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Cindy will cover health issues today, everything from stubborn weight loss, lack of energy, lack of sleep, motivation and accountability tips.


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Cindy will cover health issues today, everything from stubborn weight loss, lack of energy, lack of sleep, motivation and accountability tips.




75. Tips On Mastering a Gluten-Free Life

Tips on mastering a gluten-free life will help you with grocery shopping, restaurant eating, gluten-free recipes, gluten-free apps and tips to navigating medical tests and diagnosing whether you have this condition. To contact Monica, our guest on this episode on gluten-free tips: Email: monica@blissfullyglutenfree.com Website: www.blissfullyglutenfree.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlissfullyGF LinkedIn:...


74. Living a Life Less Ordinary

You can reach Mary at: http://www.marygooden.com https://www.facebook.com/mary.s.gooden You can reach Cindy at: linkedin.com/in/thecindylittle https://health2wealth.ca/


73. The Tipping Point of Anxiety

Who do you know with anxiety? “The Tipping Point of Anxiety” is a helpful episode on learning how to deal with anxiety before medication is required and after. Kimberly shares tools and wisdom in identifying what anxiety is and how to handle it before it handles you. Registered Psychotherapist, NLP, & Hypnotherapy Trainer & Coach Kimberly Pereira will be sharing how she helps as a “Repatterning Specialist” https://health2wealth.ca/


72. The Empowered Choice: Alcohol Awareness

This episode shares 3 ladies stories on what they are doing to conquer alcohol. We share our why we drink, the pros and cons, and the "Empowerment Choice Challenge" 5 week course that helped Cindy make the decision to probably never drink again. @breathe.healing@breathehealingservicesBreathe Healing@breathehealingBreathe website: www.breathehealing.com Email: hello@breathehealing.com The Empowered Choice Challenge page:...


71. Embodiment And Healing



70. Holiday Fitness Tips

In 16 mins I will share some quick effective workout tips for home or the gym or on the road this winter. I also recommend some useful low cost equipment to have on hand for travel and for home workouts. Workouts don't have to be an hour long, you can get an effective workout in 4 min tabatas up to 45 mins. https://health2wealth.ca/


69.Tips for the Holidays

Tips on reducing stress, calories and alcohol during the upcoming holidays. Regardless of what holiday chances are stress is involved, spending money, eating additional calories and alcohol. Here are some simple tips including less than $10 gift ideas to help you squeeze through the holidays. https://health2wealth.ca/


68. How To Choose a Chiro

Dr. Shayne Baylis, known as "Doc Hockey", Soft Tissue Specialist and Chiropractor, has a passion for playing professional hockey LOL but settles for helping those perform better in all realms of life. Shayne talks about what kind of Chiro to look for when seeking one, and what the differences are between Chiro, Osteopath and Physiotherapists. Many have overlapping skills. proactionsportsclinic@gmail.com, 613-505-5000, FB: @proactionsportsinjuryclinic, Instragram:...


67. Stop Settling In Your Life

facebook.com/cmrsharry https://www.instagram.com/divinessempowered/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/charleneharry/ https://cmrsharry.mybrandsystem.co/5-steps-to-living-to-your-best-life https://health2wealth.ca/


66. Helping women want sex again

Certified sex therapist, Jessa Zimmerman, is in private practice in Seattle where she helps couples who struggle with sex and intimacy. She is also the founder of the Desire Spa, an online program for women in otherwise happy relationships who struggle with lack of sexual desire. Todays topic is helping women want sex again!!! Why don't they want to have sex? What are some ideas to help foster it? www.intimacywithease.com/masterclass is my free training. Intimacywithease.com is the...


65. Living in Awareness Now, Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit

Life on Automatic is no longer sustainable. Reconnecting to yourself makes all the difference. Message: People are burning themselves out and sometimes help is not readily available. Living in Awareness Now, Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit is the order of the day. Choosing a different path takes courage but when you start listening to your heart, it shows you the way. Reach out to Joanne at: Joanne Burelle (facebook.com) Joanne Burelle (@joanneburelle) /...


64. Living Life After Sudden Loss of a Child

Cathleen shares powerful healing techniques for parents who have been shattered by suicide and sudden loss to surrender into the pain and sorrow so they ultimately redesign their life and connect to their inner joy and redefine their experience. www.cathleenelle.com Facebook: @parentsshatteredbysuicide Instagram: @parentsshatteredbysuicide Facebook: @cathleenelleinspires Instagram: @cathleenelleinspires Book -"Shattered Together" https://health2wealth.ca/


63. CBD & Cannabinoids Are Good Medicine

Here is how you can get ahold of Deborah MacDonald our guest speaker https://www.deborahmacdonald.com/https://lifebydesign.kannaway.com/https://porgrace.org/en/research/https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahmacdonald/https://www.facebook.com/deborahmacdonald2/https://www.instagram.com/deborahmacdonald/dm@deborahmacdonald.com https://health2wealth.ca/


62. ZEST Your Life

ZEST Cafe - Living a Juicy Life Welcome to the ZEST Cafe — the place for a little magic, inspiration and a whole lot of ancient women’s teachings. Join Linda Babulic, author of the international best seller, ZEST Your Life — A Taste of Inner Wisdom to crystallize what you want in life and business so that you are in power, control and leading your best life. Linda Babulic is a Shamanic Executive Life Coach • Speaker • Author • Founder of ZEST Your Life | ZEST Your Business • Creator of...


60. Hear the Soul

Anne Redelfs is a retired medical doctor and psychiatrist who currently calls herself a “gardener of the soul.” Her passion is soul development and resolving the trauma that often interferes. Episode 60 is titled "Hear the Soul"! Anne answers these questions: What are the consequences of not listening to the soul? What are the benefits of listening? She shares how listening to your soul can identify issues and deal with them. Reach out to Anne at her website: AnneRedelfs.com YouTube...


59. From Health to Wealth and Bridging the Gap Through Mindset, Skills and Communication

Laurel Rolls is an Executive and Professional Coach specializing in Communication and Connection. Her passion is working with organizations and individuals to change how we communicate and understand one another...whether in your life or your business. Understanding and Empathy are the glue that holds relationships together and gets things done! Laurel shares tips on how to ground yourself, identifies personality values, how a horse can read your energy without you saying a word. To reach...


58. PTSD-Walk Through The Hell

Pscychotherapist, Roberta Weir, former police officer, mother, and fitness enthusiast shares her story of PTSD and what she went through and how she helps others including first responders deal with PTSD. Reach out to Roberta on Linkedin as Roberta Weir or Cindy at www.health2wealth.ca https://health2wealth.ca/


57. How To Decrease Stress With Powerful Communication

Yvonne E.L. Silver - Confidence Catalyst, Speaker, Author and Coach/Mentor Yvonne teaches ambitious female founders/entrepreneurs with a mission-inspired venture to flourish in business and how to have unshakable confidence, so they can move up from Solopreneur to CEO. Women often lack clarity and struggle with doubts or imposter syndrome. Yvonne teaches how to showcase your value with Confident Conversations & increase Sales Velocity - leading to a purposeful, sustainable life, with more...


56. Cycle Fitness For Women

Sylvie made a decision in her mid 20's to her own self-care, fitness, and health. It wasn't til her 30's did she embrace cycling, first through Mountain Biking in 2000 when she started Adventure Racing with her first husband. Sylvie loved it so much, she opened a small spinning studio in a friend’s gym in 2001 2002 she had her own space and in 2004 her own location. 2005 Sylvie wanted to jump into Road Cycling racing. Not by herself of course. She asked a handful of her girlfriends who...


55. How To Have A PROactive Midlife Unraveling!

Our guest today will talk about peri-menopause. Dr Sam Graber has a strong belief that the better we understand what is at work behind the scenes in peri-menopause, the better we can care for our bodies and minds along with our psyche during the transition. Bringing the body, heart and head into congruence is her focus. She looks forward to introducing her KNOW / FEEL / DO Methodology to you. This has been a major needle-mover for herself and her private clients. To reach out to Dr Sam...