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A podcast about good people doing gooder things in the goodest city of them all: Cleveland.

A podcast about good people doing gooder things in the goodest city of them all: Cleveland.


Cleveland, OH


A podcast about good people doing gooder things in the goodest city of them all: Cleveland.






130 – Thomas Fox – Creative Mornings

We had the chance to sit down with Thomas Fox, area coordinator and leader of Creative Mornings. We learned quite a bit about a pretty fascinating series of events. Turns out, one of our recent guests, Jill Vedda, Dan met through a Creative Mornings’ talk. Take a listen then get out there for a meeting.


129 – Sam Allard – Scene Magazine

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with two distinct guests this week. First up is Dwayne Duke promoting his Midwest Queer Comedy Festival in Columbus. It’s this weekend, August 22 to 26, all over our state’s capital. Check it out! Then we sit down with journalist Sam Allard. Sam works for Scene […]


128 – Jill Vedaa – Salt+

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with the chef, co-owner, and co-founder of Salt+, Jill Vedaa. We talked with Jill about her journey from Bay Village High School, through a series of kitchens, to the opening and success of Salt+. Jill has worked in some of the best and most famous kitchens […]


127 – Live with Lauren Kotmel

Brian & Alex ventured over to the wonderful Terrestrial Brewing Company and sat down with Lauren Kotmel, the Cleveland community manager for Yelp! Lauren’s role with Yelp is to help build community between users and businesses. We talk about how Yelp helps local businesses, what it does to support them, its user base, its super-user […]


126 – Common Ground – Stephanie Hicks Thompson and Noelle Celeste

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Stephanie Hicks Thompson of the Cleveland Foundation and Noelle Celeste of The City Club of Cleveland and Edible Cleveland to talk about Common Ground. Common Ground is a day-long community-wide conversation that encourages civil discourse and community building. This year in nearly 100 events on Sunday, […]


125 – Cassandra Fear – Fear’s Confections

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with the amazing and wonderful Cassandra Fear of Fear’s Confections. Cassandra’s shop, located on Madison in Lakewood, specializes in nerd-based chocolate. Not that her chocolate has nerds in it, whether human or candy form, but that it’s targeted toward nerd-oriented persons. Whether you’re into Star Wars, […]


124 – Madeline Finn – The Whiskey Hollow

Dan and Brian sat down with the amazingly talented Madeline Finn. Madie is a guitarist, vocalist, and founding member of the band The Whiskey Hollow. We talked about her journey through music, from a student in Streetsboro to a Hollywood Week finalist on American Idol and on to her path today. Madie shares how her personal […]


Episode 123 – Live at Il Rione Pizza!

Dan & Brian sat down with Brian Holleran and wrangled in a standing Brian Moss, on occasion. We had sat down with the duo of pizza-mongering Brians in October 2016. Since then, they have opened their restaurant, Il Rione Pizza in Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway neighborhood’s West Side Little Italy. In a podcast first, we have […]


Episode 122 – Jeremy Umansky – Larder Delicatessen

Dan and Brian sat down with the co-founder and co-owner of Larder Delicatessen, Jeremy Umansky. Larder is a unique concept here in Cleveland. They start everything from scratch and source their food locally. They make a gefiltefish from lake fish, not ocean fish. Most of their foods are fermented, in-house. So what are they? A […]


Episode 121 – Neighborfulish

Dan & Brian got all the equipment set up only to discover that they hadn’t booked a guest for the show! We decided to chew the fat and talk about things going on around Cleveland. Our buddy Tim showed up about 10 minutes into recording and he promptly joined the conversation as our ad hoc […]


Episode 120 – Grant Goodrich – OH-16 Congressional Candidate

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Grant Goodrich who is running for the Congressional seat in Ohio’s 16th District. Grant currently serves as the Executive Director of the Great Lakes Energy Institute. We talk about his journey from Revere High School outside of Akron to the Naval Academy, Marine Corps, Columbia […]


Episode 119 – Open Streets Cleveland – Rachel and Emma

Dan and Brian had the chance to sit down with Rachel Sommer and Emma Maloney of Open Streets Cleveland, formerly known as Ciclevia. Open Streets Cleveland turns streets upside down by closing 1-3 miles of road to cars and opening them up for day-long festivities and community building. You can walk, roll, pedal, shuffle or […]


Episode 118 – Rep. Nickie Antonio – Live at Gypsy Beans!

Dan and Brian hauled their gear up to their first ever coffee shop live show at Gypsy Beans and Baking Company. We had the chance to interview State Representative Nickie Antonio, who is currently running for State Senate in Senate District 23. We talked about how state government affects everyday life, how minority parties shape […]


Episode 117 – Carol Heiss Jenkins & Hayes Jenkins

Dan & Brian had an amazing chat with Carol Heiss Jenkins and Hayes Jenkins. Carol and Hayes have what many would call a unique story. Carol and Hayes both have Olympic gold medals, in the same sport, figure skating, from different Olympics. Hayes took gold in 1956 and Carol in 1960. Since then, they’ve […]


Episode 116 – Melinda Jackson – International Youth Leadership Foundation

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Melinda Jackson, founder and Executive Director of the International Youth Leadership Foundation (IYLF). IYLF helps students understand their place in the world, in a global sense, through education, exposure, and service learning. We chat with Melinda about how this helps build culturally competent and socially […]


Episode 115 – Live with CIFF at Great Lakes Brewing Company

Dan & Brian schlepped the studio over to Market Avenue in the historic Market District of Ohio City. In the basement of the Great Lakes Brewing Company‘s Brewpub we had the chance to sit down with Patrick Shepherd, Debbie Samples, and Bill Guentzler of the Cleveland International Film Festival. We had the chance to ask […]


Episode 114 – Neighborful!

Dan & Brian had a chance to chew the fat, shoot the shit, stand around the water cooler, and just bullshit in general with our good friend and neighbor, Tim. We thought we’d talk about the Oscars. That kinda happened, maybe. It’s a fun conversation, mostly about nothing important. More to come soon, but we’ll […]


Episode 113 – Dana Norris – Story Club Cleveland

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Dana Norris, the founder of Story Club. Story Club is a multi-city storytelling program that invites the public to share stories around a theme. Dana got her start in Chicago then moved to a real city, Cleveland. From here she’s grown Story Club into a […]


Episode 112 – Molly & Pat Murray – Wake Robin Foods

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with father-daughter duo Molly & Pat Murray. Molly & Pat are the founders and owners of Wake Robin Fermented Foods. Wake Robin produces organic, locally sourced fermented food products like kimchi, pickles, and kraut. We talk about their journey from their previous careers, Pat used to […]


Episode 111 – Ed Gorski – Olmsted Falls City Councilman

Dan & Brain sit down with Olmsted Falls Ward I Councilman Ed Gorski. Ed is the youngest and only openly gay member of Olmsted Falls City Council. We talk about what it’s like to be young and in government, learning the political ropes, and his journey to get there. Ed was appointed following the resignation […]