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A podcast to have REAL (no bullshit) conversations around topics that matter to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I want to create authentic conversations, hear other peoples experiences, share feedback and allow people to grow through storytelling.


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A podcast to have REAL (no bullshit) conversations around topics that matter to our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I want to create authentic conversations, hear other peoples experiences, share feedback and allow people to grow through storytelling.




Episode 89 : The Fuck It Bucket

A concept that I coined many years ago, and how its impacted not only my life, but many clients over the years. I am a firm believer that we all need a fuck it bucket in our life, and I think you will too once you listen to this juice episode. Learn how to put people, conversations, things into various buckets vis a vis the life you want for yourself . Gain energy, and time are only two of the many benefits you will gain. Give it a try? Let me know how it goes!


Episode 88 | Dear Overthinker.

Overthinking ; the art of creating problems you do not have, and generating solutions to problems that do not exist. Sounds nuts, right! Yet so many are overthinking for hours each and every day. And today, I want to talk about how we can stop overthinking and start deep thinking instead.


Episode 87 : I never have enough time.

Are you living you life saying, I never have time for me, I never have time to do what I want, when I want and yet I am watching people take so much time, how do they do it. Great, they do it, which means you can do, which means you do not lack time, you lack being honest with yourself. On todays episode we get straight to the MAIN reason people never have time.


Episode 86 : Stop trying to be liked by EVERYBODY.

Just tell yourself it doesn't matter that they like you, is BULLSHIT ADVICE. Today I am untangling the reason so many of you are struggling with caring what people think and more so trying so damn hard to be liked by others. If you struggle with this, you are not going to want to skip out on this episode.


Episode 85 : Life Coaching VS Therapy

If you are on the market seeking professional help in either your personal or professional life, but unsure what the right fit for you is; life coach or therapy. You are not gonna want to miss this episode where I educate you on the similaires, differences, and getting you a little more clarity on which one is right for your unique needs.


Episode 84 : Deconstructing Belief Systems

Are you tired of believing shit you do not believe anymore? Are you fed up of responding or reacting to situations in ways that do not represent who you are? Are you ready to break down beliefs systems that no longer serve you and replace them with ones that represent you? GREAT because today we are talking about how to deconstruct belief systems and build beliefs that actually are aligned with you.


Episode 83 : Stop being available to unavailable people.

Do you find that you are always available for people? That be your significant other, your mother, your bestie or your boss. But when it comes to you they are only there when it works for them. When it fits their schedule. You are gonna want to listen to todays lesson about availability, energy and time.


Episode 82 : That voice, you know the one.

The mean voice in your head is not your voice. You read that right. This weeks episode we are talking about where that voice came from, and better yet how you can control that voice despite how many years it has been that you believed it to be yours. Volume up, lots of tangible take ways for you!


Episode 81 : Uncertainty isn't the enemy. It's time to make friends with it.

Being uncertain is a good thing and a hard thing to do. The practice becomes easier once we realize that instead of feeling shame by not knowing something, or embarrassed we find freedom. Instead of a fixed, rigid mind operated by a set of preconceived ideas, our uncertain mind is curious, interested, reflective and asking lots of questions. Look guys, nothing in life is certain. Including the next moment infrontt of you. So less pressure to be in control all the time and more curiosity of what being friends with uncertainty..


Episode 80 : mixed feelings about your parents

Do you have mixed feelings about your parents? Yes- start listening!


Episode 79 : Living with PTSD

This week I am sharing the diagnosis of PTSD and it changed the way I deal with my symptoms and side effects. I am a firm believer in story telling and being vulnerable as it connects relatability to people. Pretending life is sunshine adn rainbows is not relatable. People are going through a lot of heartache and suffering , even tho you do not see it from the outside. Mental health is wild as you think people who flex smiles are living their best life, but what you dont see is the pain they are experiencing behind the scenes. Hope this little story helps you and allows you to flex a little more grace to yourself and others as you go through your day.


Episode 78 : 3 questions that will change your life.

There are 120 days left of the year give or take. And instead of wondering , worrying, overthinking and doubting what the fuck happened the last 8 months, I want you to be productive and reflect. Why? Cause you still got 4 months to go baby and there is so much magic that you can inject into your life. If you choose too? I do not sell sexy, but I do sell what works, and if I know something to be true these questions are powerful as fuck and they work. Dare to listen and learn?


Episode 77 : Dangerous Combination

Curious to know what the best kept secret in town is? GOOD, cause I am about to drop it in this weeks podcast. This week another opportunity for your knowledge to meet action, and for you to take power with this combo in transformating your life to what you want it to be. That gap you are trying so hard to bridge in your life? I got you !


Episode 76 : I wrote my eulogy this weekend.

Yup you heard right. This weekend, as I was sitting on the front porch of my home, sipping on my almond milk latte with extra rainbow sprinkles on top, I cracked open my journal and wrote my eulogy. Now I know that sounds morbid, but its not! Here is why. It allows you to get VERY honest with yourself, who you are, how you show, what your purpose is, why you wake up in the morning, what you want your legacy to be, what your most outstanding achievement is, what your loved ones say about you, and more. Better than that, it gets you very intentional about living your life. Take a deep dive into todays podcast on me breaking it down for you!


Episode 75 : Do not be a human doormat.

Quick. Friendly. Reminder. You are not unkind or a bad person for telling people how they are making you feel. You have 100% permission to do so, and in my world you are encouraged to do it often. Knowing what you stand for and what you dont is powerful. If people do not like it, its a them issue not a you issue. Ground in knowing that you feel what you feel and if you want to voice it, you should!


Episode 74 : Stop delaying your goals.

Ever wonder how some people are just crushing their goals while others are struggling? There are many variables but on the most common ones is the lack of knowing when you say YES or NO when it comes to doing things. We do not have unlimited time or energy in a day, so it is critical to intentionally only being saying yes to people, places and things that impact our goals.


Episode 73 : Who are you?

Did you know that 90% of the population has no idea who they are! do you fall into that stat? Find out today. We are talking who are you, how do you define yourself and how knowing who you are on a deeper level can support you in your journey of life, from decision making to relationships and everything in between.


Episode 72 : This is 36 !

Is your life going as planned? Are you where you thought you would be by now? I dont know about you, but my current reality is wildly different than what I had planned or thought I would be at this age. Is it better? Is it worst? You are the judge of that. Today I am talking you about what I thought 36 would look and feel like and how different it really is. More importantly how you can embrace your actually reality vs pushing against it.


Episode 71 : Let them be wrong about you.

Are you guilty of the knee jerk reaction to continue to push , beg, pled " if only they would.... I just dont get why they...." Oh we all are at some point in our life. We want to be so right all the time, especially when it comes to who we are. We do not want people to misunderstand us. And we do everything do change their mind. Is it worth the battle? On todays episode we are talking about why people misunderstand us and the role we should be playing regarding this vs the one we are.


Episode 70 : Are you living for them or are you living for you?

Far too many are living for them; the parents, the in laws, the best friends, the neighbours, the boss, the crush... but when are you going to start living for you? Today we are covering this sensitive topic from a point of view that I , yes me Coach T care so much about you and your life, that I want to make sure you are not robbing yourself of it by living what others want from you. Listen up !