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Interviews and stories from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, success stories and downright inspiring people in the community.


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Interviews and stories from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, success stories and downright inspiring people in the community.






14 Know Your Numbers

This episode’s guest is a fellow entrepreneur and endurance athlete. His is a former professional golfer and the current owner of Know Your Numbers Accounting. It’s my pleasure to introduce the Entrelisteners to my friend and colleague, Mark Andersen Mark Andersen Know Your Numbers Accounting MarkA@Know-Your-Numbers.com www.know-your-numbers.com www.youtube.com/channel/UCSpfmkxGrpfw24Z9Je68w-Q 346-320-1300 281-948-7132 Zac Stafford - Z-Com...


The Zac and Zoë Show

So this episode is with my youngest daughter, Zoë. She did her school talent show today, singing Rush's Spirit of Radio. I filmed it but I also sang along. I sang quietly but still, you can't really hear her, so... I've followed her interview up with a recording of her singing the song as performed today. No Zac, just Zoë. Enjoy!!! Support the show


How to Avoid Identity Theft

On this episode I decided to bring in my friend and fellow tech entrepreneur, Will Speer, to discuss ways that we can all avoid identity theft when online or even when making in-person purchases. If you are only going to listen to one episode, make it this one and take notes. These tips can save anyone a ton of hassle, not to mention money. Will Speer - Error Computer Repair 832-ERROR-CR (832-377-6727) Error@Error-CR.com www.ErrorComputerRepair.com Zac Stafford - Z-Com...


The Mike Bauer Power Hour

This episode features a 14 year entrepreneur and current owner of Houston Independent Insurance. He is also a very unique guest as he is a spiritual leader in the Houston Bay Area community. I am very excited to share this interview with the Entrelisteners as this guy is truly one of the kindest people I’ve met. It’s now time to get on the line and celebrate the Mike Bauer Power Hour! Mike Bauer 281-787-7358 www.Houstonii.com www.discipletogether.org Zac Stafford Z-Com...


10 : Saylor of the Skies and Mortgage Brokering

This episode’s guest is another lifetime entrepreneur, 30-year a licensed loan officer and mortgage broker as well as a professional sky diver. No, I’m not interviewing three people, just one. His name is Al Saylor and we now get to plug in with the most interesting mortgage broker in the world! Al Saylor Certainty Home Loans, LLC | NMLSR #2146 | Office: 281-823-0508 Cell: 281-435-8586 Fax: 281-823-0508 asaylor@certaintyhomeloans.com AlSaylor.com Zac Stafford Z-Com...


9: The Raw Dog!

Today’s guest is a certified pet nutritionist, a licensed psychotherapist and former FBI special agent! He is the current co-owner of What’s Behind the Bowl Pet Shops and Raw Dog Barkery. He is also the host of The Exploring Cat and Dog Nutrition podcast and the author of the soon the be released book titled “Exploring Cat and Dog Nutrition.” It’s now time to get on the line with Sean Jones. Sean Jones, MS,...


8: Why Walk When You Can Ride!?

This episode's guest is a 3rd generation entrepreneur, co-owner of Stubbs Powersports, overseeing three motorcycles dealerships in Stubbs Cycles, Stubbs Harley-Davidson and San Jacinto Harley-Davidson. He's one of the most respected members of the local motorcycling and entrepreneurial community. It's my pleasure to get the EntreListeners acquainted with my friend and collegue, Jerry Sutton. Jerry...


7: Welcoming Realtor

Today we are joined by a 20 year entrepreneur, a realtor with a list of designations the size of my arm, 11 to be exact, so I just don’t think I have time to read them all off. She’s one of the local entrepreneurs that I most enjoy working with however and just a joy to be around. Let me now introduce the Entrelisteners to my friend and colleague, Debra Carico Carico Real Estate Group RE/MAX American Dream 203 S Friendswood Dr #203 Friendswood, TX 77546 832-212-4305 Zac Stafford -...


6: Error!!!

Today we are with an 18 year entrepreneur, the current owner of Error Computer Repair in League City Texas. His previous ventures have been featured in the Houston Chronical, Forest Image Paper, and the Kingwood Observer. It’s my pleasure now to introduce the EntreListeners to the 2006 Times Magazine person of the year, Will Speer. Will Speer - Error Computer Repair 832-ERROR-CR (832-377-6727) Error@Error-CR.com www.ErrorComputerRepair.com Zac Stafford - Z-Com...


5: The Financial Advisor with an Amazing Voice

Today’s guest is a 17 year entrepreneur, a former sporting event referee/umpire and a professional voice actor. He’s been featured by Texas Monthly as a recognized five-star wealth manager and speaking of magazines, he is the 2006 Times magazine person of the year. It’s now time to get plugged in with financial advisor Paul Emig. Paul Emig Call or Text 832-247-2121 PaulEmig@gmail.com Zac Stafford - Z-Com Telecom 713-641-5400 Zac@ZComTelecom.com MyVoip www.My-Voip.com/ZFS Support the...


4: Slow Twitch Jeff

We are joined on this episode by a life-long entrepreneur, cyclist, and the current owner of Slow Twitch Niche. He is a certified USA Cycling coach and an ACSM personal trainer. His work in the local community has been featured on multiple platforms including ABC 13, I-45 News and the Houston Chronicle. I’m so excited to introduce the EntreListeners to one of the most inspiring people that I’ve come to know in recent years, Jeffrey Currier. Jeff's Contact Information Slow Twitch...


3: The Inspiring Pharmacist

This episode's guest is Dr. Genevieve Echeta, a truly inspiring immigrant living the American Dream. is a doctor of pharmacy, a published independent researcher whose work is included in several libraries including the National Institute of Health, a contributing writer for US Africa Magazine, an active member of the American Society of Health System Pharmacists, and the owner of Baybrook Care Pharmacy. Contact information is: Baybrook Care Pharmacy 13630 Beamer Rd Suite 103 Houston, TX...


2: A Family Tradition

Meet Fredrick Stafford: 3rd generation entrepreneur, published author, renown grass-roots artist whose work has been displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, previous oilman as the owner of Stafford Spooling Service and Harper Oil Tools and was a partner in his family business Rent a Drinking Fountain before retiring in 2004. He is one of my biggest mentors and oh yeah, he just so happens to be my dad. Zac Stafford - Z-Com...


1: Phreaking Out

My guest for this episode is my hosted phone system partner, Jody Gonzalez with Axtel Communications. She is a 20 year telecom expert and a 13 year entrepreneur. She and her team has personally partner with me and my team on many major projects over the last decade, in fact, I have dubbed her as the sexiest phone girl in the country. It’s time to get on the line with the one and only Jody Gonzalez. Zac Stafford - Z-Com...


Bonus: My Anne Rice Tribute

On the passing of my favorite Author, Anne Rice, I wrote a little bit of my feelings down and decided to share it with you as a bonus episode. In the future, these bonus episodes will be available exclusively on my Patreon page www.patreon.com/zfs Music was recorded, mixed and engineered by The Deacon, Marcus Goad Artwork for this podcast was created by The Big Daddy, Jim Sweeney and his team at Minuteman Press Bay Area www.clearlake.minutemanpress.com Zac Stafford - Z-Com...


Preamble: Introducing EntrePodcasting with ZFS

Please allow me to introduce you to my new adventure: EntrePodcasting with ZFS! Prepare to get plugged in and on the line with entrepreneurs, success stories and downright inspiring people. Zac Stafford - Z-Com Telecom 713-641-5400 Zac@ZComTelecom.com MyVoip www.My-Voip.com/ZFS Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREE Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Support the show