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Let's talk clearly, honestly and knowledgeably about matters to do with mental health. Awareness Clarity knowledge and of course HUMOR


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Let's talk clearly, honestly and knowledgeably about matters to do with mental health. Awareness Clarity knowledge and of course HUMOR




Exploring the world of mental health challenges brought on by the covid pandemic with Nduta an Audio Engineer, Artist, Radio and Podcast host.

In this episode Nduta shares her struggles with mental health challenges brought on by the covid pandemic. She candidly talks about experiencing fear, worry and concern especially being in the creative industry. She shares about the psychological impact which included elevated rates of stress and anxiety brought on by quarantine. The effects on her usual activities, routines and livelihood compounded by levels of loneliness, self isolation and erratic mood swings. She offers her unique...


Tabitha a social innovator shares how she incorporates mental health and self care in her very emotionally, psychologically and physically consuming job with her non profit organization.

Tabitha is a social innovator and the founder of Wezesha Binti Foundation. A non profit that seeks to ensure all girls and women everywhere menstruate with dignity through the provision of quality, sustainable and affordable period products. Through this they are able to empower girls to take charge of their menstrual health management and hygiene. Tabitha believes that we’re all blessed to be a blessing and this is her way of innovating to make a difference. she enjoys the work she does...


Mentally speaking with Dr Bosco as he shares his unique perspective on mental health challenges both as a psychologist and sociologist

In this episode Dr Bosco shares his perspective as a psychologist and sociologist on matters to do with mental health. He helps us explore and identify common mental health challenges and how to deal with them in an informed manner. Dr Bosco talks about how to identify between mental health and mental illness. He also shares how the covid pandemic has affected his mental health and how he is coping with the current situation. Dr.Bosco holds a PhD in Social Transformation-Sustainable...


Mentally speaking conversation with Wairimu a musician who candidly shares the struggles creatives face with mental health issues

In this episode Wairimu allows us into her creative world and the mental health struggles that come with it. As a musician she uses her art as a vessel to continually explore, interpret, and express sentiments of her lived experiences, her songs weaving tales of love, loss, pain, and the constant pursuit of meaning to life. Wairimu considers herself an introverted and empathetic person who questions everything and rarely takes in anything at face value. She candidly shares her struggles with...


Mentally speaking with a fellow counselling psychologist

In this episode Emma shares her unique insights on her role as a therapist and also as a client. Emma helps demystify the misconceptions often associated with therapy and brings a fresh perspective into the benefits of partaking in therapy. She states that we all experience personal challenges or issues in our lives. We can deal with these times by talking to friends or family, or trying to deal with things ourselves. There are times, however, when issues are too much for us to manage on our...