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Two guys in their 40s discussing the topics they were told “you’re not supposed to talk about”.

Two guys in their 40s discussing the topics they were told “you’re not supposed to talk about”.


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Two guys in their 40s discussing the topics they were told “you’re not supposed to talk about”.




Alignment vs. Resistance

Men of a Certain Age on Alignment vs. Resistance Episode 75 By now y’all know that the MOACA podcast is labor of love. We record these episodes as much for us as for you, our listeners. Our lives are busy between work, gigs, fitness, graduate programs, continuing education, family time, personal relationships- and after two-and-a-half years of a slowed down pace, the world has hit the fast forward function to (what feels like) two times the pace of what life was like pre-pandemic. Time is...


Talking Authentically- Men of a Certain Age

Men on a Certain Age Talk Authentically Episode 74 This one was a chat on some stuff that we both have been pondering on our own. We debate the idea of what it means to be a “different” version of yourself and whether or not that conflicts with the concept of authenticity. We explore the challenges of taking your “whole self” everywhere you go. These are the chats that we enjoy so much and hope you do too Follow us on IG @moacapodcast @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music @jorgeisanchez


Field Research- Men on a Certain Age

We recently got together to celebrate our birthday’s and other accomplishments. While we were out we found ourselves conducting ”field research”. In this episode we talk about our observations and other funny moments we encountered. Follow us on IG @moacapodcast @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music @jorgeisanchez


Birthday Anxiety-Men of a Certain Age

It’s Aries season and that means birthday season here at MOACA. We talk about all things birthday, how we celebrate, dig into some of the tougher memories from childhood that trigger some of the feelings we’re coping with as our birthday’s approach, and the inevitable task of aging. That and the joy of high quality tequila round out another insightful and dynamic episode. Let us know what you think and leave us a comment on our IG page @moacapodcast. Follow us on IG @moacapodcast...


On Significant Global Events

Episode 71 Men of a Certain Age on Significant Global Events This week we sit down to tackle what feels like an onslaught of back to back historically significant global events. We break it down, media, information, tech, and mindsets... a charcuterie of thought provoking topics discussed by Carlos & Jorge with their own MOACA flair. Follow us on Instagram @moacapodcast @jorgeisanchez @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music


Episode 70- Welcoming a New Year and New Adventures

We’re already several weeks into 2022 keeping in theme with the last 22 months, things continue to try new things, explore new paths, while keeping consistent those parts of us we’ve come to enjoy and rely on. Thank you to everyone who continues to listen and engage with what we're doing. We love to hear from you so please send us your questions & comments on this or any other other topic you’d like to hear us discuss. For all inquiries visit Follow us on...


MOACA 2021 Wrap Up

Time flies when we’re busy living life- which is exactly what we’ve been doing these last two months. We were intentional about getting together one more time before the end of 2021 and record an reflection/wrap up of 2021. We’ve all come a long way this year. We sit down and talk about where we’ve been, where we’re going, and everything in between. From us here at Men of Certain Age, The Podcast we wish all our listeners a very Happy Holidays and all the best health and happiness in the New...


MOACA On Vulnerability

Men of Certain Age on Vulnerability We’re back on the couch and jumping right into the idea of vunerability. What it is (and isn’t), how it touches of so many aspects of our daily encounters and how avoiding it creates conflict. We explore these a ideas and how they impact the choices we make along the way. It’s a good one. Please visit us at our home on the internet: Follow us on IG: @moacapodcast @jorgeisanchez @carlos.escanila @carlos305music


Men of a Certain Age- Getting Personal

Men of Certain Age Getting Personal This week the guys let down their guard a bit and discuss the idea of desirability, acclimating to being single after a monogamous commitment, and all the ups and downs that come from being an old dog while still always learning new tricks. Please visit us at our home on the internet: Follow us on IG: @moacapodcast @jorgeisanchez @carlos.escanila @carlos305music


Catching up on Summer 2021- Men of Certain Age

Episode 66- Men of Certain Age Catching Up on Summer 2021 After several weeks of hiatus we finally got back together on the couch and talked things out in the way that only we can. We’re so thankful to have this platform to share our thoughts and messages of hope and positivity- even in our “get of my lawn” moments that are inevitable as we become Men of A Certain Age. Please visit us at our home on the internet: Follow us on...


Men of a Certain Age Pick Up The Pace

Episode 65- Men of a Certain Age Pick Up the Pace We’re sore. We’re tired. Carlos can’t eat his protein numbers. Jorge can’t sleep. We’re going out. Carlos is singing. Jorge is dancing. Life has resumed a normal pace, the “break” is over and “the clock” has restarted. This week’s episode we discuss all that and more. Our home on the internet: Follow us on IG: @moacapodcast @jorgeisanchez @carlos.escanila @carlos305music


Men Of A Certain Age- Growing Up

Episode 64 Men of a Certain Age Grow Up What does it mean to be a grown up? Does aging = growing up? This week we talk about the idea of “growing up”- what that means to us, how it shows up in our lives, and how it’s different than the way we thought it would be. For all inquiries: Follow us on Instagram @moacapodcast @jorgeisnchez @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music


Men of a Certain Age: Grinding Through

Episode 63 Men of a Certain Age: Grinding Through After a week off (due in large part to “life” happening- per always), we’re back together catching up and enjoying a moment of relief after enduring what felt like a lot of effort to just grind through these moments we all face. Luckily, we get to st down, laugh, process, and enjoy doing what we do best- have the talks. For all inquiries visit FOLLOW US On Instagram: @moacapodcast @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music...


Men Of A Certain Age- In The Zone

Episode 62 Men Of A Certain Age in the Zone Y’all we are feeling good and feeling in the zone right in so many ways. Join us this week as we have the chats and discuss what’s going on with us and take a deep dive into music. For all inquiries visit On IG @moacapodcast @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music


Men Of A Certain Age: Renewed, Reset, and Recharged.

Episode 61 Men Of A Certain Age: Renewed, Reset, and Recharged. There is a feeling of newness in the air that we cannot shake. We are coming out of a long period of uncertainty and into this new moment that has us feeling elated. We are seeing the returns form the work that was done and enjoying this moment of relief. Things are looking well again and we are 100% here for it all. For all inquiries hit us up at Follow us on IG @moacapodcast @jorgeisanchez...


MOACA On "Ted Lasso"

This week we discuss “The Ted Lasso Meets MOACA Method” (which isn’t a real thing- we just decided to make it “a thing” after falling in love with the message of this show). For all inquiries hit us up at Follow us on IG @moacamedia @jorgeisanchez @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music


MOACA In Aries Season

It’s aries season bitches!!! Party time!!! We’re celebrating our birthday’s and catching up with each other and all the new “stuff” going on. Vaccines, reopening, mindsets, fitness, consistency, are on deck in this one. For all inquiries hit us up at Follow us on IG @moacamedia @jorgeisanchez @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music


MOACA on Relationship Status

Episode 58 Relationship Status This week we unpack an Instagram post from @the.holistic.psychologist which offers up the idea of other types of non-traditional relationships and how you may find it more beneficial than that of the traditional monogamous marriage. We had a fun talk on this one. Hope you all enjoy the ride we go on. For all inquiries hit us up at ​ Follow us on IG @moacamedia @jorgeisanchez @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music


MOACA On Feeling Good

This week we talk about feeling good. Some people have a struggle with this while others seems to go through life easy breezy. We discuss the whys of this - and other very fun stuff. We laughed a lot on this one and hope you will too For all inquiries go to Follow us on IG: @moacamedia @jorgeisanchez @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music


MOACA Rhapsody on a series of inaugural events

This is quintessential us. Carlos and Jorge, having the talks. Reflecting on the weeks events. Relating them to our own lives and experiences. Contemplating others thoughts and ideas. Forgetting what we were just talking about (more than once! Lol). It’s a fun show. for all inquiries Follow us on IG: @moacamedia @carlos.escanilla @carlos305music @jorgeisanchez