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Avoiding Another Middle East Quagmire And The Need For Optimism In Ravens Nation

Bryan talks about the implications of a missile attack on a Saudi oil field, possibly by Iran. What happens next and does the US need to be involved? Closer to home, it's fair to say Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has arrived. Bryan says it's time for Ravens fans to embrace optimism.


How Much Do Verbal Miscues Hurt Joe Biden? Also, 'Taco Tuesday' Trademark Rejected

Are Joe Biden's verbal gaffes a liability? Julián Castro sure seemed to think so during Thursday's debate. Also, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected LeBron James' application to trademark "Taco Tuesday." Bryan muses on why other food items don't have days and whether they can be trademarked.


The Political, Budget Calculus Of Kirwan Funding. Also, Crowded School Buses Pose Safety Risk

The big-ticket spending proposed by the Kirwan Commission is at odds with Gov. Larry Hogan's budgeting philosophy. Where will the billions needed come from and what role would county coffers have to play? And what is the governor's political calculus? Later, Bryan sticks to schools with reports of crowded Baltimore County school buses.


Remembering Heroes Of 9/11 And What Gov. Hogan Told City Leaders

Bryan recalls the selfless heroism shown by police, firefighters and everyday people on Sept. 11, 2001, and remembers the hundreds killed in the attacks, and the first responders who have died from illnesses related to the attack. Also, he talks about the letter from Gov. Larry Hogan to Baltimore leadership that criticized the city's crime plan and said a controversial surveillance plane should be back in the air.


Security Guards Show Good Eye In Baltimore, City Council Considers Banning City From Screening Most Employees For Pot

Bryan Nehman hails the good work done by the security company that spotted a suspicious van in downtown Baltimore on Monday and bemoans the apparently closed lines of communications between private security and police. Also, Bryan says it's high time for Baltimore City to stop testing most public employees for marijuana.


An Unthinkable Planned Camp David Meeting With The Taliban

President Donald Trump called off a planned meeting at Camp David with the Taliban. How did this meeting, which would have happened a few days before the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, even get penciled in to start with? Also, how much can we draw from the Ravens' historic success in Miami?


Gangs And Immigration Issues In Baltimore Area; Bryan's Prediction For 'Revolutionary' Ravens Offense

Bryan Nehman says Baltimore County officials and other political leaders shouldn't tiptoe around the immigration status of people like the alleged gang members arrested this week in a Towson slaying. Also, Bryan offers his predictions for the Ravens season ahead of the Week 1 game in Miami


Strike Force Purports To Be Silver Bullet For Gang Crime And Only Partial Equality For Girl On High School Football Team

Bryan says he's less than optimistic about the dividends to come from a federal strike force formed with 18 local, state and federal agencies. Bryan also offers his reaction to soccer player Kayla Alexander making the Northeast High School football team as a kicker and the coach's confounding decision not to let her participate in kickoffs.


Some Democratic Gun Proposals Could Cross Constitutional Line And Study Finds Tech May Be Shortening Attention Spans

Bryan Nehman talks about gun proposals from Democratic candidates like Beto O'Rourke and Cory Booker, ideas ranging from licensing to mandatory buyback of certain weapons and ideas Bryan says may be a bridge too far. Also, hear about studies finding that Americans have shortened attention spans than they used to and what may be to blame.


Baltimore-Area Schools Deal With Teacher Shortage And Weather Reporters Get Over-Dramatic About Storm Threat

As students head back to school, area school officials talk about what they're doing to attract and retain teachers. Bryan talks about why he thinks it's so hard to do. He also bemoans what he sees as theatrics among reporters covering Hurricane Dorian.


How Capone Prosecution Could Be Blueprint For Baltimore; Florida's Storm Prep Cooperation

Bryan Nehman hears from a guest about ways to put away armed criminals in Baltimore City without needing to compile the evidence and cooperating witnesses for murder. Meanwhile, as Hurricane Dorian bears down on Florida, the state has a tradition of coordination between state and local governors in disaster situations. Will that prove true again?


Pursuit Of Suspect Wanted In Attacks On Officers Illuminates Impact Of Divide Between BPD, Command

Bryan talks about the perfect storm of brazen criminals and disputes between rank-and-file police and leadership in Baltimore. After that, Bryan talks about the ubiquity and utility of devices that share where you are and what you're doing.


Prospects For New Bay Bridge And A Bad Week For Football

Bryan Nehman talked about the narrowed possibilities for a new crossing over the Chesapeake Bay and the hurdles confronting each. He also tackles the decrease in kids playing football and what it could mean for the future of the sport.


Would-Be Armed Robber Killed By Off-Duty, Retired Officers And Wild Weather Forecast For Winter

Bryan Nehman talks about the controversial fatal shooting of an armed robber by an off-duty school police officer and a retired corrections officer. Also, the Farmers' Almanac is calling for a frigid, snowy winter ahead.


Andrew Luck's Sudden Retirement And Speed Enforcement On The Intercounty Connector

Bryan reacts to Andrew Luck's abrupt retirement after an injury-plagued career and how Indianapolis fans took the news. He also has some thoughts about traffic enforcement on the Intercounty Connector


Finding The Politics In The Chicken Sandwich Wars

In today's briefing, I take a look at the fast-food feud regarding the best chicken sandwich. Some want to make it political. Also, my thoughts on the NFL preseason.


An Ill-Advised Rush Hour Parade Through Downtown And The Future Of Space Exploration

In today's briefing, Bryan talks about the Shriners parade that closed Pratt Street through downtown Baltimore during rush hour. Then we hear from Baltimore's own Reid Wiseman, who has spent nearly six months in space in two trips to the International Space Station. He asks Wiseman about the future of space exploration.


Taking A Realistic Look At The Issues Of Baltimore And The Tools That Could Help Fix It

In today's briefing, we get a special guest host Yuripzy Morgan. Yuripzy talks about how some of the issues facing Baltimore City and compares the controversial surveillance plane to a stick of dynamite.


A Brief History Of The Surveillance Plane In Baltimore, And Why Angry Coaches May Be Better Coaches

In today's briefing, we take a look at the controversial surveillance flights over Baltimore and what future they may or may not have. Plus, a new study says that for coaches, anger is more effective than positivity when it comes to halftime speeches.


Will A Recession Happen? And What To Name The New Crofton Area High School

In today's Nehman Briefing, I take a look at all this talk about us possibly heading to a recession. Also, there will be a new Anne Arundel High School opening soon and the Crofton area school needs a new name - I got a great idea for one.