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Motherhood often looks different in real life than it does on the pages of Facebook and Pinterest. On the Mom Show, Lindsay Aerts explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world.

Motherhood often looks different in real life than it does on the pages of Facebook and Pinterest. On the Mom Show, Lindsay Aerts explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world.


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Motherhood often looks different in real life than it does on the pages of Facebook and Pinterest. On the Mom Show, Lindsay Aerts explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of the most difficult yet rewarding job in the world.




What to do when your mood is suffering as a mom

Whether you're having a few down days, or you're experiencing clinical depression, parenting when you don't feel your best can be excruciating. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with a life coach, Emylee McIntyre also known as Limitless Female. She works with mom's who are depressed to help them not layer negative emotions on top of what they're already experiencing. They discuss 5 beliefs many moms have that research shows are associated with poorer mental health. They also talk about how to define...


Do you have a partnership marriage?

Many mothers feel overwhelmed with balancing home, work, kids, and work at home. Part of the problem might be that you don't feel like you and your partner are in alignment with the tasks at home. Host Lindsay Aerts addresses creating a partnership marriage with Dr. Julie Hanks of Wasatch Family Therapy. As part of her dissertation study she created a model of family transformation to help families shift this dynamic. They discuss collaboration, celebration of all contributions, doing this...


Life and kindergarten hacks for moms who work

A few weeks ago host Lindsay Aerts addressed some life hacks for balancing work, mom life, and everything that comes with it. This week she is joined by KSL Newsradio reporter Mary Richards, mother to 5 children, who shares her thoughts about how she manages a full time work schedule that starts at 4 a.m. They discuss tips for giving your kids more responsibility, balancing tasks with your spouse, and more. Lindsay also taps Mary to give her all the advice about putting her first kid in...


Everything you need to know about the Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Right's amendment is a constitutional amendment that will guarantee legal gender equality for women and men. The United States has not officially amended the constitution to include it. Recently, Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the ERA. Recent women's movements reignited the issue since it was first passed by Congress and put to the states for ratification in 1972. Host Lindsay Aerts dives into the ERA's long history, what protections it would give to women that they don't...


Four life hacks for moms who work

Host Lindsay Aerts says one of the most common questions she gets from social media is how to balance life with kids when you work outside the home. Lindsay outlines why she wants to get rid of the term working mom and breaks down four ways she makes her life easier with the demands of home and work. She outlines how to identify mental work that might be zapping you of energy, systems she has in place that make her day to day run smoother, how she tries to prioritize small moments of...


It's so annoying to take kids out of puffy coats in the car, but you should

I get it, getting kids in an and out of their puffy coats in the car seat is annoying. But it just might save their lives. Host Lindsay Aerts admits, she finds it really cumbersome to have to take the coats on and off but talks with the Director of Safe Kids Utah, Cambree Applegate about an easy solution. And why it matters what your kids wear when buckled in.


Get to know the Utah Mothers of America

he Utah Mothers Association has announced the 2020 finalists for “Utah Mother of the Year”, “Mother of Achievement” and other prestigious awards that will be given to notable Utah mothers during the organization’s annual awards ceremony on Thursday, January 9, 2020 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Utah State Capitol. The event is open to the public, but registration is required. Interested individuals can register here. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with their president, Diane Weese about the...


Why your unique mothering style matters

Everyone mothers differently, and yet often moms feel like they're doing it wrong. Host Lindsay Aerts discusses how to be the mother you are as opposed to the one you think you're supposed to be. She's joined by guest Emily Bell McCormick of the Policy Project to discuss what "good mothering" things they let go of to find more joy in parenting. We also get an update from Emily on the status of getting rid of the tax on menstrual products in Utah.


How to teach kids kindness over achievements

Research shows teaching kids kindness over achievements will actually set them up for success later in life. Host Lindsay Aerts and Emily Bell McCormick of the Policy Project ( discuss ways to teach your kids to be kind. They discuss the findings in this article from The Atlantic. ( Modeling the behavior and praising kind acts instead of good grades or sports...


When you're a mom of one because of PCOS

Mom's of one: motherhood is hard. Mom's of seven: motherhood is hard. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with KSL Newsraido's Executive Producer of Digital Content Becky Bruce who openly shares about why she's a mom of one: her journey through infertility and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It's a hormonal disorder common among reproductive age women. Becky details how she found out she had it, a terrible doctors visit where her symptoms were dismissed, what women dealing with it might need to hear,...


Why moms are NOT in charge of the holiday magic

Ever feel like the entire "magic" of the holiday season depends on you creating it? And the pressure of living up to the task might just do you in? Host Lindsay Aerts outlines why it's not even possible for you to create holiday magic. She discuss what to do if you're feeling burnt out on all the to-do's of the holidays with Monica Ashton, Director of Maternal Mental Health at The Healing Group. They also discuss why the term "self-care" needs a new name.


What motherhood is like for Mary Kaye Huntsman

Mary Kaye Huntsman is the former first Lady of Utah. She is an activist, launching and developing Bag of Hope and Power in You, programs that help children and teenagers deal with the emotional side of adversity with peer-to-peer and grownup support. She has lived in several different countries with her husband, Jon Huntsman Jr. former Utah Governor and US Ambassador. She and host Lindsay Aerts discuss what it was like for her raising 7 kids, travelling the world, adopting her two youngest...


Why Utah should get rid of the 'Tampon Tax'

There's a push on Utah's capitol hill to get rid of the so-called "Tampon Tax." This is a sales tax on feminine hygiene products, like pads and tampons, used by 50 percent of the population. Host Lindsay Aerts is joined by Emily Bell McCormick of The Policy Project who has been largely behind the push. They layout the reasons for, and against doing away with this tax. They discuss what's being done at a federal level. They discuss what other items are tax-exempt in Utah while pads and...


Want to go to Disney on Ice?

Disney on Ice is coming to Salt Lake City! This year's show, World's of Enchantment comes November 14th through 17th at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. This action-packed ice spectacular showcases beloved characters from Disney•Pixar’s Cars, Toy Story 3, Disney’s The Little Mermaid plus the enchanting Academy Award®-winning Frozen. Host Lindsay Aerts talks with Abigail Kimmelman, who plays Frozen's Ana, and takes an inside look into the world of Disney and what it is like to be part of the...


How you can be a mom AND start a business

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between being a mom and starting your business? Obviously, mom's know they can do whatever they want but the realities of caring for children often means that it's hard to find time to do both. Host Lindsay Aerts is joined by successful Utah businesswoman Heather Osmond, who started her now thriving Osmond Designs furniture and interior design stores from the ground up while raising four little kids. Heather details how she got started, how she found...



Motherhood is hard whether you have two or seven children. Host Lindasay Aerts talks with Julie Boye, who runs the successful Instagram and YouTube account The Boye Family Jules. Julie has seven kids ages 10 to 4 months. They talk about the challenges of daily life with that many kids, how to have a schedule, and how to still find alone time. Julie shares her struggles with feeling like she can't complain about motherhood when she chose to have seven kids. She talks about why she had that...


Have you gotten your mammogram yet this year?

FM100.3's Rebecca Cressman is sharing her story of being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She says getting her annual mammogram may have just saved her life. She has a family history of the disease, her mother and grandmother were killed by it. She knew she was at risk and started getting mammograms at 35 years-old. She and host Lindsay Aerts discuss why mammograms are so important even if you don't have a family history. Rebecca shares the moment she found out she had cancer and her...


How to build connection with your daughters

If your worried about building a strong connection with your daughter (or sons for that matter) this is the episode that will help you do that. Building connection happens through modeling positive self-talk, making small moments of time for you kid, and meeting them at their level This, from guest Mollie Pettingill who is the host of a workshop called Dear Daughter and joins host Lindsay Aerts to teacher her three steps for building connection. The hope, she says, is that your child will...


How to de-clutter your motherhood

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you can't seem to enjoy motherhood? You know you should be feeling joy but all you feel is overwhelm and like you're failing? Unmet expectations of what a "good mother" looks like can leave women feeling depleted and broken. Host Lindsay Aerts is joined by Rachel Nielsen of the 3in30 podcast who teaches a workshop of 3 steps to de-cluttering your motherhood. She walks us through identifying the "shoulds" that many of us believe good mothers do,...


Lies our society tells us abouot motherhood

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works on the front lines of seeing with with postpartum mood disorders, Amy-Rose White, LCSW is asked what she sees as cultural or societal beliefs that many women adopt that may be adding to their distress. In other words, what lies about motherhood are making them believe they're failing? Host Lindsay Aerts discusses many of the false beliefs about motherhood like that it's comes naturally, that good mothers love motherhood, and good mothers are...