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Internationally Syndicated Podcast (and blog) from Northwest Michigan

Internationally Syndicated Podcast (and blog) from Northwest Michigan


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Internationally Syndicated Podcast (and blog) from Northwest Michigan






April 2021 Update – MDW361

I talked about Eye surgery, Glasses, Kitchen remodel, Fast Food, US-31 history, What's up with that, TC area history and the TC State Hospital.


Round and Round He Goes – MDW360

I talk about Eye surgery, new kitchen project, new (to me) computer for the ham shack and some "other" stuff. Going around the circle on this Episode 360 of Mike Dell's World Podcast This podcast is posted on MikeDell.com Go there and subscribe!


Quickie Update – MDW359

Just a quick update to let you know I still exist. Also testing out some geeky tech stuff with the feed. So I hope it works :) Will have a longer episode this weekend I think. Let me know that you got this. mike@mikedell.com


Audio and Video Podcast Update – MDW358

I have a video feed now. It's going to be a "VLOG" type thing. You can subscribe to it separate. They will NOT be the same content. Sometimes it will be video and sometimes it will be audio.


Trip Down Memory Lane – MDW357

So, to take your mind off the crazy going on in the world, I play a few podsafe songs and reminisce about the beginning of podcasting.


Soapbox Fun – Mike Rants a Bit – MDW356

I got on my soapbox today about what is going on in the world.


Goodbye 2020! – MDW355

Just a quick update talking about Christmas and traveling. Possible new car and the fact that 2020 is OVER very soon. Good deal.


Merry Christmas Week! Tractors and Model A Fords – MDW354

Had some tractor stuff I did today. Talked about maybe getting a Model A Ford and some other stuff!


Headlights and Taking Podcasting More Seriously – MDW353

I talk about trying to find headlights for my old tractor and how it's impossible to find them locally (at the right price or size). Also, the "Help Mike take podcasting more seriously improvement program".


New Tractor (to me) and Control Freaks – MDW352

I got a new (to me) 49 year old tractor! I talk about the elite control freaks running our states and cities and play a clip from a "Funny" but not so funny video on YouTube.


Quick update – Covid in the house and new podcaster toys – MDW351

Just a really quick update after nearly 2 months. We had some Covid in the house. All is well now. The new Studio/Office is 99% finished. New podcasting things going on under the hood. I will be doing NaPodPoMo again this year on PodcastHelpDesk.com. Check out to see if I can put out 30 good episodes in 30 days.


The NEW Mike Dell’s World Studio – MDW350

Just a description of the episode typed into the description tag. Lots of pics of my studio construction and the finished product.


Leaving Spotify – Please resubscribe at MikeDell dot com

Just a quick note to let you know I will no longer be on Spotify with this show. IF you are listening there, please go to mikedell.com and resubscribe using another platform by September 7th, 2020. Thank You! Episode 350 will be next week.


I HATE Wearing a Mask! – mdw349

Let me know if you see this text and where. Otherwise, enjoy the show!


March 59th, 2020 Groundhog Day – MDW348

A lunchtime update mostly about being home and locked down. I talk about; Politics Drugs TV Work Zoom Meetings Ham Radio Gas Prices All the things going on here. ZjHLwsoDmG63O8zW7NyB


Due to Recent Events in the News – MDW347

photo credit Jim Farley Just a mini-rant / update from the Bunker at Mike Dell's World Studios in Traverse City Michigan. Talking about censorship and other things due to the "Recent events in the news". Hope all of you are safe and healthy! Just know... IF I go away from whatever platform you are looking at, I can always be found at MikeDell.com


Truckers, Restaurant Workers, eNASCAR and Airlines with a Guest – MDW346

Click on image for more info Did this sort of live via Zoom. Had Shawn Thorpe ( shawn.mx ) drop by and we had a great talk about the issues with the current situation with Trucker, Restaurants and the Airlines among other things. We also talked about eSports and the fact that NASCAR is doing eNASCAR this week on FS1 network TV. They are running a virtual race on the track they would have been on this weekend using iRace (whatever that is) Should be fun seeing the normal broadcasters doing a...


Why Toilet Paper? – MDW345

Why are people hoarding Toilet Paper? I don't know. BUT it is happening. Check out this article from Time Magazine I talk about the COVID-19 outbreak and some of the things to think about and wonder about. I have no "FACTS". Nobody does. It just my impressions, opinions and what I have heard, read and seen. I talk about Social Distancing and why it's a good idea ANYWAY. Regardless of what is going on right now. Be careful out there!


Daylight Waisting Time – MDW344

My thoughts on Daylight Saving Time: Leave it on DST year around Later Sunrise right now sucks Dogs can't figure it out TV Networks Greedy or Stupid? Same with Newspapers. Ham Radio APRS stuff Track me on APRS here: Blue Van: K8LMJ-9 Orange Van: K8LMJ-8 Phone/iPad: K8LMJ-10 Other Ham Radio Activity: Midcars; 7.258mhz LSB Mornings IOOK Net: Sunday at 10:30am Eastern, 7.185 +/- LSB


Website Updates and Rants – MDW343

I talk about the website hosting and some of the issues I have been having over the last few months. (see Blog post here) Otherwise things are going well in the Northwoods!