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Welcome to SEASON 2! Sir Wolcott explores mental loops in his late 20's.


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Welcome to SEASON 2! Sir Wolcott explores mental loops in his late 20's.




#9 - Am I a Plan Man?

A Wednesday Morning Exploration of current life and profession-al progress. Peter battles desire for better emotional boundaries, while Daniel confronts his longing to impact the lives of the people he loves and cares for. Peter and Daniel will be traveling to Las Vegas for CNFTCON2022 this Friday! Hope to see you there! Join us! https://cnftcon.io/ Leave us a comment or give us some feedback! - https://bit.ly/HoopiLoopsFeedback Peter’s Business Website -...


#8 - Phoenix

In this episode, Peter and his new co-host Daniel Campbell launch in natural HoopiLoops fashion with NO PLAN or Agenda. We like to speak from the heart and follow the thread of truth shared in 1-on-1 dialogue. Both hosts are entrepreneurs in their respective fields and desire to be Champions on the Battlegrounds of Idea. Join us in this Expedition on Sound Waves that Deepen Human Connection! Cheers! PS: 8 is a special number to me (Peter). I am honored and find it quite synchronous to...



Bruno, Gustavo and Peter flesh out, then discuss a framework for small business owners and employee/project management strategy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lbY-XzcTfyH8GuiLn8HlkJTU8qZTchDB/view?usp=sharing Artwork in link by Bruno. Recorded: September 4, 2021


#6 - ugliest

ug LIE st ..ugh..LIE street -___- Lately, lately, lately… lately, I been feeling brainwashed like my soul was rubbing against the grain Lost in the same sauce I would complain but I’m wearing diamond chains G59 Recorded: August 25, 2021


#5 - We Envy Nothing in The World

Sir Ren, my black german shepherd, died 2 days after the recording of this episode. I tribute the life and energy captured here to his influence and companionship. He was truly here creating a good time and not a long time. In the words of Bruno, A Majestic Beast. RIP Sir Ren February 15, 2020 to August 22, 2021 Recorded: August 20, 2021


#4 - An Adventure Down Value Lane

Recorded: August 14, 2021


#3 - Wild Prophet Fantasy

We might be immortal now... shhh. Whats more important? The fact prophets exist? or The fact you can be a prophet in your own life? Recorded: August 9, 2021


#2 - Yeonmi Park: Global Context is Key.

I know I'm going to have to read this in the future, BUT what am I, what are you, WHAT ARE WE going to do about a holocaust happening today? Lots of people have an "if I was there at that time, I would have done it differently" attitude. Well, at the beginning and before WW2 we heard the rumblings of the holocaust of Jews and didn't believe/did little. Will that be my generations response to this? Will we give away the privacy and freedoms we love to use daily and have taken for granted?...


#1 - Speaking is Alive, Paper is Dead

Four friends sit down to discuss the psychology/tools around paced hierarchical personal system architectures used by “successful” people to create and control value through attention. Bruno, Peter, Xander, & Sophia Recorded: July 27, 2021