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Women's voices and women's lives - topical conversations to inform, challenge and inspire.




Performance poet Salena Godden, Taiwan's female president, Gambling, addiction, Narcissistic mother, Kelsie Grieg gamer.

Taiwan's first female president, Tsai Ing-Weng, arrived in New York yesterday to criticism from China. She is stopping over in the US on her way to Central America, but may meet with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on her return. China says that if it goes ahead, it could lead to a 'serious confrontation'. To find out more about Tsai Ing-Wen and the significance of this trip, Anita speaks to Tessa Wong, the BBC's Asia digital reporter who regularly reports on China. Pessimism is for...


Rape Case Court Delays, Going Viral, Love and Money

New figures show that there is still a huge backlog of criminal cases waiting to get to court. And the worst delays are for rape and sexual offences. Reporter Melanie Abbott talks to a man who will wait 6 years after reporting he was raped in 2018, and the impact it has had on him and his mother who has been fighting to help him. We hear from Rape Crisis about their report Breaking Point, which shows a record high of sexual offence cases waiting to be heard, and outlines possible solutions...


Caragh McMurtry on her autism diagnosis.

She talks to Nuala McGovern about how she’s learned to cope with the condition in the elite sports world as well as the work she’s been doing to support other neurodivergent athletes to fulfil their potential. There’s a new book out, The Equal Parent: how sharing the load helps the family thrive. Paul Morgan-Bentley, head of investigations at The Times, explores why it’s still so rare in this country for parents to spread or split the responsibility of parenthood, particularly early...


The Power List Reveal Programme - Women in Sport

The Woman's Hour Power List 2023 reveal show is here! This is your chance to hear from the women on our list, showcasing the 30 most remarkable women in sport in the UK right now. Join Nuala McGovern, our judges Jessica Creighton, Ebony Rainford Brent and a studio audience live from the Radio Theatre. Producers: Emma Pearce and Alex Webb Presenter: Nuala McGovern


Sex education in schools

Earlier this month, the Conservative MP Miriam Cates said in the House of Commons that children were being exposed to 'graphic' and 'age inappropriate' material during their sex education classes. The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has decided to bring forward a planned review of the Department for Education’s Relationships and Sex Education guidance in England. To shed light on what is being taught in schools, and what this review may cover, Nuala McGovern speaks to a range of stakeholders,...


Weekend Woman’s Hour: Baroness Casey Review with Dame Lynne Owens, influencer Georgina Harrison on 'image-based sexual abuse’

Baroness Louise Casey has published the final report on her review into the Metropolitan Police. A female metropolitan police officer and Deputy Commissioner of the Met, Dame Lynne Owens, discuss the findings. Known for shows like Love Island and The Only Way is Essex, social media influencer Georgia Harrison talks about her new TV documentary. It follows her successful legal battle against her former partner who filmed and shared a sex video of the two of them without her consent on the...


Julia Hoggett, CEO of the London Stock Exchange

It’s fifty years since six newly elected female traders entered the floor of the London Stock Exchange for the first time after 200 years of exclusion. The number of women working in finance reached a peak in 1997 at almost six-hundred-thousand, but has dropped by more than thirty percent to around four-hundred-thousand last year. Half a century after the first women were allowed onto the floor at the London Stock Exchange, the ‘inequity’ that has held women back in the industry has still...


Hormonal contraception, Ghost children, Narcissism, Mabel Constanduros

Taking any type of hormonal contraception could increase your risk of getting breast cancer, according to a new study by the Cancer Epidemiology Unit at Oxford Population Health, which is part of the University of Oxford. It’s one of the first big studies into this type of birth control assessing the risk of breast cancer. But headlines like this will be alarming, so, what do we need to know and do? Dr Charlotte Porter, Vice President of Speciality at the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive...


Trust in the Police? Have you say and call Nuala McGovern at Woman's Hour

On a special phone in edition of Woman's Hour we look at trust in the police following the review by Baroness Casey into a toxic culture at the Met Police. She found the 'the force has lost the trust and confidence of the people it is supposed to keep safe' and gave shocking examples of sexism, racism and homophobia. The report was commissioned in the aftermath of the rape and murder of Sarah Everard by PC Wayne Couzens, who has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Since then, we’ve also had...


The Baroness Casey Review with Dame Lynne Owens & Claire Waxman, Dance your way home, Narcissistic mother

Baroness Louise Casey has today published the final report on her review into the Metropolitan Police. Joining Nuala McGovern to discuss the findings are a female metropolitan police officer, Deputy Commissioner of the Met Police Dame Lynne Owens and London Victim's Commissioner, Claire Waxman, who works alongside the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to ensure that victim's voices are heard and discriminatory barriers are tackled. The music journalist Emma Warren has...


Reality TV star Georgia Harrison on 'revenge porn', ‘Seven Winters in Tehran’, Fairness in sport, Romance on the bus.

Known for shows like Love Island and The Only Way is Essex, social media influencer Georgia Harrison talks to Nuala McGovern about her new TV documentary. It follows her successful legal battle against her former partner who filmed and shared a sex video of the two of them without her consent on the OnlyFans website A couple’s creative bus stop marriage proposal has captured the hearts of social media users, after Nuala spotted and shared it last week. We hear from Alice Ehrlich who tweeted...


Paris Hilton, FGM report, Annie Lennox, Country-pop duo Ward Thomas

Paris Hilton has been called ‘the first influencer’ and is known for being an ‘it-girl’. But behind the paparazzi pictures there’s a darker story. Now for the first time, Paris is telling her story in her own words in her new book Paris: The Memoir. She joins Anita Rani to talk about her life, why she wanted to write her story now, and being a new mother. A major report has been published looking into the experiences of survivors of FGM in accessing post-FGM healthcare in the UK. Nuala...


Singer-songwriter Annie Lennox

Anita and Annie are joined by Kalpona Akter, an ambassador for The Circle who worked in a garment factory when she was just 12 years old. The government’s first Menopause Employment Champion Helen Tomlinson joins the programme to discuss how she will advise employers on improving workplace support for women experiencing menopause symptoms. And we hear about a revival of Tennessee Williams’s 1947 drama of passion, delusion and mental illness – A Streetcar Named Desire. Following a run at the...


Paris Hilton, Anneka Rice, Gas & Air, Budget 2023

Paris Hilton, reality TV star, so-called 'inventor of the selfie,' and business woman, joins Anita to talk about her new book 'Paris: The Memoir.' The former socialite first appeared on-screen in the early noughties with her hit reality TV show, The Simple Life. Now she’s opening up about her life in the spotlight. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has unveiled the contents of the Spring Budget in the House of Commons. What has changed for women? Anita is joined by Sarah Pennells, Consumer Finance...


Budget 2023 Childcare, FGM report, Sex education in schools, Courting India, Country-pop duo Ward Thomas

Today’s budget announcement is expected to include an expansion of free childcare provision for working parents in England for one and two-year-olds. The plans will be outlined by the Chancellor in full later today. Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies Paul Johnson joins Nuala McGovern to talk through what the changes could mean for parents looking to get back to work. A major report has been published today, looking into the experiences of survivors of FGM in accessing post-FGM...


Author and judge Nicola Williams, Abortion in the UK update, Police violence against women

Nicola Williams’ new novel Until Proven Innocent sees the return of Lee Mitchell, a young barrister from a working-class Caribbean background, who is strong-armed into defending a supposedly corrupt racist police officer charged with the death of a 15-year-old pastor's son. Nicola served for many years as a criminal barrister, one of the few black women in that job, and draws on her experience of the criminal justice system in her writing. She joins Nuala to discuss juggling being a...


Karen Krizanovich and Heidi Ellert-McDermott on the Oscars, new Paula Yates documentary, abortion rights in the US

As a new Channel 4 documentary is released, Nuala McGovern hears more about her life from director Charlie Russell. Who were the female winners at the Academy Awards last night? What were the surprises and omissions? Who gave the best acceptance speeches? We talk to the film critic Karen Krizanovich and speech writer Heidi Ellert-McDermott. Five women who say they were denied abortions despite risks to their lives are suing the State of Texas. In June last year the US supreme court...


Forever Friends?

What happens when a friendship breaks down? How can you repair it? Should you even try? In this special Sunday podcast, Nuala McGovern brings together all the interviews from Woman's Hour's 'Forever Friends?' series. Annie and Lizzie first met at school, and Lizzie said she believed they were ‘kindred spirits’. But soon after Annie’s first child was born, Lizzie decided to cut off contact. They reflect on this period of silence and how their relationship has changed since they have rekindled...


Weekend Woman's Hour: Malala Yousafzai, Grassroots sport, Talking about not having children

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani education activist and the world’s youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Since she was shot by a member of the Taliban at just 15, Malala has spent nearly a decade fighting for the educational rights of girls and women across the globe. Now she’s turning her attention to Hollywood, as Executive Producer of the short documentary film Stranger At The Gate. She shares why she’s made this move into the world of film. What happens if you and your partner disagree on...


Eurovision entry Mae Muller, Director Raine Allen-Miller, Online bullying

Singer-songwriter Mae Muller has been announced as this year’s British entry for Eurovision, she joins Krupa to discuss how excited she is to represent the UK. Watch out Notting Hill, there is a new romantic comedy in town… and this time it’s set in Peckham. It’s called Rye Lane, and it stars David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah as Dom and Yas, two twenty-somethings who are both reeling from bad break-ups. It is the directorial debut of Raine Allen-Miller. She joins Krupa to discuss her journey...