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We talk all things NBA. News, Stats, Rumors and Fantasy Basketball advise.

We talk all things NBA. News, Stats, Rumors and Fantasy Basketball advise.
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We talk all things NBA. News, Stats, Rumors and Fantasy Basketball advise.




Offseason Answers!

On this episode of the Drive & Dish NBA podcast, Kevin (@rafusetolose) is joined by Sam B. Albuquerque (@SamBAlbuquerque) from ESPN 580 Orlando as Justin is off at his 800th wedding of the year. We're not kidding. The guys talk a double dose of veteran returns, as Vince Carter says he'll play one more season with Atlanta, and Udonis Haslem returns to the Heat. The guys talk their overall legacies. After that, Kevin & Sam dive into your mailbag questions. What are De'Aaron Fox & OG Anunoby's...


NBA Xmas Game Review

Justin (JustinContheAir) & Kevin (@rafusetolose) are back to it with a midweek episode of the Drive and Dish NBA podcast. The guys first talk David Griffin's interview and the pressure of playing/coaching with Lebron James. The guys also break down the full slate of NBA Christmas games. Why Kevin is happy Toronto is finally getting some love, and who Justin thinks got robbed in the Western Conference. Which matchups will be the best? Plus the guys end with some Who's Ballin Who's Fallin....


Success in Basketball (ft. Donte Hill)

Justin chats with, International Basketball Coach, Donte Hill! The two talk about how he got into basketball with the Jacksonville Giants. How that lead to his overseas coaching in Japan and Vietnam & Some of the NBA players he trains! They talk about the book that he published, Contagious Leadership, and how you can implement them into and teamworking environment. They talk about teaching the game of basketball in another country and how they can interpret NBA basketball. They get into some...


Shoot Your Shot + Over Under Numbers

Sometimes in life, you just need to shoot your shot. Kevin (@rafusetolose) & Justin (@JustinContheAir) are joined this week by Andy Caudill (@AndrewCMichaels) after he won a bet to come on the show. Listen to find out which two hot takes he nails last season. After that, we put a final recap on a crazy NBA free agency period. Why Kyle Korver signing with the Bucks broke Justin's heart, plus why Andy is high on Indiana like Kevin is. We also sprinkle in some talk on the Cavaliers & what they...


CP3, Simmons, Fultz + Indy & Boston

On this episode of the Drive & Dish NBA Podcast, Justin (@JustinContheAir) is at his 700th wedding of the year, so Kevin (@rafusetolose) is joined by guest hosts Nick Gryniewicz (@ESPN580Nick) & Louis Axen (@LouisArtisan). The guys talk Chris Paul trade talks stalling. How much does the Supermax play an effect on where he'll end up? What are the chances of him finishing the season on Oklahoma City, and which team's are actually interested? We'll make our case for Miami & others. Kevin talks...


The Season Of Duos

Justin & Kevin are back again this episode picking up where they left off with the Western Conference. Before the hoops, however, the guys talk the Area 51 memes and the plan to storm it. What could go wrong right? After that, the guys talk yet another NBA bomb drop, with Russell Westbrook getting traded to the Rockets. What does it mean for Houston's overall ceiling, and how does the new look Western conference stack up. Then, of course, the next natural question, what happens to Chris...


Welcome To The New NBA!

On this episode of the Drive & Dish NBA podcast, Kevin (@rafusetolose) & Justin (@JustinCOntheAir) talk Kevin's vacation to Ireland & how the time difference helped with the Kawhi Leonard & Paul George news plus we discuss a couple of movies. The guys break down the overall state of the Western conference following an insane free agency period. How did the Clippers pull off the Paul George mode, and why it means Oklahoma City should go into a full rebuild. We also talk about how Kawhi held...


Breaking down the Big Name FA moves.

Kevin is out so Justin brings on Marcel Robinson to talk about the latest NBA Free agent moves, while everyone waits on Kawhi's decision. The guys talk about the NY Knicks missing out on a chance to turn the team around, but Knicks have agreed to a three-year deal with Julius Randle. Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving going to Brooklyn and what that means for the team. Plus, Deandre Jordan joins them too. Will the Warriors keep D'Angelo Russell, or will they trade him to another team? Jimmy Butler...


NBA: Lets Catch Back Up & Free Agents

Justin and Kevin FINALLY get into some of the offseason topics, they finally get into the Anthony Davis Trade and what they think it means for the Lakers/Pelicans (especially now with the draft being over). They then get into some of the big NBA free agents. So come hang out with the guys. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA Draft! With Cole Zwicker

On this episode, Kevin is joined by Cole Zwicker (@colezwicker), writer/co-founder of The Stepien, to recap the 2019 NBA draft. Who were the big winners and losers, what makes Zion Williamson so special, plus second-round sleepers & which 2018 prospects are ready to make this biggest jump next season? Listen & leave us a review on iTunes! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Raptors WIN IT ALL + Highs/Lows from Game 6

Justin and Kevin breakdown game 6 of the NBA finals! Toronto AKA the NBA Champions! They talk about Klay Thompson's injury, Woj Bombs during the celebration, and the Refs calling a foul with .9 to play. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


KD Injury, Warriors Win: NBA Game 5

Kevin and Justin break down the NBA finals and talk about some of the crazy moments of Game 5: KD Injury, Looney Injury, Nick Nurse's Timeout & Warriors Win! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Game 4 & Trades ALREADY!?!

Kevin and Justin breakdown game 4 of the NBA finals and look forward to the potential that the season could be over after Monday's game. Will KD make an appearance? They also get into ballin&Fallin to talk about the Brooklyn Nets making a trade to free up some $$$$ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA Finals... Good Or Bad?

Justin And Kevin break down the first three games of the NBA Finals. They talk about how the Raptors are looking like the Warriors toughest opponent. They Talk about what to expect in the coming games! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA Finals Preview + Chipotle

Justin and Kevin Preview the NBA Finals, They ask if Kawhi can pull off the unthinkable. Do the Raptors have a chance? Will we actually see Kevin Durant in the finals, or will injury hold him back. They get into the LA Lakers Dysfunction and the Houston Rockets putting the WHOLE team on the trade block. Last, They explain why Chipotle could really lose out on a TON of FREE burritos. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


We The North & All-NBA Teams

Justin and Kevin are back to talk about the comeback that is happening in Toronto. Plus the preview the Warriors Finals matchup. they get into their Ballin and Fallin Segments and talk a bit about the All-NBA Teams. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA Playoffs & Whats Next?

Justin and Kevin talk about the Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trailblazers & Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors. The guys then dive into "What's Next" for the Rockets, 76ers, Nuggets & Celtics. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Lottery Winners/Losers, New Coaches & NBA Playoffs!

Kevin and Justin are jumping on a midweek episode to talk all about the NBA Draft Lottery. They break down the winners and losers of the night and who is upset but probably should not be. The guys then jump into the two big coaching changes since they last recorded... Frank Vogel & Jason Kidd to the LA Lakers, and Michigan's very own, John Beilein leaving for Cleveland. Last, the two get into the NBA playoffs Portland losing their first game to the Golden State Warriors and a preview of the...


Times Are Changing In Phoenix!

Kevin is Joined by Tim Tompkins (@RadioTimNBA), Host of The Solar Panel. They talk all things Pheonix Suns. They get into how Monty Williams can shift the culture, Devin Booker's Greatness, and their upcoming draft! The guys get into some off-topic Playoff talk and get into a debate about Ben Simmons. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


NBA Playoffs, Cookies & Team Clothing!

Justin and Kevin are talking NBA playoffs round two. The guys predict who is more likely to leave if their team loses in the 2nd round (Kawhi or Irving). They debate what kind of cookie Lowery is, and talk some NBA Jersey wearing rules. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit