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Motherhood often looks different in real life than it does on the pages of Facebook and Pinterest. On the Mom Show, Lindsay Aerts explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world.

Motherhood often looks different in real life than it does on the pages of Facebook and Pinterest. On the Mom Show, Lindsay Aerts explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world.
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Motherhood often looks different in real life than it does on the pages of Facebook and Pinterest. On the Mom Show, Lindsay Aerts explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world.




How to de-clutter your motherhood

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you can't seem to enjoy motherhood? You know you should be feeling joy but all you feel is overwhelm and like you're failing? Unmet expectations of what a "good mother" looks like can leave women feeling depleted and broken. Host Lindsay Aerts is joined by Rachel Nielsen of the 3in30 podcast who teaches a workshop of 3 steps to de-cluttering your motherhood. She walks us through identifying the "shoulds" that many of us believe good mothers do,...


Lies our society tells us abouot motherhood

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works on the front lines of seeing with with postpartum mood disorders, Amy-Rose White, LCSW is asked what she sees as cultural or societal beliefs that many women adopt that may be adding to their distress. In other words, what lies about motherhood are making them believe they're failing? Host Lindsay Aerts discusses many of the false beliefs about motherhood like that it's comes naturally, that good mothers love motherhood, and good mothers are...


How to know if a mother with postpartum is suicidal

Intrusive thoughts. They're a scary yet common symptom of some postpartum mood disorders. These thoughts may cause a mother to fear she's at risk of hurting herself or her baby. They give rise to severe anxiety, fear, and result in intense depression. Mothers with intrusive thoughts may find it difficult to overcome them. So how do you know if intrusive thoughts are a problem? How do you know if a woman is at risk for postpartum suicide or infanticide? There is a difference between a mother...


Motherhood joys, struggles, and diagnosing her child's ADHD with Shara Park

Sometimes motherhood is really hard, and sometimes it's really wonderful. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with KSL 5 TV's Shara Park, who has two children ages 6 and 8. Shara talks about what she loving and what she's struggling with during this stage of motherhood. She also gets very candid about her daughter, Jane's diagnosis with ADHD. She describes the night terrors and the frequent and troubling rollercoaster of behavioral problems. Shara shares her reluctance to start her daughter on...


Why the gender pay gap is actually more of a motherhood penalty

A recent study shows Utah women make about 70% less than men in Utah. That's the largest gender pay gap in the nation. And while many people hear the term gender pay gap and think that women are just being discriminated against because of their gender, Host Lindsay Aerts discusses how the gap actually exists more because women's careers slow disproportionately to men's after having kids, and because of the time they need to take off for caregiving. She's joined by Erin Jemmison, Director of...


What's wrong with the healthcare system for new moms (and how to fix it)

Have you felt supported by your healthcare providers after having a baby? If you have, that's great. If not, you are among many mothers who feel like there are gaps in the healthcare system after giving birth. Some of these gaps include not enough postpartum visits, not enough communication between mental health provider's and OB's or general practitioners. There's also a recent study says half of new mom's have been prescribed an opioid for pain which means vulnerable, stressed, overwhelmed...


What NOT to say to another mother (and what to say instead)

Has anyone ever told you to enjoy every moment of motherhood? What about one-upping you with how their life is harder than yours because they have more kids? Host Lindsay Aerts talks with KSL's Debbie Dujanovic about some of the things not to say to another mother, as well as discussing what Debbie's life was like raising three young children and having a very demanding television career. They talk about balancing motherhood duties with work, the pressures mom's often face to look a certain...


Childcare isn't just mom's problem. Here's what Utah is doing.

Do you have a hard time finding childcare? Do you need just a few hours of care a week but there doesn't seem to be an option for you? Are you scared to put your kid in daycare because you don't know if they're being cared for? Are you paying an arm and leg for it? Host Lindsay Aerts discusses some of these childcare dilemmas with Tracy Gruber, Utah's Director of the Office of Childcare with Department of Workforce Services. They discuss why childcare is so expensive, how to find quality...


What to do when you don't like playing

Playing with your kids might feel like something you're supposed to do. Host Lindsay Aerts discusses why it's not realistic for a mom to be to sole source of your child's entertainment with researcher and University of Utah Professor Alisa Van Langeveld. She says ultimately playing is about connection, and she's developed a method called 10 minutes together: one-on-one time with each child 10 minutes a day. The two discuss how doing this one thing every day will help your child fell valued...


Looking back at pre-mom fears now that you are one

We've all been there, first time pregnant women looking into the unknown future of motherhood. Host Lindsay Aerts looks back with Ashley Moser of KSL 5 TV on her fears and excitements about becoming a mom now that it's been a year since she became one. Ashley was a guest in March of 2018 when she was 20 weeks pregnant. Now her son is one and Lindsay plays back for Ashley those things she was scared of at the time to find out what the reality is like. They talk about the birth, getting an...


You MUST talk to your kids about abuse, here's how

In today's world it can be scary to think about our kids being sexually abused but there are some things we as parents we need to be doing to protect them. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, a sex therapist who works primarily with members of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints about teaching your kids that their body is their own, how to know the difference between kids being kids and abuse, how to know when some one feels off, and some of the...


You MUST talk to your kids about sex, here's how

Many parents struggle with knowing how to talk to their kids about sex. Some might be afraid that talking to them about it is going to make them want to do it more, or give them information they don't need. Shifting away from creating shame around sex to creating healthy integration for our kids is the message of Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, a sex therapist who teaches courses for parents on this. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with her about the messages you may be sending your kids around...


Why I'm sturggling with whether to stay home or work

Despite it being 2019, many women are working through the balance of trying to figure out if they should work or stay home with their kids. While logically we know women can work if they want to, the struggle of trying to figure out if you should work or stay home is real for many. Women have long been socialized to believe that being home and caring for their kids is what they "should" do and yet cultural beliefs have shifted much more towards everyone choosing for themselves. Host Lindsay...


Why you should let your kids fight

Kids fight. Sometimes more than we we would like. While it can drive you crazy, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with parent educator Georgia Anderson who says the fighting is actually healthy for development. She gives tips for what you can do when they fight, and why you should focus on what's happening when they're NOT fighting as the clue to how their relationship is developing.


How to get your kids to listen

It seems like almost every parents desire is to have kids who listen. Sometime when kids don't listen we feel like we're doing something wrong, or the kids are misbehaved. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with parent educator Georgia Anderson of about why getting kids to listen is more about connection than simply obeying. They discuss showing respect for your child the same way you would to another adult if you were asking them to do something for you.


If you want to support postpartum women in Utah, come to this event

Climb Out of the Darkness is the world's largest event raising funds and awareness for the mental health of new families. It's happening on June 22nd in Salt Lake City at Memory Grove Park, and in Ogden at South Ogden Nature Park And Splash Pad. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with the Utah Health Department's maternal mental health Specialist, Brook Dorff about why it's so important for women who are have experienced a postpartum mood disorder to come hike.


Coming soon: The ONE website to find help in Utah for postpartum issues

The Utah health department is creating a website where you can find the information of every provider who specializes in help for maternal mental health issues in one central location. The resource and referral website will have at least 250 trained postpartum-specific professionals where both the women who are experiencing postpartum mood disorders and their doctors can access it. The Utah state legislature granted an appropriations request for maternal mental health resources this last...


Is it appropriate to ask a new mom if she has postpartum depression?

Host Lindsay Aerts poses the question of whether or not it's appropriate to ask a new mom if she's experiencing a mental health issue after giving birth. Some moms find it inappropriate to ask so bluntly. Some wish they would have been asked. Lindsay thinks there should not be a hard and fast rule of always yes or always no to this question and shares her experience being asked several times about her postpartum issues. She's joined by Brook Dorff, Maternal Mental Health Specialist with...


Moms who give birth at these Utah hospitals will all be screened for postpartum issues

Intermountain healthcare has announced they will screen all new moms who give birth at one of their hospitals for postpartum mood disorders. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Jean Millar, Director of the Women and Newborn Clinical program at Intermountain Healthcare about what the hospital group is doing to screen, treat, and educate their providers about postpartum mood disorders.


How and why to start saving for college TODAY

Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Lynn Ward, Executive Director of Utah's 529 plans. These plans are sponsored by the state and designed to encourage saving for college. Lindsay talks with Lynn about why they're important, how to get started saving in one, what education related expenses you can use the money for, the penalties for taking your money out, and much more. Visit for more information or start one.