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Artist Laura Alexander

When artist Laura Alexander came back to Columbus after graduate school, she thought she’d stick around for a couple months. That was ten years ago. Laura sat down to talk about why Columbus is the place she makes her work, her background, and we go behind the curtain on the art world at large. Shownotes […] The post Artist Laura Alexander appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Real Girls F.A.R.T.

After a nervous breakdown and mental health diagnosis, Achea Redd needed help. She found it by finding her voice through writing on her blog, Real Girls F.A.R.T. (Fearless, Authentic, Rescuer, & Trailblazer). On the occasion of her upcoming keynote at the Columbus YWCA’s fundraiser Activists and Agitators, she sat down to talk about her work, […] The post Real Girls F.A.R.T. appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Streetlight Guild & Scott Woods

Who should be taking ownership over the uniqueness that is Columbus culture? Scott Woods has some ideas about that and how we should be defining it. Among his many hats (poet, organizer, journalist, etc), he’s working to curate and develop what Columbus has to offer with his biggest project to date, Streetlight Guild. Shownotes Scott […] The post Streetlight Guild & Scott Woods appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


The Columbus Festival Scene

Two years ago, when the Independents’ Day Festival wrapped up after 10 years, it left a gap in the Columbus festival scene that’s slowly been filled by other independent event producers. Festival and community organizer Cassie Young sat down this week to talk about her new endeavor, Cloud City 614, filling that gap, and how […] The post The Columbus Festival Scene appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


The Overcomer Foundation

In Ohio, single parents pay nearly 44% of their income for an infant in a day care center and nearly 80% for two children (Child Care Aware of America, 2018). The Overcomer Foundation is trying to address that financial burden. This week, Sarah Perez, co-founder and president of the newly formed non-profit discusses their mission […] The post The Overcomer Foundation appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Charlotte Belland

Honing any craft takes practice. That’s the philosophy of educator, illustrator, and animator Charlotte Belland. In this week’s episode, she discusses her background, her role at the Columbus College of Art & Design, how Columbus gives to its artists, and the importance of forming habits and showing up. Shownotes Charlotte Belland Charlotte Belland on Columbus Makes […] The post Charlotte Belland appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Storyteller Donte Woods-Spikes

Who should we have at the table when trying to address the challenges and opportunities in Columbus? Storyteller and filmmaker Donte Woods-Spikes talks about that, being a young black man in Columbus, and how he tries to show the importance of being present with family and friends in his work. Shownotes Donte Woods-Spikes Donte Woods-Spikes […] The post Storyteller Donte Woods-Spikes appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


MORPC’s William Murdock

Is Columbus ever going to get light rail? Is that what Columbus really needs? Reporter Brent Warren sat down with Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission Executive Director William Murdock to discuss the work that MORPC does, where the region is going, the difference between developing a plan and implementing it, and how to ignite the conversation […] The post MORPC’s William Murdock appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


The City of Whitehall

Columbus’s suburbs will play a big role in how we’re able to grow in the future. Reporter Brent Warren sat down with Whitehall’s mayor Kim Maggard and Economic Development Director Zach Woodruff to discuss the new mixed-use development plans in Whitehall, how they believe they are uniquely positioned to grow in the years to come, and […] The post The City of Whitehall appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Former Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx

How is Columbus going to deal with its anticipated growth? Former United States Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, who was in town for MORPC’s State of the Region meeting sat down with Columbus Underground reporter Brent Warren to discuss that, the importance of helping people with technology, and autonomous vehicles. SHOWNOTES MORPC Anthony Foxx Smart City Challenge […] The post Former Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Mayor Andrew Ginther

They say politicians are only as good as their last election, but after that, they’re already looking towards the next election. After serving 4 years as mayor of Columbus, Andrew Ginther is reflecting on the accomplishments of his first term, but since he’s running unopposed for reelection, now he’s thinking about what to get done […] The post Mayor Andrew Ginther appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Crawford Hoying

The test of an organization is how it responds to adversity. Such was true for development organization Crawford Hoying during the recession. With multiple developments built and thriving since then, principals Brent Crawford and Bob Hoying sat down with Columbus Underground reporter Brent Warren to discuss how a chance meeting in the late 1990’s led […] The post Crawford Hoying appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Ohio v. the World

Ohio’s place in history is often relegated to a few events or trivial facts. Local attorney Alex Hastie and his podcast, Ohio v. the World, are seeking to change that. With in-depth interviews on Ohio’s influence on our society, Hastie digs deep to show his love of history and his home state. We sat down […] The post Ohio v. the World appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


COTA’s Joanna Pinkerton

With nearly a year in to her role as president and CEO of COTA, Joanna Pinkerton sat down with Columbus Underground reporter Brent Warren to talk about how she came in to her role, the interdependence of mobility in Columbus, mobility as a service, the state of affairs at COTA, and where they’re going. Shownotes […] The post COTA’s Joanna Pinkerton appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Muralist Adam Hernandez

Being a working artist isn’t easy. Thankfully, there are plenty of folks in Columbus to show you the way. Muralist Adam Hernandez talks about how he found his way here, the importance of mentors, and being a “real” person in business. Shownotes Adam Hernandez Art Makes Columbus profile Theme song episode Mysterioso Rock Art P3 […] The post Muralist Adam Hernandez appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Barbara Fant

Slam brought poetry out of academia in the early 1990s. Since then it has grown and become an outlet for performers around the globe. Local poet and performance artist Barbara Fant sat down to talk about the finer workings of the medium and her evolution in it. We also focused on the importance of mentors, […] The post Barbara Fant appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


The Confluence Cast

With a little over two years of episodes out in the world, it’s high time to give a little more behind the scenes on how the Confluence Cast gets made. This is a rebroadcast of an episode I recorded with local podcast the Sounds of Bustown. They interviewed me about where the the Confluence Cast […] The post The Confluence Cast appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


The Matriots

Elected officials should reflect their constituencies. That’s the essential thesis of the Matriots, an Ohio nonpartisan political action committee founded by a group of women who participated in the Women’s March on Washington. I sat down with their executive director, Elissa Schneider, to talk about the organization and their big hairy audacious goal of equal representation of […] The post The Matriots appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Magician Erik Tait

Magicians guard an empty vault. Columbus-based magician and comedian Erik Tait won’t hesitate to show you that. We talked this week about the Columbus magic scene that you may not have heard of, his path in the local and national magic scene, and the importance of intellectual property for performers. Shownotes Erik Tait Erik on […] The post Magician Erik Tait appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


Columbus Open Studio & Stage

How do artists work, both alone and together? I sat down with organizer and artist Stephanie Rond to preview this weekend’s Columbus Open Studio and Stage and learn how she herded cats to get here. Shownotes Stephanie Rond Stephanie Rond on Columbus Makes Art Carnegie Gallery Columbus Open Studio & Stage Art Makes Columbus Bryan Christopher […] The post Columbus Open Studio & Stage appeared first on The Confluence Cast.