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Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again

Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again


Louisville, KY


Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again




John Yarmuth talks Chicago Shooting, nuclear power, and Roe v Wade impact

Congressman John Yarmuth discussed the Chicago shooting, the limits of the 2nd Amendment, and the shooter fitting a profile we have seen before. He also talked about the expansion of nuclear power, the impact of Roe v Wade being overturned, and what to do about Brittney Griner...


Hayley and the Knobs talk the West End Reunion, sharks, and the Medal of Freedom

Hayley and the Knobs discuss Stormin' Norman's West End Reunion with all those tough West End stags, being on the lookout for sharks in the water this weekend, and the recently named Medal of Freedom winners (and some people who will never win one)...


WHAS 100 with Kim Gordon

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Kim Gordon. Kim talked about being a long-term, unpaid intern, continuing her news career in Chicago, and being a Packers fan in the Windy City...


Bobby Cooper of Louisville Fire talks firework safety

Louisville Fire Major Bobby Cooper discusses the danger of fireworks including injury and property loss, professional firework shows, and safety precautions to use if you choose to have your own display...


Hayley and the Knobs talk pilots on strike, famous unretirements, and bad parenting trends

Hayley and the Knobs discuss the pilot strikes in Atlanta, famous movie stars like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Cameron Diaz coming back to work, Frank Zappa naming his kids and other bad parenting trends...


Author Alanna Nash talks the real Colonel Tom Parker

With the popularity of the new movie "Elvis", author Alanna Nash joined Terry to discuss her book "The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley," the Colonel's real impact on Elvis' finances, and other Elvis/Colonel related topics...


Stormin' Norman previews the West End Reunion

West End Emperor, Stormin' Norman Callahan, called in to preview tomorrow's West End Reunion at the Aero Club...


Hayley and the Knobs on Serena Williams and the Hometown Heroes

Hayley and the Knobs talk the swan song for Serena Williams and the future of the Hometown Heroes banners...


WHAS 100 with Anne McReynolds

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Anne McReynolds. Anne talked about how she came to join WHAS' fabulous sales team, learning to do it all on the fly, her first client, and where she is today...


Paris Dennard will be in Lexington for the Black Biz Roundtable

RNC National Spokesperson Paris Dennard discusses tomorrow's Black Biz Roundtable in Lexington, how to make black people feel more welcomed in the RNC, and the heat taken by African Americans who identify as Republican...


Hayley and the Knobs on Wimbledon, Donald Trump, Nazis, and Jiminy Glick

Hayley and the Knobs talk the happenings at Wimbledon, President Donald Trump allegedly trying to choke a secret service employee on January 6th, a 101 year old Nazi being sentenced for his crimes in WWII, and Terry's Kentucky Center appearance with Martin Short as Jiminy Glick...


Gokeys Dokeys has a show tomorrow and a powerful message to spread

Musical artist Gokeys Dokeys stopped by the studio to tell us about her show tomorrow and the powerful message she has to spread to the world. Get details on her show and inspired by her by listening here...


What if same sex marriage is returned to the state level

Greg Bourke and Michael de Leon discussed the case they were a part of the case that led to same sex marriage being legalized in the U.S. and Clarence Thomas' opinion, that was given while overturning Roe v. Wade, that the Obergefell case and others should be looked at again. They talked about the stress they feel if that opinion moves further and the ramifications that could occur for families if the case is overturned...


Hometown Heroes are coming back

Jeanne Hilt discusses the return of the Hometown Heroes campaign, the need to "refresh" some of the banners, and future heroes being added to the list...


Hayley and the Knobs talk technology, music, and PRIDE

Hayley and the Knobs talk advances in technology that we hope are coming soon, Jack Harlow's performance and the other happenings at the BET Awards, and how Anderson Cooper discovered he was gay...


What does the overturning Roe v Wade mean in the Commonwealth

Josh Douglas, a Distinguished Research Professor of Law at the UK School of Law, discusses the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade, the impact in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, how the ruling could affect contraception, same sex marriage, and other "rights," and whether or not justices lied about Roe before they got on the court...


WHAS 100 with Kim Scott Sowinski

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Kim Scott Sowinski. Kim talked about her many roles at WHAS, teaching aerobics to listeners, where she is now, and bathroom encounters with listeners...


Hayley and the Knobs on Title IX, amazing pets, and "He's a 10, but..."

Hayley and the Knobs discuss Title IX, award winning pets, and the new TikTok trend "He's a 10, but"...


WHAS 100 with Leland Conway

To celebrate our 100th year broadcasting, Terry is talking with some of the voices of WHAS past including Leland Conway. Leland updates on his radio show in Denver, when he misses Kentucky the most, his nickname for the Governor of Colorado, and more...


Brett Guthrie on SCOTUS gun ruling, baby formula, and gas prices

Congressman Brett Guthrie discusses the Supreme Court's ruling on New York's gun laws and conceal and carry reciprocity, the continuing baby formula shortage, and how to lower gas prices...