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Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again

Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again


Louisville, KY


Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again




Hayley and the Knobs talk new potato chips and outrage

Hayley and the Knobs review Lay's new mash-up potato chip flavors and a situation where Outrage! is declared...


Hayley and the Knobs on hoops, famous couples, and how to be attractive

Hayley and the Knobs talk Little League kids loving old basketball players, famous couplings and uncouplings, and a life coach says how to be the most attractive person in the room...


Fred Minnick on a bourbon auction to help eastern KY flood victims

Bourbon curator Fred Minnick discusses his military service, his wine writing career, and an auction being put together by the Kentucky Distillers' Association, the Bourbon Crusaders, and Fred are putting together to benefit flood victims in eastern Kentucky...


Hayley and the Knobs on Paul Miles,Tom Cruise, body positivity, and Fred Cowgill

Hayley and the Knobs start by congratulating Paul Miles on 30 years with iHeart, but we quickly right turn into Tom Cruise, the dangers of body positivity, and Fred Cowgill's lawsuit against Trinity High School...


John Yarmuth on eastern KY recovery and the warrant for President Trump's home

Congressman John Yarmuth talked about the President's trip to eastern Kentucky, Kentuckians not being one to rely on the government for help, and some Kentuckians not even showing-up to help. Yarmuth also commented on climate change, the Inflation Reduction Act, and "enforcing a warrant" at President Trump's home in Florida...


Eric Deters on the raid of President Trump's home and Fancy Farm

Eric Deters, a lawyer and a candidate for Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, discussed the raid on President Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago and his believe that it will backfire on the Dems. Deters also recapped his Fancy Farm experience and why he is loyal to President Trump...


Hayley and the Knobs on Olivia Newton-John, Kim K and Skeet, and scamming a kid

Hayley and the Knobs talk the death of Olivia Newton-John, the death of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's relationship, and passing a kid a fake $100 dollar bill at his lemonade stand...


The Women's Cup is coming back!

JP Reynal, the President and CEO of the Women's Cup, talks about the event's return this weekend and the chance for Racing Louisville FC to defend their title against some of the world's best...

Sadiqa Reynolds on DOJ charges against officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor

Sadiqa Reynolds, the president and CEO of the Louisville Urban League, discussed the charges brought against the officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor, the process to get a legal warrant and corners that may have been cut, Daniel Cameron's political future, and the incestuousness of criminal investigations...


John Ziegler discussed the "fairytale narrative" surrounding Breonna Taylor

John Ziegler, former midday host at 840 WHAS, called in from Los Angeles to talk about the "fairytale narrative" surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor. He discussed the creation of the narrative by the far left, the need for vengeance, the inclusion of racism, and the dangerous precedent that is being set...


Stuart Ray on inflation and helping eastern KY flood victims

3rd District Congressional candidate Stuart Ray discusses the new jobs report and things like wage increases and government spending that have helped drive inflation upward, taking truckloads of water and cleaning supplies to eastern KY flood victims, energy independence, and more...


Hayley and the Knobs on Deshaun Watson, Beyonce, and a Hitler wristwatch

Hayley and the Knobs talk Deshaun Watson's "light" sentence, Ashley and Wynonna being left out of Naomi's will, Beyonce using a word she isn't supposed to use on her new album, and some guy buying a watch that used to belong to Hitler...


Eric Deters is running for Governor

Eric Deters discussed being a candidate for Governor, (possibly) not being allowed on stage at Fancy Farm, beating Daniel Cameron and other candidates in the primary, how he would get rid of Mitch McConnell, and supporting cannabis...

Brett Guthrie on eastern KY, the recession, and unemployment

Congressman Brett Guthrie discusses the flooding tragedy in eastern Kentucky, the economic recession the country is experiencing, and peoples' obligation to work if they want healthcare...

Hayley and the Knobs on lottery pools, accents, and the end of the Choco Taco

Hayley and the Knobs talk whether or not the Raisin' Canes owner will buy his employees more lottery tickets, Keith Olbermann coming to iHeart, actors never getting the Louisville accent right, and the end of the Choco Taco...


Hayley and the Knobs on celebs getting free Chipotle, Mick's birthday, and the VP waiting at Olive Garden

Hayley and the Knobs discuss Terry cleaning his garbage can in the rain, celebs getting free Chipotle, Mick Jagger's birthday, Lil' Wayne surviving a suicide attempt, and Mike Pence having to wait at Olive Garden...


Stu Pollard discusses the Flyover Film Festival

Film producer, writer and director Stu Pollard discusses the Flyover Film Festival presented by the Louisville Film Society and the Speed Cinema. He talked about the origin of the name and some of the films that will be featured including director by Jeremy Frindel's "The Beat Of The Heart"...


Teddy Abrams on the health of Louisville Orchestra and the Creators Corps

Teddy Abrams, the Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra who was recently named "Conductor of the Year for 2022" by Musical America, discussed the health of the Louisville Orchestra and his new idea called "LO Creators Corps" that will bring three musical composers to Louisville to write music for our city...


Hayley and the Knobs on Samantha Bee, airport anger, Nick Cannon, and Jeopardy hosts



Hayley and the Knobs on cash stuffing, Lizzo on a Peloton, Steve Bannon, and Trump

Hayley and the Knobs talk cash stuffing and things not to do with your valuables, Lizzo dropping in to a Peloton workout, Steve Bannon's trial, and Donald Trump's inability to read aloud...