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Award-Winning, longtime Chicago radio personality Nick Digilio hosts this pop culture/entertainment podcast, featuring interviews, movie reviews and much more. Tuesdays & Fridays on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network


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Award-Winning, longtime Chicago radio personality Nick Digilio hosts this pop culture/entertainment podcast, featuring interviews, movie reviews and much more. Tuesdays & Fridays on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network




Nick D – A High School Hospital, A Kiddie Kingdom and a Boring Dictator

Nick and movie critics Erik Childress & Steve Prokopy talk about the box office numbers of some of the holiday releases, and they review "Wish," which is Disney's new blatant merchandise commercial disguised as an animated movie; the new dark social satire "Slatburn," and Ridley Scott's latest, "Napoleon," in which Joaquin Phoenix plays the famous dictator as though he just woke up from a nap. Then, Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk about Black Friday, how to make a juicy turkey (thanks to the obnoxious Alton Brown), department store Santas dealing with crying kids, the legend of Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom, and the fact that a TV show that should be called "High School Hospital" is still on the air after 20 years....and The Magic Megaphone returns!!! [Ep197]


Nick D – Don’t Fry Your Turkey & How Many Jobs Have The 3 Stooges Had?

Nick welcomes Marnie Shure from food website "The Takeout," to talk about food stuff including a Thanksgiving feast complete with Devil's Thumbprints; the problems with tap beer poured from dirty lines; the best Chicago Food Gifts for the holidays, and why you should NEVER fry your turkey. Plus, Marnie and Nick talk about the next "Mortified" show coming up at the Vic Theater, the latest episodes of the "Chucky" TV series, and eating movie theater treats at home. Then, Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk a bit about Thanksgiving, and then get into a lengthy discussion about "The Three Stooges," including the topic of how many jobs they had, who was their leader, and why they ended up riding away on horses or bulls at the end of some shorts. And, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke. [Ep196]


Nick D – U2 in Vegas, Zombie Strippers, Free Jello Shots & Very Dumb Warnings

In this really funny episode, Nick welcomes music journalist Jim Ryan, from Forbes and The Daily Herald, to talk about his interviews with country star Lainey Wilson; comedienne Leanne Morgan; and Andy Summers of The Police. Nick and Jim also talk about some classic Rock Jock DJs, Puff Daddy at the height of his idiocy, and Jim recounts his trip to Vegas, where he saw the incredible U2 show at The Sphere, but, more importantly, he also attended a Zombie Burlesque show on Halloween night, where he saw naked zombie strippers, and got a free Jello shot (the story is hilarious). Then, Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to read some actual warnings attached to real products (like "Don't Use This Blow-dryer in Bed"), they also reminisce about floppy discs, Yahoo Message Boards, I-Macs, and how much Nick truly misses his "Blair Witch Project" screen-saver. [Ep195]


Nick D – TV Talk, Turkey Hunting with King Crimson & Slap Slapply

Nick talks with the TV critic from The Hollywood Reporter and The Fien Print, Dan Fienberg about the end of the actors strike, the GREAT new HBO Albert Brooks documentary directed by Rob Reiner, the squirmy and funny new show with Emma Stone called "The Curse," and a new documentary about Tyler Perry. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick battle each other in a round of "80s-90s Trivia Madness" with the one and only Slap Slapply (friend of Tom Hush, the Executive Producer of "The Steve Cochran Show" on WLS-AM 890). The trivia battle is fierce, and the stories that Slap shares are hilarious, including how Slap and the members of King Crimson hunt turkeys in a Merecedes Benz, how he is blessed with quite a large 'lapdog,' and how Regis Philbin actually killed and ate ALF on the set of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." And, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke. [Ep194]


Nick D – Movie Reviews, A Trip to NOLA, & The McJordan

Nick, along with film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy, delve into the latest cinematic offerings, spotlighting the MCU's newest entry, "The Marvels," featuring Brie Larson, David Fincher's edgy thriller "The Killer," and the exceptional Alexander Payne film "The Holdovers" starring Paul Giamatti—a standout as one of this year's finest films. Following the reviews, Esmeralda Leon recounts to Nick her adventures in New Orleans, including explorations in Treme, fascinating graveyard tours with a stop at Nicolas Cage's tomb, the extraordinary local cuisine, and an encounter with "St. Expedite." The conversation then turns to the iconic McDonald's McRib's comeback and a nostalgic reflection on the 90's Michael Jordan-inspired 'McJordan' sandwich, affectionately termed by Nick as The Delicacy. [Ep193]


Nick D – For The People, Nov ’23

In the latest "For the People" episode, Nick welcomes The Consumerman Herb Weisbaum to the podcast to talk about how to pick the right credit card, and deal with the payments. Herb also gives very valuable advice on how to shop during the holidays safely, intelligently, and efficiently, and they also talk about the enlightening and depressing HBO documentary "Telemarketers." Then, Car Guy from Consumer Guide Automotive, Tom Appel, joins Nick to chat about the weird 80s concept car The Bertone Ramarro; a highlight from the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show; the new Mini-Cooper Countryman Untamed; and they also talk about how long it takes to get your car repaired nowadays. The Dodge Durango is analyzed, Bob Belcher (from "Bob's Burgers") and his car are discussed, and the crazy things you deal with when driving a truly HUGE vehicle. And, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke. [Ep192]


Nick D – The Origin of The McRib, The Horror of ‘Doctor Sleep,’ & A Visit With Amy Guth

Nick welcomes filmmaker/journalist/podcaster and general awesome person: Amy Guth to the podcast, to talk about the progress of her Elvis film, how to celebrate Godzilla Day, finding the "Nightmare on Elm Street" house, the genius of the film "Doctor Sleep," how much fun it is to watch live radio plays, and the strangeness of being stared at by Tara Reid. Then Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to finish off some weird celebrity rumors (Katy Perry is really JonBenet Ramsey? Suri Cruise is NOT Tom Cruise's daughter?), talk about the origin of the classic fast-food sandwich The McRib, and discuss some crazy memories of The Taste of Chicago. [Ep191]


Nick D – Halloween Spooktacular with: JOSH ROBERT THOMPSON

In this special "Halloween Spooktacular" edition of the podcast, Nick welcomes the incredibly talented Josh Robert Thompson, the creator and voice of Geoff Peterson: the gay, robot, skeleton sidekick to Craig Ferguson from "The Late Late Show." Josh is also an amazing impressionist, a gifted voice-actor, and a hilarious writer and comedy performer, who also happens to be the biggest horror fan in the world. Nick and Josh talk about his time with Craig Ferguson, and then they deep dive into Josh's love of horror, dating back to his childhood watching "Big Chuck & Little John" on local TV, to his video rental days, to his current obsession with all things scary. They also pick some of their favorite horror films, and analyze everything from the "Halloween" series, to the gore films of the 80s. It's an in-depth conversation that is perfect for Halloween. Then, Esmeralda Leon picks her three favorite scary movies, talks about bad childhood costumes, and Nick's Dad Tells a Joke [Ep190]


Nick D – Horror Films for Halloween, Video Games Gone Crazy, & Spider Eggs

Nick welcomes film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to the podcast, to review some new films including the video-game-based "Five Nights at Freddy's," and the Lovecraft adaptation "Suitable Flesh." They also pick three horror movies each to watch on Halloween including some classics, a couple of new wave scary movies, and a few feminist horror flicks as well. Then, Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to chat about her upcoming trip to New Orleans, the greatness of "Interview With The Vampire," and weird rumors/urbans legends about things like Michael J. Fox's middle name, Gene Simmons' tongue, and Bubble Yum being made from spider eggs. [Ep189]


The Nick D Podcast – LIVE FROM ZANIES!

In this BONUS EPISODE, Nick Digilio and Esmeralda Leon co-host a LIVE version of The Nick D Podcast recorded at Zanies Comedy Club in Rosemont, Illinois. The show includes hilarious audience interaction, some entertaining talk about Halloween, horrible candy, scary movies, ridiculous taglines, Mother's Day quizzes (don't ask) and much more. Prizes were given away, jokes were made, screams were analyzed (the classic "Screaming Guy" sound effect is played for the crowd), a few rounds of Jell Bean Russian Roulette were played and mayhem ensued. Also, SPECIAL GUEST: Andrea Darlas, from WLS-AM 890 talks about her career, her favorite horror movies and getting drunk in college. Nick's Dad calls in Live to tell a few jokes, and it was all recorded on a very fun night at Zanies. Check it out! [Ep188]


Nick D – Best TV Shows of the 21st Century, Scary Pumpkins & Candy Cane Lane

Nick and the TV critic from The Hollywood Reporter Dan Fienberg, talk about the Best TV Shows of the 21st Century...So Far (the list has some surprising omissions and inclusions, and "The Wire" is placed too low), new Halloween/scary shows on Netflix and Peacock, and what Dan calls "Josh Gad Syndrome." Then, Nick and Esmeralda Leon talk about carving scary pumpkins, bad Halloween treats (like expired McDonald's gift certificates), overly decorated houses, and the crazy world of Candy Cane Lane in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The soundtrack to the 90s movie "Go" is also discussed, and Nick's Dad Tells a Joke. [Ep187]


Nick D – CIFF Wrap Up, Scream Remix & Andrea Darlas

Nick does a wrap-up of the 59th Annual Chicago International Film Festival and picks the best and worst movies he saw at the 2-week fest, then he welcomes the terrific radio journalist/host/ podcaster Andrea Darlas to talk about her years in radio, how she got her start, her time as a "Rock Jock" (where the motto was "Rock and Roll Til The Cows Come Home!"), and her current gig as a regular contributor to The Steve Cochran Show on WLS-AM 890 in Chicago. Andrea is also the Special Guest at The Nick D Podcast LIVE event happening on Tuesday at Zanies in Rosemont, and that is previewed as well. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk "World War Z" and other scary movies (mostly involving 'stupid white people'), listen to a crazy dance remix of a classic Scream Sound FX, and discover what The Aztec Death Whistle AKA: The Scariest Sound in the World, really is. [Ep186]


Nick D – Corey Feldman, ICP and Slap Slapply

Nick welcomes music journalist Jim Ryan, from Forbes and The Daily Herald, to talk about his interviews with Insane Clown Posse, Corey Feldman, and the legendary Bernie Taupin. Jim also recalls the years he spent doing traffic reports, with some very scary helicopter stories, and he and Nick also review some concerts they both saw, including The Psychedelic Furs/Squeeze show at The Salt Shed and Duran Duran at Northerly Island, plus reviews of Riot Fest, Farm-Aid, and Bob Dylan's latest tour. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick give details on the upcoming Nick D Podcast LIVE event at Zanies in Rosemont on Tuesday, Oct. 24th, and they face off in "Slap Slapply's 80s-90s Trivia Madness!" with the one and only British Game Show Idol: Slap Slapply. And, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke. [Ep185]


Nick D – Chicago Film Fest & Fatal Flaws of Performers

Nick talks with film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy about The 59th Annual Chicago International Film Festival and many of the films being shown there (including the outstanding and very weird "Poor Things," featuring an incredible performance from Emma Stone) and more. They also review the new science-fiction domestic drama "Foe," the very entertaining courtroom movie "The Burial," and they discuss the insane popularity of Taylor Swift, and how her new concert movie will bring in millions and millions of dollars. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about the upcoming Nick D Podcast - LIVE event happening at Zanies in Rosemont, and they discuss the weird flaws of some very popular performers like: Clare Danes' ugly crying, Keanu Reeve's terrible accents, Harrison Ford's incessant angry-pointing, and the fact that Rihanna doesn't know how to wink. [Ep184]


Nick D – Feminist Horror, Scary Sounds & Hope for the Future

Nick welcomes journalist/writer/producer/host/filmmaker Amy Guth to the podcast to talk about her latest adventures in Hollywood, the recent gig she had as a "visiting scholar" at Washington College, submitting her short film about Elvis to film fests nationwide, and her attempt to watch 30 horror movies in the month of October (while trying to find the elusive 'feminist horror film'), and how casual dressing in L.A. is ALOT different than casual dressing in Chicago. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick bust out the classic "Scary Sounds" CD, say hello to Count Fartula, and discuss the fantastic technology of the past like CED Video Discs and screen magnifiers for console TV units. [Ep183]


Nick D – For The People

In this "For the People" episode, Nick talks with The Consumerman Herb Weisbaum from, about consumer stories including, the new laws targeting the sale of stolen items online, how health tracking apps are invading privacy, and how scammers are sending spam & email via text. Plus, a discussion about bad knockoffs like the "RobertCop" action figure. Then, Car Guy Tom Appel from Consumer Guide Automotive, joins Nick with the latest on the UAW strike and how long it may last, a review of the new Infinity G80, stories about Suzuki, the discontinuation of the KIA Rio & the Mitsubishi Mirage, and a look back at a hilarious 1957 ad for the Morris Minor. Plus, the car from "Better Call Saul" is discussed, and there might be a little Leganza on Leganza action happening. And, of course, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke. [Ep182]


Nick D – Movie Reviews & The Glory Days of Trash TV

Nick and films critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy talk about the "Bride of Music Box of Horrors" festival happening throughout the month of October, and they review the new films "The Creator," "Flora and Son," and the re-release of what many consider to be The Greatest Concert Film Ever Made: "Stop Making Sense," directed by Jonathan Demme and featuring The Talking Heads. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about dogs, the continuing Michael Bolton tour, the genius of Norm McDonald, and they remember the glory days of VH1 and such ridiculously trashy shows as "Behind the Music," "Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab," "Flavor of Love," "Mob Wives," "Celebrity Fit Club," and more....and Esma and Nick watched them all. Plus, they talk about the next LIVE podcast recording at Zanies in Rosemont on Tuesday, Oct. 24th! [Ep181]


Nick D – Monica Eng, Al Snopes, and Ladder Ball

Nick welcomes Monica Eng from to talk about crazy snacks in Albany Park, her trip to Champaign-Urbana where she stayed at Roger Ebert's house (which may, in fact, be haunted by Roger), her hatred of horror movies, and Monica talks about the time she reviewed movies for The Sun-Times including the Larry David 'classic' "Sour Grapes." Plus, they talk about Senator John Kennedy reading about sex toys on the Senate floor, and how composting needs to be curbside in Chicago. Then, Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about the upcoming Nick D Podcast LIVE show at Zanies Comedy Club in Rosemont. They also chat about the origin of "Donkey Kong," exactly how many names Puff Daddy has had, the weird setup at The Salt Shed music venue, what the hell is "Ladder Ball?," and who the hell is Al Snopes? And, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke. [Ep180]


Nick D – Marnie Shure, Pumpkin Spice, & Geena Davis Says…Whaaa!!?

Nick welcomes Marnie Shure, the Managing Editor of the food website "The Takeout," to give the latest report on this year's Pumpkin Spice invasion. She also talks about how using A.I. is NOT the best way to forage for mushrooms, the latest fast-food lawsuit (this one involving Arby's), and the weird fact that Chobani is paying someone $200,000 to write about yogurt. Nick and Marnie also talk about horror movies (particularly the Chucky the doll series), and taste-test the new Pumpkin Spice Cream Oreos. Then, Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk about the upcoming LIVE Nick D Podcast show at Zanies Comedy Club in Rosemont (featuring Special Guest Andrea Darlas), the Morton Salt Shed music venue and its history, the incredible memory of Marilu Henner, and Geena Davis' awesome, vulgar, and hilarious claim to fame. [Ep179]


Nick D – Pro-Wrestling Talk & The Return of Slap Slapply

Nick talks with pro-wrestling expert and producer at AAW Pro, Keith Lipinski about AEW news including the firing of CM Punk, the rise of Ricky Starks and the appearance of Jon Moxley at an AAW event. They also talk about the great stuff that's happening at WWE (including the popularity of the Judgment Day), the new Netflix docu-series "The Wrestlers," and what truly makes for a "punchable face." Then Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk about their upcoming appearance at Zanies in Rosemont for The Nick D Podcast LIVE, and they welcome the great British game show host Slap Slapply back to the podcast for another round of music trivia called "For The Record." And, of course, Nick's Dad Tells a Joke. [Ep178]