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Allie & Sydne are professional music listeners. Long time music fans who bonded over their love of music. These two besties are chatting about all things music. A lil’ history with a lot of gossip. In their podcast, they chat about all things music, from the latest chart-toppers to the hidden gems. They also share their own personal stories and experiences as music fans. Along the way, they'll be joined by some familiar faces from the music world. So whether you're a casual listener or a die-hard fan, you're sure to find something to enjoy on Vinyl Variety Podcast Follow us @VinylVarietyPod


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Allie & Sydne are professional music listeners. Long time music fans who bonded over their love of music. These two besties are chatting about all things music. A lil’ history with a lot of gossip. In their podcast, they chat about all things music, from the latest chart-toppers to the hidden gems. They also share their own personal stories and experiences as music fans. Along the way, they'll be joined by some familiar faces from the music world. So whether you're a casual listener or a die-hard fan, you're sure to find something to enjoy on Vinyl Variety Podcast Follow us @VinylVarietyPod




Episode 16: Kacey, Camino & Bring the PitchFork

We're crawling back because there's just SO much to catch up on!! Allie & Syd catch you up on what you've missed in their lives the last few months - it's been quite eventful. Allie & Sydne are back to talk about Kacey Musgrave's newest record, starcrossed, and the movie alongside it! Also, their absolute faves The Band Camino released their self-titled debut album and we had to get into it!! We saw they perform live at the Ryman in Nashville together and you'll never guess who we sat behind!! Lastly, we dove into LANY's Pitchfork review of their new album and discussed their current allegations and future career. We talked songs of the week and of course we talked about our lord and savior, Jack Antonoff. Follow us @VinylVarietyPod on Instagram & Twitter NOTES:


Episode 15: Remember Us???

Allie and Sydne make their triumphant return and really just catch you up on what they are listening to, what has happened in the last year, talking about Sydne becoming a whole new person and of course it all comes back to our boy Jack Antonoff.


Episode 14: Lore of Folklore

Your favorite podcast hosts, Allie and Sydne, are back and better than ever for season 2. New quarantine music coming in HOT from all genres: The Chicks, Neck Deep, Valley, HAIM, nodisco., Dermot Kennedy and more! We crack open the lore behind Taylor Swift’s album folklore or so we think? Sydne opens up her book of conspiracy theories behind the whole album and explains why cardigan might be called cardigan. And ofcourse, something they and TSwift have in common? Including Jack Antonoff in the mix


Episode 13: YOU SOILED IT

Quarantine has brought your lovely hosts back together again! Allie and Sydne reminisce of a pre-quarantine time where Sydne saw COIN tour their brand new album and Allie had a magical experience seeing Dermot Kennedy only weeks prior to the world shutting down. We chat about our New Music highlights from the last month or so, including Mac Miller "Circles," nodisco. " Luv U Early" and COIN album "Dreamland." With everything happening in the world, Allie and Sydne talk about how musicians helping us out, as fans, through livestreams. They also talk about how to support your bands through this time. Postponed?? Canceled?? Allie and Sydne discuss tours they were looking forward to that were canceled or postponed. What do they do with dated tour shirts??? Probably mentions of Jack Antonoff and Sydne ruined her own birthday surprise!


Episode 12: Yee-Hawlsey and Miss Americana

In this episode, Allie and Sydne REUNITE! Allie made a quick trip to Florida for podcast business and also Sydne's birthday! Simmer down! There is new music coming in hot from Hayley Willams! Then Allie was lucky enough to snag a $5 ticket to see All Time low in a sold out show in a 400 cap venue in Baltimore. Holy emo dream. Then we chat about Yee-Haw-Halsey!!! We chit chat a little bit about Covers that may be better then the original! With the release of Taylor Swift's Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, of course we had to discuss it and the features of our favorite, Jack Antonoff. Allie and Sydne debate if content is bad, can you still enjoy it? Then Allie challenges all of you to expand your music taste !!!


Episode 11: Holy Trinity of Music Releases

In this episode, Allie and Sydne bring you guys up to speed with their latest life updates. They recap all of the hot festival lineups including Bonnaroo, Hangout, and Governer's Ball and which will take Allie's Music Festival virginity? Then THE Holy Trinity of VVPod's favorites, all released music this week - COIN, The 1975 and nodisco. Allie and Sydne bring you their review and get in the feels with these three brand new song releases. Sydne gives us a new lil' challenge with you Spotify generated playlist, "On Repeat" and how it makes our 2020 RomCom sounds. Then of course, Jack Antonoff.


Episode 10: WE'RE BACK (plz forgive us)

In this episode, Allie and Sydne are BACK! After a short hiatus, they are back to tell you what has been happening! Allie and Sydne sit down with you over pizza and ‘ritas. From seeing The 1975, Allie running into Matty Healy at Universal Orlando, couch pouch adventures, seeing The 1975 again alongside The Band Camino and that was all in one weekend! Allie and Sydne break down their Spotify Wrapped playlists and see where their Spotify picks are. Did their picks bring in embarrassment or pride? Conspiracy theories about Spotify Wrapped? And, they bring in a lil Jack Antonoff of course!


Episode 9: Big COIN Energy

In this episode, Allie and Sydne bring you their reviews of the hottest new tracks of this week including tracks from Coldplay, The 1975, and Selena Gomez. Sydne shares her stories of seeing Valley and The Band Camino in North Carolina. Allie and Sydne reunite at last to see The Band Camino in Orlando! They explain The Band Camino's stage presence of "Big COIN Energy." When life gets rough, what do you listen to? They bring you the hits that hit you right in the feel when you're going through it. THE POD IS INTERNATIONAL - Allie and Syd pay tribute to their international listeners. And finally - what you ALL have been waiting for!! Allie and Sydne are hosting a giveaway for tickets to Florida Man Music Festival thanks to our friends at FM 101.9 ! Listen to find out how you can win and join us while we sing out hearts out to The 1975!


Episode 8: Chief Called...

In this episode of Vinyl Variety pod, Allie and Sydne break out with some great new hits of the week and new hits to them. Allie talks about her multiple listens of Hot Shower by Chance The Rapper and Sydne holds strong on her opinions on Dirt Emo Vol. 1 by Ruston Kelly. Sydne makes claims to Allie about “Genre Bias”!!! They take a phone call from Chief. Allie and Sydne fist fight. Sydne reviews Maggie Rogers live. Because of Allie and Sydne’s veteran experience of waiting in lines all day, they give you their hot tips and tricks! Bleachers is playing shows on the west coast and we are #BleachersSad and may quit our jobs and follow Bleachers on tour.


Episode 7: The Hozier Hole

In this episode, Allie and Sydne breakdown the newest music coming from all of your favorite artists. Niall Horan released a new song - you know Allie was all over it. Tyler Posey knows about Vinyl Variety Podcast, so tell your friends. They discuss Allie's deep sad Irish boy music and why she's falling into a very very very deep Hozier hole. Sydne talks about country music and Allie becomes ashamed of her country music past. Sydne lets her country yeehaw-self influence Allie. Sydne exposes LANY's Paul Jason Klein's real age!!! Sydne chats about her getting around town at Rainbow Kitten Surprise and Bad Suns. Oh, yeah and a little bit more of Jack Antonoff.


Episode 6: nodisco More Like moredisco

In this episode, Allie and Sydne catch up from their past week off. They dive right into none other than SHOW TUNES BABY!! They discuss Taylor Swift’s announcement for Lover Fest. Sydne breaks down the recent concerts she’s been to, including her mistake in the “pit.” New music from State Champs, Yoke Lore and newbie, nodisco. They recap September’s Vinyl Challenge and challenge you to the October challenge.


Episode 05: Do Your Sam Dew-diligence!!

In this episode of Vinyl Variety Podcast, Allie and Sydne get to review the slew of music that recently dropped. They discuss The Fall of Hobo Johnson by Hobo Johnson, "Don't Call Me Angel" by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Ray, Joe Keery's Bowl Cut and new music drop, Twenty Twenty by the stage name, Djo, then Blink 182's new drop and Mall Rat! Then Allie and Sydne break down why you should follow your favorite music producers, not just your favorite artists. They talked about their fave producers: Mike Crossey, Mike Green, Tim Pagnotta, Matt Squire, Jacknife Le, Joel Little, RYan Tedder, Andre 3000, and DUH - Jack Antonoff!


Episode 04: This or That???

In this week’s episode, Allie and Sydne realize they’re missing a Red Hearse show in New York, get sad. They breakdown new tracks from Rex Orange County and John Mayer. They tell the tales of their love for Rex Orange County and about their “10/10” experience at U Street Music Hall in D.C. Then they challenge each other in a game of “This or That?” Allie and Sydne broke down their choices, even the hardest decisions. Finally, they shared their coveted Song(s) of the Week. Oh yeah, maybe a little bit about Jack Antonoff.


Episode 03: Avril Lavigne and God Almighty Lizzo

Allie and Sydne dive into the MTV VMA's and all of the winners. They dip into Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's relationship, God herself, Lizzo, and Missy Elliot. Avril Lavigne or Melissa, Allie and Sydne explore the conspiracy with Avril Lavigne's release of Head Above Water. They recall their trip to Mac and Cheese Night hosted by Joey Fatone. The Vinyl Variety monthly challenge is announced so be sure to listen for it and send in your submissions.


Episode 02: Plug In Songs and Rashida Jones' Baby

Allie and Sydne are back at it again with a thick epsiode of music reviews and a Vampire Weekend Concert review. Sydne shares how her "plug in" song inspired one of her most played songs. Ever. They chat about The Band CAMINO, Walk The Moon (on Sydne's tattoo-iversary), Taylor Swift and tea. Join them as they dig into the jam packed New Music Friday. Oh yeah, and Jack Antonoff.


Episode 01: When I die, throw me in a "Red Hearse"

In this episode, Allie and Sydne review their experience at Emo Night Brooklyn and their Uber driver's pop-punk music recommendation of "Whole Wheat Bread." They dive into new music that came out this week, including Lover by Taylor Swift, Slide Away by Miley Cyrus, Subaru Crosstrek XV by Hobo Johnson and Red Hearse's self titled debut album. When it comes to Cancel Culture, how do we handle it? Do we cancel anyone and everyone? They also discuss a Taylor Swift conspiracy ahead of her new album release this week. Rounding out the episode, Allie and Sydne make the tough decision of their Song of the Week. And of course, more discussion about Jack Antonoff.


Episode 00: Just a lil' Glimpse

In this intro episode, Allie and Sydne walk through how they got so into music and their favorite artists right now. Learn how they became their emo-selves and how they came to be Al & Syd!