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Interviews, news, commentary, and opinion from a biblical worldview. Hosted by Mike Spaulding.

Interviews, news, commentary, and opinion from a biblical worldview. Hosted by Mike Spaulding.
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Interviews, news, commentary, and opinion from a biblical worldview. Hosted by Mike Spaulding.




SER 193 – Dr. Rich with Dick and Debbie Blowers

In this conversation, my friend Dr. Rich Petras joins me again to discuss health issues and what we can do about them. We welcome Dick and Debbie Blowers to the show. Their testimony is inspiring. Please share this with other people you know who are struggling with health issues. Check out the data for yourself here - For more information Click on the "Click Here" button.


SER 192 – Jim Simpson – The Red-Green Axis – The Planned Strategy for the Destruction of America

There is a deliberate and largely ignored war being waged in America today. It is unnoticed by a vast number of American citizens who live their lives going to work, taking care of their families, and enjoying the fruit of their labors. Fortunately, there are a rising number of Americans who do see what is being done to America by the Federal and State governments, aided by tax-exempt foundations and so-called VOLAGS (Voluntary Agencies). What am I speaking of? I am speaking of the...


SER 191 – Diana West – The Red Thread

This is an episode of Dr. Mike Live with guest Diana West, author of The Red Thread, American Betrayal, and No Fear. Diana West is a nationally syndicated conservative American columnist and author. Her website is Email Dr. Mike - Support Dr. Mike's ministry - [powerpress}


SER 190 – Dr. Rich Petras and Fred Hether – Take Control of Your Health

Big Pharma is one of the most powerful industries in the world. The global revenue for pharmaceuticals was over $1 trillion in 2014. But nowhere else in the world do the drug and medical device industries have as much power and make as much money as in the U.S. Six of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies for 2017 have their headquarters in the U.S. These include Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck, Gilead, Amgen and AbbVie. But only 28 percent of Americans have a good opinion of Big Pharma. In...


SER 189 – Lynn Fredrick – From the Darkness of Pornography to the Light of God’s Grace

Lynn Fredrick joins me in this episode of SER. Lynn's testimony of deliverance from pornography and sexual sin provides hope for all those trapped in the darkness and chains of pornography and sexual sin. Lynn now speaks about his experiences at conferences, workshops, and various events. You can contact Lynn at his ministry page - or by email -


SER 188 – Alex Newman – Rescuing America’s Children

In this episode of SER I welcome Alex Newman to discuss what Christians must do immediately if they have children in the government schools. Alex has a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Flordia with an emphasis on economics and international relations, as well as an A.A. in foreign languages from Miami-Dade College. He is the co-author of the book Crimes of the Educators and currently serves as a foreign correspondent for the New American magazine and Advanced Economics teacher at...


SER 187 – Steve Carr and Dr. Rich Petras – Financial and Physical Well-Being

This is a special episode of Dr. Mike Live for SER listeners. I am joined by Steve Carr in the first thirty minutes. We talk about debt and financial freedom. Check out for information on Steve's new venture which he hopes will encourage people to take charge of their income future. In the second half-hour, Dr. Rich Petras joins me to discuss what people can do to improve their health. Kathy and I are excited to roll-out our new effort. Please visit...


SER 186 – Billy Crone – Technocracy and Freedom

This episode of SER is a recent conversation with Pastor Billy Crone on Dr. Mike Live. We discuss Artificial Intelligence and how it is being used to destroy the freedoms and liberties of Americans. Pastor Billy's website here.


SER 185 – Ray Moore – The Case for Home Schools

In this episode, I welcome Ray Moore to SER to discuss the importance of homeschooling children. The evidence is abundant that Christian children cannot continue to thrive within the government school system as they have done in years past. As historical justification for the withdrawing of our children from government schools, the original Exodus itself is a prime example. The children of Israel spent 400 years in Egypt exiled from the Promised Land. It was always to have been a temporary...


SER 184 – Pastor Sam Jones & Patrick Wyett – Liberty and Judicial Activism

Pastor Sam and Patrick "No Compromise with Evil" Wyett join me again. This conversation focuses on judicial activism and how it has been used over the years to erode our liberties and freedoms as Americans. Shining Light Ministries website here. Intro music written and created by Trey Wilbert. Find Trey's music here.


SER 183 – Calvary Perspectives with Paul & Adam – What Does It Mean To Be A Disciple of Jesus Christ

Lots of Christians talk about discipleship. Churches focus their attention on making disciples. However, if Christians and the churches they attend really understood what being a disciple means and what making disciples really looks like, why is there such lack of courage and boldness in modern American Christians and from the churches they attend today? Paul and Adam join me for another episode of Calvary Perspectives on SER. Calvary Chapel of Lima website here. Calvary Chapel of Lima...


SER 182 – Judd Saul – Enemies Within The Church

Enemies Within: The Church is an educational, historical, and evidence-based movie experience that provokes a passionate return to orthodox Christian faithfulness across the western world. As is necessary for such a wonderful turn toward Christ, the movie heralds a clarion call for Christians to turn away from popular, yet errant beliefs held in contradiction to carefully interpreted Holy Scriptures. But Enemies Within: The Church is much more than a mere movie. It is also an invitation...


SER 181 – Ray Gano – The Demonic Wars: Winning Back Our Lives

Spiritual warfare is real. Demons are real. The level of demonic activity is on the rise and these spiritual entities are not trying to hide themselves any longer. What can people who are being oppressed do to defeat these malevolent beings? Ray Gano offers his perspective in this episode. Ray's website here. Ray's book here.


SER 180 – Dr. Mike and Joel Richardson – Mount Sinai In Arabia

From Joel Richardson's website we read: Mount Sinai in Arabia presents a clear case in laymen’s terms for the true location of Mount Sinai. The debate over where the true Mount Sinai is located goes back thousands of years. Since the popularization of the view that Jebel al-Lawz in Saudi Arabia is the real location by American explorers Ron Wyatt, Bob Cornuke and Jim and Penny Caldwell, the debate has only raged all the more. With the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia presently building a mega-city...


SER 179 – Bradlee Dean – Get in the Ark!

Bradlee Dean recently wrote: “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” If it is not the left, then it is the right (Mark 3:25). If it is not the conservatives, then it’s the liberals. If it is not the Communists, then it’s the right-wing extremists and if it’s not the whites, then it is the blacks. If it is not the lovers, then it is haters. Divide, divide, divide, and all this from within. And now from without, we are hearing from many in the media of a “Deep State”...


SER 178 – Steven Bancarz – The Second Coming of the New Age

The New Age Movement is the ultimate tolerant intolerance. What does that mean? Those who advocate for principles that are collectively called New Age are tolerant of anything except true Christianity. The reason is clear: the synthesis of religions that disavow the God of biblical Christianity cannot tolerate the antithesis (biblical Christianity) of their position. The New Age amalgamation of spiritualism is dominated by occultist and therefore Satanic teachings. Nevertheless, many...


SER 177 – Mark Goodwin – Are You Prepared For The Coming Storm?

Tonight’s show features Mark Goodwin, a prolific author, who is writing a 3-book series. This show will be a discussion of evil in the culture and the apostate church falling fast. Have you heard of the super hero, Sun Man? (Is this just a re-run of Nimrod/Baal from the Bible?) Have you heard that Jesus is a transsexual? One worship leader in a PCA church is promoting such an idea. St. Paul warned the early Church that wolves would come “from yourselves.” Watch out! PCA church invited a...


SER 176 – Sam and Patrick of the Shining Light Podcast – Holding the Line on Truth

I was introduced to Pastor Sam Jones on a recent radio program. I was blessed to hear him speak that day and since, as we have become better acquainted. Pastor Sam and his friend and fellow servant Patrick Wyett have become fast friends. I am encouraged by their love for our great God and by their thirst for truth and righteousness. The Shining Light Podcast here.


SER 175 – Doug Woodward – Rebooting the Bible

FROM DOUG'S WEBSITE FAITH-HAPPENS.COM WE READ THIS: Synopsis of: Rebooting the Bible For five hundred years, the Church used this Old Testament Bible. Its Apostles quoted this Bible almost 300 times when they created the books of the New Testament. We know this Bible as the Greek Septuagint (LXX). Its Pentateuch was created about 280 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt, only 200 years after the Hebrew Bible had been assembled by Ezra in Jerusalem. Translators added the remaining books over the next...


SER 174 – Jamie Walden – Omega Dynamics: Equipping a Warrior Class of Christians for the Days Ahead

My guest today is Jamie Walden. He is among other thigs the author of the book, Omega Dynamics: Equipping a Warrior Class of Christians for the Days Ahead. Jamie is a former Marine Corp Infantry Sergeant, Police Officer, Firefighter/Paramedic Specialist, Tactical Medic, and Disaster Response Specialist. That was until God said “follow Me, Jamie.” Jamie, his wife and children are full time Missionaries. I mention Jamie’s wife and children because God’s calling is upon a family as the...