening a new remote office in Clarksville...


Brett Guthrie on inflation, baby formula, Ukraine, and "Ministry of Truth"

Congressman Brett Guthrie talked about combating inflation by lowering energy costs, what has caused the baby formula shortage, gives his thoughts on Ukraine and the battle between Senators McConnell and Paul, and the "Ministry of Truth"...


Russell Coleman is running for Kentucky Attorney General

Former U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman announced that he is running to be Kentucky's Attorney General. He stopped by the studio to discuss the changes that need to be made in the Commonwealth (innovation and collaboration), his relationship with current AG Daniel Cameron, how to deal with gang violence in our community, and increasing police staffing across the state...


Scott Davenport isn't done coaching yet, but there is a plan in place

Scott Davenport says he has no clue when he will be done coaching basketball, but when he is there is a plan in place for Doug Davenport to take over and keep Bellarmine on it's current upward trajectory...


Hayley and the Knobs on Jack Harlow, an outrage alert, and Paris Hilton's trauma

Hayley and the Knobs talked the Whites being apprehended, Jack Harlow's involvement in Young Thug's RICO case, the farmer who took care of Babe the pig gluing his hands to the table at Starbucks, Paris Hilton's teenage trauma, and more info on the guys who landed a plane after the pilot passed out...


Attorney Ned Pillersdorf talks Eric Conn and the efforts to help his victims

Attorney Ned Pillersdorf discusses the Eric Conn case where he defrauded thousands of people out of their social security and disability benefits and the efforts to get some of those benefits returned after all of Conn's clients benefits were cut off by the government due to his crimes...


Mary Jude Wolford discusses her run for District Court

Mary Jude Wolford discusses her desire to be a District Court Judge, District Court's role in the judicial system, the importance of experience in the role, the stress involved in the job, and the good that can be done from the bench...


Craig Greenberg on public safety, city needs, and issues with Frankfort

Mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg discusses "running" for Mayor, what you learn canvasing neighborhoods, public safety, drying-up the West End food desert, improving the city's relationship with Frankfort, the West End TIF, and what he would do if he was Mayor at this moment in time...


Hayley and the Knobs talk Prince Charles, Young Thug, and a flying nightmare

Hayley and the Knobs discussed Prince Charles' charmed life and his trip to Parliament, Young Thug living up to his moniker, a guy who has to land a plane after something happens to the pilot, and the family who marathons together...


John Yarmuth on inflation, protesting, and Trump endorsing Massie

Congressman John Yarmuth discussed inflation, how to deal with it, and the President's failed speech to address it. He also talked about the public protesting at the homes of elected or appointed officials, President Trump endorsing Thomas Massie and the "other planet" Massie lives on now, and Trump calling Mitch McConnell a "scumbag"...


Hayley and the Knobs on the Derby, Jack Harlow, the Alabama fugitives, and love at first sight



Kentucky Derby 148 on NewsRadio 840 WHAS Montage

Listen back to some of our favorite moments from our Kentucky Derby 148 coverage on NewsRadio 840 WHAS.


Hayley and the Knobs on the Oaks, parties, boobs, and beer drinkin' horses

Hayley and the Knobs talk the 148th Kentucky Oaks, the big Oaks' night parties, and beer drinking horses. We also conversed on Mother's Day, Danica Patrick's boobs, and Amber Heard quoting various movies on the stand...


WHAS 100 with Tom Leach

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Tom Leach. Tom talks about his love for sports broadcasting, being nervous taking over at UK, the call of the 2012 championship, some of the communication differences in coaches, and anchoring Derby coverage with Paul Rogers...