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Podcast by Dave Aisenstat




Episode 90 - Turbo is Back (for a min)

Episode 90 - Turbo’s Back (for a min) - we kick things off with Jemel] - Turbo’s back!! - catching up with the dude - Wrobel breaks his workout streak - we are about to start 75 Hard - being scared of the ocean - California life - how friendly the CrossFit 845 members are - Wrobel’s real estate tip


Episode 89 - A Hard Convo About Eating Disorders w/Alisha & Victoria

Episode 89 - A Hard Convo About Eating Disorders w/Alisha & Victoria - Alisha started obsessing about food in 1st grade - Victoria opens up for the first time about her ED - Alisha’s darkest moment - affecting the younger generation - social media’s role - comments from others - why do you want to be strong? - why CF is great for women - member shoutouts - Alisha’s “hero” workout - hair advice tip from Alisha - Victoria’s final words for CF845 - ***FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT TO VICTORIA...


Episode 88 - The Coupon Queen w/Karen Noye

SPARROW’S NEST CORN HOLE TOURNAMENT - AUGUST 22ND. CONTACT CARLENE - how she got “forced” into coming to CF845 - only one coach makes Karen nervous - when people say CF is too expensive 5:15 - Karen’s huge milestones - the many hats Karen wears - COUPONING. what, how, why where? - An AWESOME story about Jemel - Paying for her daughter’s $10k trip to Italy with coupons - Karen breaks down a real coupon deal - - The dream that foreshadowed adopting her daughter - Adopting her...


Episode 87 - Deadbeat Dads & Steroids w/Tyler Muller

When other dads don’t support expecting dads Dad discusses the awful moments leading up to Jamie giving birth Loser dads Screw the dad bod Tyler’s mullet Tyler’s life before CF Tyler does a cycle of steroids, for real From vegetarian to meat eater How we like our meat Dave has a great grass-fed beef supplier if anyone wants Manfro goes to the CF Games Mastro joins us real quick “Roger That” recap, remembering Roger Vitolo 75hard is the real deal Tyler’s “Hero” workout Things you didn’t know...


Episode 86 - Always Striving for More w/Priscilla Gateson

Dave, Cesar, Wrobel, and our guest of honor, PRISCILLA - how Priscilla got started with CrossFit longggg time ago - balancing being a mom of three, holding a job, having a spouse who works opposite her schedule, AND gets to CrossFit - justifying paying for CrossFit - Priscilla answers the phone for us - hanging out at the Dunkin Donuts on Rt. 9 - Priscilla discusses what it’s like to be a teacher - being fulfilled with life, yet always wanting more - “should” go to the gym vs. “must” go to...


Episode 85 - 9 Years In, What's the Latest?

Our last episode was back in early January annnnnndddd we're back! *the noise in the background was from the heavy rain we were getting while recording Dave, Cesar, Wrobel, and Kuczma - 9 year anniversary party coming up - memories of parties past - programming - ending class on time as a coach - REAL ESTATE TIP from Wrobes the Realtor - Cesar’s story about getting his teef fixed - live call to Stan - reflecting back on the in-house comp - shameless plug for working with Dave 1-on-1 - 75...


Episode 84 - What TRUE Discipline Looks and Feels Like

Wrobel and Kristen join me to talk about their incredible transformations. They have never done anything like this in their lives. -There’s no “right” time to buckle down -Wrobel dropped over 30lbs. and fits into his clothes now -What got Kristen to finally commit to herself? -Taking a look in the mirror and being honest -The power of GROUP -Kristen’s huge transformation and how she did it -Wrobel’s transformation -Until you actually try changing yourself you will just be on cruise control...


Episode 83 - The BEST Result-Driven Lifestyle Program

The Most Result-Driven Lifestyle Program Hopefully this episode influences atleast ONE person to make a positive change and to finally stop making excuses and feeling for themselves. Dave, Cesar, Big Rob, Kuczma, McKenna, and our leader Wrobel decided to get our shit together after Labor Day. What prompted this? And did we really commit to this thing? The dark days of our shutdown How NOT to be like us We weren’t the best role models over the summer 66 Soft and 75 Hard What our current...


Episode 82 - How to Dismantle Society

Episode 82 - How to Dismantle Society by Dave Aisenstat


Episode 81 - 3 Moms vs. The Quarantine Life

Episode 81 – 3 Moms vs. The Quarantine Life Jess hosts Alisha and Sharnee to discuss the hardships of parenting during the quarantine and holding a job. The loss of community goes deeper than the gym Sharnee’s stepfather contracting COVID The mental health impact of all of this The regulations we are going to be dealing with What is essential to one person isn’t essential to another Handling at home factors: kids, spouses, work Control what you can The first day of CrossFit Touching base...


Episode 80 - "I Can't Say Enough About Zoom" w/Kristie Meyer

Episode 80 – “I Can’t Say Enough About Zoom” w/Kristie Meyer Working out in groups and with friends, cool or nah? The world will forever be changed moving forward How the transition from top level athlete in the gym to top level athlete outside the gym Mental health and working out Are we working out as hard as we normally would? Have the RX and Scaled factors changed??? Moments of feeling sorry for yourself is normal How important routine is ZOOM IS A GAMECHANGER Learning to get used to...


Episode 79 - Local Nurses vs. COVID-19; Mindblowing Stuff

Episode 79 – Local Nurses vs. COVID-19; This Isn’t Like Anything You’ve Heard Before Juliana, Samantha, Jenn, Sindy, Kristi join me to discuss the current ongoings of COVID-19 This is some of the most insightful information in terms of local news and statistics that I’ve heard yet. What about other cases non-COVID related? Where are we at with hospital capacity? Would you go to NYC if the state calls and asks you to go down? Juliana talks about being exposed to COVID Kristi talks about...


Episode 78 - George Responds to.. George

Episode 78 – George Responds to.. George (recorded on March 24, 2020. ON ZOOM) Dave repositions the gym George, “Sorry. I was wrong!” George hits us with some updated stats Turning a shed into a workout space TURBO joins us from Cali! Cleaning protocols Questions from the members Good at-home programming Member shoutouts


Episode 77 - Corona Mania! w/"Dr." George

George is here for the week! Wrobel joins us for some shade. - Turbo tests a shock collar - Corona mania! - John Ashley is huge - George’s routine these days - Med school mumbo jumbo - Pyramid schemes - Chick-fil-a fun fact - Dave’s programming thoughts - Whoop mumbo jumbo - Member shoutouts - Wrobel the Realtor throwing shade Follow us on IG @crossfit845 @dstat @rob.lacolla @georgehartshorn @loswrobes Come join the coolest gym


Episode 76 - Convenience vs. Experience w/Jess Foster

Episode 76 – Convenience vs. Experience w/Jess Breathing techniques Parenting Who won the nutrition challenge? Nutrition education How does Dave stop crushing meals? The next nutrition challenge Does Jess like her job? Customer experience and why it’s important Why convenience is not the best option Chili cook-off Member shoutouts Follow us @crossfit845 @dstat @jmaupow


Episode 75 - Reeling it Back; It's Okay to Do

Episode 75 – Reeling It Back. It’s OK To Do. Victoria P joins Turbo & Dave Polish stuff Turbo’s experience in Vienna Victoria tells us what she’s doing with her life The difference between the East and West coasts The story of the beautiful French bulldog, Maddie Victoria’s German Shephard Programming Victoria’s three jobs Turbo vs. Route 9 Member shoutouts What makes a good chili? Follow us on IG @crossfit845 @dstat @rob.lacolla Not a member? Come check out why we're awesome...


Episode 74 - Keeping It Real With Yourself

Episode 74 – Keeping It Real With Yourself Kristen Carrillo joins Dave and Turbo Taking breaks from things Turbo’s annual work trips Kristen gives insight into taking breaks from the gym Keeping it real with yourself Traveling CrossFitters who travel for work Dave’s big announcement Creating babies Gym myths Wrist gadgets Nutrition challenge shit talking Member shoutouts


Episode 73 - Survey Responses

Episode 73 – Survey Responses Start off with a snippet from Andy Frisella from the MFCEO Project Podcast What this podcast is about Survey responses Specialty classes to come in 2020 Class caps, safety, logistics of classes Coach responses The bigger picture for why Turbo does what he does Jemel’s notes Overall remarks about the gym Blaming the gym as your mindset Memoirs of a Nancy Court How a small amount of negativity affects us Member shoutouts Snow cancellations, we will do better Andy...


Episode 72 - Topics From Members!

Episode 72 – Topics from the Members! People who stare whilst lifting heavy weight Rocky vs. Rambo Favorite beers How to disrespect the coaches during class Holiday advice from Turbo Welcoming new members by our members Getting out of slumps and not taking breaks If you’re on a break let us help you Women running the world Events and activities coming in 2020 Pickles Jemel almost dying coming into work Member shoutouts Two book references: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck How to Win...


Episode 71 - George Is Back

Episode 71 – George is Back George is back His coolest thing he’s done at med school The 3 things he misses the most Jemel’s birthday plans Open recap How Dave got into CrossFit Regimen update Christian drops in and gives us an update Member shoutouts How close Kuczma was to qualifying after the Open What we’re thankful for