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The Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer helps you to live, laugh and grasp every day. Jana and her husband Jason are edu-tainerrs! From their entertaining stories, the jewels of life advice that they teach, to the motivational speeches they share; you will be inspired! Jana's mission in life is to help others become their best! You are one decision away from Living Lucky!

The Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer helps you to live, laugh and grasp every day. Jana and her husband Jason are edu-tainerrs! From their entertaining stories, the jewels of life advice that they teach, to the motivational speeches they share; you will be inspired! Jana's mission in life is to help others become their best! You are one decision away from Living Lucky!


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The Living Lucky Podcast with Jana Shelfer helps you to live, laugh and grasp every day. Jana and her husband Jason are edu-tainerrs! From their entertaining stories, the jewels of life advice that they teach, to the motivational speeches they share; you will be inspired! Jana's mission in life is to help others become their best! You are one decision away from Living Lucky!





How are you choosing to see the world? Are you more optimistic or pessimistic? Do you have a positive or negative outlook on life? Your 2 million year old brain is programmed to keep you safe. It's programmed for survival. A survival program will never allow you to thrive. You will HAVE to UPGRADE if you ever want to thrive. In survival mode, your brain, wants to keep you protected. It remembers hurt feelings, remembers scary situations, pain, and pulls those memories into the present...



Our friend, Karl, was relaying some vital tips he got from his dying friend and it was so impactful we had to share. Don't die with your story inside you. Someone needs to hear it. There is someone that needs you to share this with them today. Don't hols back. Send it right now. Don't wait for the time to be "just right". Just send it. 5 Reflective Tips on Life 1. Let Go Of The Past - We aren't defined by our past. We are refined by it. We get lessons, not Life Sentences. Choose to hold...



Why do we put ourselves through the wringer ALL THE TIME? We Know we want better. We TRY to DO BETTER. We set boundaries for ourselves and then we make allowances and give our selves cheat days and rewards and sabotage our goals and dreams in all the little micro-moments of life. It's Time to Stop the Insanity!!! Today, we talk about seasons in life when we just willy nilly forget all the guideposts we have created on our road to the Extraordinary, Fun , and Inspired Lives we have...


Deanna Salles-Freeman

What is ONE thing that if you did it, it would change EVERYTHING? It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to explore their wellness goals with a trained professional. As a Certified Life & Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals. Throughout my education, I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories and studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the right lifestyle that works best for...


Shawn Davis

About Shawn Davis: LIFE REIMAGINED! Beginning a career in financial services over 22 years ago, Shawn had to wear many different hats over the years. He was a financial advisor, entreprenuer, podcast host, radio show host and part-time race car driver. Never one to be idle or ordinary, Shawn always pushes himself to improve, take risks and chase after his dreams. In 2018, Shawn decided to sell his successful financial services business and realize his goal and dream of investing in real...


Movies, Television, and Radio Star, Carlos Navarro!

This episode is Puzzling.... Movie, Television, and Radio Star, Carlos Navarro Where would you begin if your life was so out of control that you are unceremoniously terminated from your job? To be forced to TAKE BACK YOUR CONTROL and learn from your experiences? Carlos Navarro knows too well how this story goes! Carlos has performed in over 2 dozen national commercials, and numerous TV shows and films as well as voice over work on multiple video games. He is comfortable in front and...


Adriana Vela

Adriana Vela enjoys being at the forefront of innovative technologies! In Fortune 100 companies she tracked technologies, launched dozens of products, lead million-dollar initiatives, and defined new markets. Her entrepreneurial success includes quotes/features in publications like The Milken Institute Report: ‘Minds-to-Market’, San Diego Business Journal and magazines like PM Networks, PharmaTech Europe, SmallTimes, Hispanic Business, San Diego Magazine and the 2018 book “Work Together...


Marsha Robertson and Wild Ops

About the Marsha Marsha is the Director of Wild Ops Overwatch at WildOps and was a singer for Uncle Si & the Sicotics! Her and her husband Scott have an amazing, and touching story that is very REAL and has inspired much growth on a personal, emotional, and mental level. *Sensitive Content Warning* IN THIS PODCAST EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT A LOT OF SENSITIVE TOPICS INVOLVING DEATH AND MENTAL SICKNESS. If you would like to know more about her recent work with helping veterans through the...


Coach Berta Medina

Who is Berta Medina? Berta Medina-Garcia is a keynote speaker, coach, and author. With years of business savvy, an adventurous streak, and focus on giving, Berta has developed itineraries that interact with every level of the personal and professional environment. In 2014, Berta climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in order to raise funds for a Maasai boy named Sipao. Since she reached the peak at 19,341, she has re-envisioned the importance of goals and the power of generosity. Now Berta helps...


Leora Leon: Past Life Regression Therapist

Past Life Regression Therapist with Leora Leon Have you ever felt like you are experiencing pain and suffering that you cannot tell its source? Maybe you think it has something to do with your mum or grandparents. Today, you will get some answers. Our episode guest is Leora Leon. Leora is a past life regression therapist and divine path life coach. She will help us understand more about past life regression, incarnational ancestry, and the awakening path. Pull up your seat and listen to...


Shannon Inez: A Positive Mind is a Powerful Mind!

A Positive Mind is a Powerful Mind Hello listeners, welcome to another enlightening episode of the living lucky podcast where we help you live, laugh, and grasp every day. In today's show, we are honored to have Shannon Inez, an empire builder, a business coach on manifesting abundance in all sorts of opportunities, and a coach at rooted for success podcast. Shannon is a kindred spirit whom we met at the clubhouse and immediately resonated with her journey on building a mini-empire that is...


THE OOLA SEEKER, Dr. David Braun

The OOLA seeker, Dr. David Braun Do you want to FIND BALANCE in your life and grow in a life full of PURPOSE? Be able to identify where you are and know where you want to go? The book Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World will help you make that change! That together with the Oola framework, which is a lifestyle that will help you live a balanced life and grow in purpose. The framework is for people to view their lives in 7 segments: Faith, Family, Field (career), Fitness, Finance,...


Joe Peach Graves: The Hawaiian Champion (Living Lucky)

Today on the show we have the awesome Joe Peach Graves! Joe Peach Graves is all about overcoming adversities, building self-confidence, increasing joy, and training to see the brilliance and success of the future! He is an author, public speaker, and Hawaii champion! Joe is a very interesting man who has lived a very interesting life full of both adversity and joy, and will help work to create an environment that fosters anyone to live in paradise forever. Find Joe...


Achieve Your Career Aspirations! (Living Lucky)

Achieve Your Career Aspirations! Do you feel stuck in your life? STUCK in the job you’ve been working in for several years, or maybe it’s the place you feel you just don’t belong anymore? Then our guest, Allisha Ali, is here to help you find your path! Allisha is an international career expert, coach, and mentor. She created Unique You Careers because she believes that we’re all unique with DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES. She helps her clients sustainably transform and become whatever they want...


Adelita Montero, Four-Time Champion (Living Lucky)

Adelita Montero, Four-Time Champion What does it take to achieve a WORRIOR MENTALITY? To surrender to divinity in everything you do without having to exalt effort? Adelita Montero knows just how you can achieve that mentality! Adelita is a kick-ass life coach, 4-time jiu jitsu world champion, and currently doing a graduate program in psychology at Pepperdine university. She started doing jiu jitsu at 28 years after migrating to the US from Brazil as a way to connect to her home country....


Comedian Ryan Holmes (Living Lucky)

Comedian Ryan Holmes Ryan Holmes has been living lucky over the past few years! Ryan is an extremely talented comedian and appears every morning on Real Radio 104.1 for The Monsters in the Morning. He landed the role 4 years ago but has been doing different forms of comedy for a long time before he landed the opportunity at The Monsters. In this episode of Living Lucky, Ryan shares how he added VALUE to the show by taking the comedian role and the YouTube marketer role. He explains why...


Be Confident In Yourself! (Living Lucky)

Be Confident in Yourself! Want to be CONFIDENT and take that action towards a permanent change in your life? To Say Yes and Figure It Out later? Then our friend Stacey Brass-Russell is the woman to listen to! Stacey is an excellent character, person, and coach. She and Jana met as Clubhouse Moderators and have maintained the friendship since. She appeared as a permanent character in the original cast of Anne when she was 10 years old, with her character running for 2 years. In this...


The Win it Minute! (Living Lucky)

The Win it Minute! Did you know that you can use CONFLICT and OBSTACLES in your life for growth? You can transform your mindset and build perseverance even after going through the worst in life. Keith Greiveldinger knows exactly how to OVERCOME obstacles and live a positive life! Keith is a mindset master who specializes in showing you how to take a minute to start your day motivated! He puts out a short little video on social media that helps people change their mindset and start their...


Helping Others To Be Their Best (Living Lucky)

Helping Others to Be Their Best Are you doing what makes you come alive and at the same time being of service to others? Brian Reinbold believes that doing good anywhere does good everywhere! He is a mission specialist who loves to help others to be their best! He’s also a speaker, host of the BraveHearts Radio Show, and the mission specialist at BraveHearts for kids. Brian learned a long time ago from one of his mentors that he’ll achieve happiness through his SERVICE TO OTHERS. He’s on...


Let's Talk Boundaries (Living Lucky)

Let's Talk Boundaries Do you often feel the need to respond to a text message right away? Do YOU expect a response from someone right after sending them a text? Does it make you a bad friend if you don’t replay right away? Stop allowing people to put their expectations on you or putting your expectations on others. LIVING LUCKY means training people how to react to you, SETTING your boundaries. We all tend to give and receive differently. Understand that setting boundaries in your life is...