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Your companion in solitude.



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Praise Glycon! from Nov 19, 2023

XTC - "Travels in Nihilon" - Black Sea Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins / Various - "Unearthing" - Unearthing (ep) [A&R – Tom Brown (17), William Skeaping Concept By, Photography By – Mitch Jenkins Design – Paul Chessell Edited By [Audio-Visual Editing] – Damien Wsylkiw Featuring [Musician] – George Cartwright, Justin Broadrick*, Matt Darling, Mike Patton, Paul Metzger, Stuart Braithwaite, Zach Hill Mixed By – Crook & Flail, Tom Herbers Performer [Additional EP Musician] – Josh Granowski, Mike Lewis Performer [Cast] – Alan Moore, Gemma Young, Robert Goodman Score, Producer, Performer – Adam Drucker, Andrew Broder, Crook & Flail Written-By, Narrator – Alan Moore] [0:07:01] Goblin - "Mad Puppet" - Deep Red OST [Happy Birthday David Hemmings!] [0:26:21] Spotlights - "The Alchemist" - Alchemy for the Dead [0:32:26] Stewart Lee - "Episode 1 Preview (excerpt): "Orienteering with Napalm Death"" - Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle: Series 4 [1:03:52] Napalm Death - "Internal Animosity (feat. Dorrian)" - Noise For Music's Sake [1:03:09] Stewart Lee - "Stewart Lee on the Mallard Duck" - Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle [Enjoy Isabella Rossellini's take on the copulation of the duck: Green Porno] [1:05:15] SInister Ducks - "March of the Sinister Ducks" - Sinister Ducks [Happy birthday Alan Moore! Max Akropolis (aka Alex Green from The Jazz Butcher) Capt. José da Silva (aka David J of Bauhaus-fame) Translucia Baboon (aka comicbook-scribe Alan Moore)] [1:06:54] Stewart Lee - "Stewart Lee What's Wrong with Blasphemy? (excerpt)" - Don't Get Me Started [1:09:07] Alan Moore & Joe Brown - "Mandrillifesto" - Mandrillifesto [bandcamp Lyrics: Alan Moore / Music: Joe Brown] [1:13:36] Alan Moore & Tim Perkins - "Heaven" - Angel Passage [1:18:50] Alan Moore, David J & Tim Perkins - "The Book of Copulation" - The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels [1:28:05] Alan Moore & Tim Perkins - "Syon" - Snakes And Ladders [1:43:45] Stewart Lee & Alan Moore - "interview outtakes of "Stewart Lee interviews Alan Moore"" - Chain Reaction [linkydoo] [2:04:09] Stewart Lee - "Real Time (excerpt)" - Doctor Who - The Sixth Doctor Adventures [linkydoo] [2:09:42] Alan Moore & Tim Perkins - "Skeleton Horse" - The Highbury Working [2:13:17] Doctor Who - "Rise and Fall" - Short Trips Volume 01 [linkydoo Written by George Mann Read by William Russell Happy Birthday William Russell!] [2:19:28] The Dandelion Set and Alan Moore - "Judy Switched off the TV" - A Thousand Strands 1975-2015 [2:46:02] Pop Will Eat Itself - "Shortwave Transmission On "Up to the Minuteman Nine"" - This Is The Day...This Is The Hour...This Is This! [2:48:57]


Foxy of Mind Control: Fill-in for Bucci AND Music of Mind Control from Nov 14, 2023

XTC - "Travels in Nihilon" - Black Sea [0:00:00] Taylor Zabloski - "Series Teaser: Driving Home" - The Dog is Dead [link!] [1:17:25] Colleen Ballinger - "explaining how she killed her dog" - youtube excerpt [1:25:46] Colleen Ballinger - "Toxic Gossip Train" - none [1:37:37] Megan Mullally and Supreme Music Program - "Johanna" - The Sweetheart Break-In [Happy belated birthday Megan Mullally!] [1:53:09]


Murder of Crows, Voices of Throws from Nov 5, 2023

XTC - "Travels in Nihilon" - Black Sea [0:00:00] Satori - "Pressing Down" - The Woods [0:07:35] Hulubalang - "Kemaut" - Bunyi Bunyi Tumbal [0:11:45] Music behind DJ: [This is a link so that you can support NJ A1255 ‘Ensuring Transparency in Prior Authorization Act’: CLICKYDOO! Here is a link to the bill itself: CLICK! And here's a link to the funny doctor fellow who does good work in spreading the word about the fuckery of the US healthcare system: Dr. Glaucomflecken] [0:20:14] Warmth - "Mouring Ghost" - Mourning Ghost [bandcamp] [0:38:46] The Field - "Looping State of Mind" - Sweet Slow Baby [bandcamp] [0:43:03] The Legendary Pink Dots - "Murder of Crows Parts 1-3" - The Legendary Pink Dots' Hallowe'en Special 2023 [0:51:46] by Max Baker with Ciarán Hinds and Geraldine Hughes - "Two Crows Apart (excerpt)" - Playing on Air (podcast) [1:06:10] Homebody - "01 Assembly" - Human Esctasy [bandcamp] [1:18:10] Kendraplex - "Side A (Excerpt)" - Two Rivers [bandcamp (I threw a movie trailer for 'Magic' excerpt in one of the quiet bits.)] [1:45:26] Barry Kroeger and Art Carney - "Dead of Night" - Escape [Happy Birthday to Art Carney! Barry Kroeger as the ventriloquist and Art Carney as the dummy. This is an adaptation of the last story from the British horror anthology film Dead of Night, which is wonderfully creepy. Originally floated as "Out of this World" for the first airing of this tale, it was then changed to Escape for this "audition" (aka pilot) episode. Escape was a sister series to Suspense, with more adaptations and less original scripts than Suspense. A link to the film on CLICKYDOO!] [1:57:56] Morphine - "You Speak My Language" - Good [2:20:46] Shirley Walker - "A Prima Notion" - Batman: The Animated Series Soundtrack [2:23:00] - "Read My Lips excerpt" - Batman: The Animated Series [2:25:31] Richard Moll - "Two-Face" - Batman: the Animated Series (excerpt) [In tribute to Richard Moll, voice of Harvey Dent / Two Face.] [2:30:08] Wax Tailor - "Hypnosis Song" [2:32:37]