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NEW: Owen Barney

The following episode was recorded as part of the new podcast, Welcome To The Music. Born and raised in Toronto, country artist Owen Barney has been playing guitar since he was just seven years old, influenced by country heavy-hitters Eric Church, Dean Brody, and Jason Aldean. He has played shows around Toronto from the age of 14, and has spent the last few years honing his skills as a performer.


NEW: Patrick Bizindavyi

Patrick Bizindavyi is an author, speaker, coach and the President and Co-Founder of Unleashed Possibilities Inc., a company that helps individuals reach their peak potential by pursuing and achieving their dreams and goals. Patrick was a successful radio host and a top ranked basketball coach in Burundi. He was also the host and project manager at Radio 105.4 CHOQ FM in Toronto.


Shreya Patel, Mental Health Advocate

My next guest is an actress, writer, director and mental health advocate. In 2020, she was nominated for a Forbes 30 under 30 award in the field of education. Please welcome to the show, Shreya Patel.


Ari Shapiro: Cheating In Baseball (Again)

My next guest is no stranger to my listeners. He is a writer, podcaster and long time contributor to sports radio talk shows across Canada. Please welcome back to the show, Ari Shapiro.


New: Greg Nisbet on Neil Peart of RUSH

The following episode in part of the Welcome To The Music podcast. Greg Nisbet is a social entrepreneur and music missionary. Since wandering off the path of a young pre-law student at the University of Toronto, Greg earned a living in over 40 different capacities, in jobs worldwide as varied as busker, safari guide, bartender, mergers and acquisitions broker, teacher, private school owner, and actor, before finding his true love - custom radio - about 10 years ago.


Ahmed Bulaleh

Ahmed Bulaleh is part owner of Sport Stacking Canada and a coach with Northern Kings Basketball in Ontario. Part of his responsibilities with Northern Kings includes overseeing all its Junior NBA programs.


Orphan George

This episode is from the Welcome To The Music podcast. Orphan George is a Canadian singer-songwriter and member of the indie rock band “Before the Flood”. He’s played alt-rock, Americana, folk and jazz through his career. Agon is his first solo indie-folk release, and songs are already taking shape for his second album which he plans to record & release in 2020. He describes many of his songs as social commentaries, and his songs weave seamlessly between larger issues of humanity and...


Ron Tite

Ron Tite just might be one of the nicest guys in the advertising and marketing industry. He is thefounder of Church and State, host of the podcast, The Coup, an author, speaker, comedian, host and most importantly a husband and father. Please Welcome back to the show, Ron Tite.


Joe Cash

This episode is from the Welcome To The Music podcast. Welcome To The Music hosts, Karim Kanji and Gregg Tilston, sit down with musician, singer-songwriter, King Of The Dot videographer and Scarborough legend Joe Cash.


Lanrick Bennett Jr

Every once in a while Gregg and I sit down for a chat about Toronto - The city we love...well, the city we believe can be better. Our guest this week loves Toronto. Alot. so much so that he and his son took the TTC to all 100 public libraries in this city. And they lived to talk about it. He's a former Toronto City Council candidate. And I'm sure not for the last time. Please Welcome! to the show, Lanrick Bennett Jr.


Josie Dye

Our next guest spent nearly 20 years hosting the midday show at 102.1 The Edge. she's been performing on stage, in one form or another, since she was a 9 year old in the Toronto suburb of Pickering. Today, she hosts the popular morning show on Indie88. She is a runner, an avid supporter of a number of causes and charities, and is a huge inspiration to many women in TV and radio across the city and country. Please Welcome to the show, our 200th guest, and mom of two adorable boys, Josie Dye.


Morgan P. Campbell

Morgan P. Campbell is an award-winning journalist who writes for the Toronto Star. His column, Sports Prism is the Star's weekly look at the intersection of sports and race issues, rights and social concerns. In this episode we discuss: - Black basketball players being called out for not playing for Team Canada - Black NHL hockey players and racism - Colin Kaepernick's ongoing feud with the NFL - Why we should all be excited about the Toronto Wolfpack rugby team - Morgan's infatuation with...


Shobeir Shobeiri - Mintegral

Shobeir Shobeiri recently visited Toronto from San Francisco. He is the Senior Director Business Development for Mintegral. Based out of China, Mintegral is the leading mobile advertising platform in Asia.


Daniel Tate - The Flyer Vault

In the mid 1990s our next guest was criss-crossing all over the Greater Toronto Area helping to promote hip hop and R&B concerts. After collecting thousands of posters, flyers, t shirts, stickers and buttons he decided to share his treasures with the world. So in 2015 he began scanning and uploading these to the Instagram account, TheFlyerVault Today, TheFlyerVault has over 11,500 followers. Earlier this year, Dundurn published the book, The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History...


Romaine Waite - actor

My next guest needs no introduction. He has appeared in almost 40 projects in just 10 years in the entertainment business. Just this past year alone he has appeared in Little Dog, Shadowhunters, Crossword Mysteries, and Frankie Drake Mysteries. Please Welcome! to the show, actor, producer, writer, and director, Romaine Waite!


Sean Fitz-Gerald

According to his LinkedIn profile, my next guest has spent the last 4-5 years herding elementary school aged children through their first steps in house-league soccer, ball hockey and ice hockey. In 2015, he was named Sportswriter of the year by Sports Media Canada.In 2016, he joined The Athletic to help build, lead and grow it's Toronto operations.This past spring, Penguin Random House published his book, "Before The Lights Go Out: A Season Inside A Game Worth Saving". Please Welcome! to...


Stuart Reynolds aka BRITTLESTAR

His videos have been seen over 500,000,000 times! If you've ever watched one of his videos on YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook or Instagram then you most likely have laughed out loud. And for that, you owe my next guest some cash; as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Please Welcome to the show, the Internet's favourite dad, Stewart Reynolds aka BRITTLESTAR!


Eric Shenkman

My next guest sold millions of albums in the late 80s and early 90s as part of the blues, funk, rock outfit Spin Doctors. He continues to tour and play as a solo act as well as with the Spin Doctors. His latest project, "Who Shot John?" will be familiar to fans who have grown accustomed to his raw and infectious energy. Please Welcome to the show singer, songwriter, and an awesome guitar player Eric Shenkman.


Singer-Songwriter Renee Wynter

Renee Wynter is an entrepreneur, producer and singer-songwriter.


Actor Jeff Teravainen

Jeff Teravainen is an actor and former lead singer of the award-winning 90s band, The Life.