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710 ESPN Seattle hosts Bob Stelton and Danny O'Neil cover MMA like they can't on radio. Uncut and behind the scenes with the biggest names in combat sports. Insight, humor and analysis each Thursday.

710 ESPN Seattle hosts Bob Stelton and Danny O'Neil cover MMA like they can't on radio. Uncut and behind the scenes with the biggest names in combat sports. Insight, humor and analysis each Thursday.


Seattle, WA


710 ESPN Seattle hosts Bob Stelton and Danny O'Neil cover MMA like they can't on radio. Uncut and behind the scenes with the biggest names in combat sports. Insight, humor and analysis each Thursday.




20 - Joseph Benavidez

The Ultimate Fighter 24 coach Joseph Benavidez joins Bob & Danny to talk about his upcoming bout Saturday night against fellow coach and former FIGHT! guest Henry "Speakerphone" Cejudo. Hear why MMA is like a big family, how language barriers can be fun, and Joseph's feelings about his "squad of strange little men." FIGHT! is taking a hiatus. Bob and Danny are passionate about MMA, but their jobs as sports journalists/radio hosts have become all-encompassing until the end of the NFL season....


19 - Turkey Days and Fight Nights

Welcome to a family-only Thanksgiving edition of FIGHT! Bob & Danny are guest-free as they really break down what a Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight would actually look like. Would it be as disappointing as Batman v Superman? Would a win put Conor on top of the fight world? Can Floyd even read? Also: Danny gives Spanish lessons, Fedor signs with Bellator (Is GSP next? Should Bellator just go "full Pride?"), and a look ahead at the next few months of UFC.


18 - Gegard Mousasi

We've got a lot to unpack about last weekend's historic UFC 205 event at Madison Square Garden. Bob & Danny break it all down. They also talk to UFC Fight Night 99 headliner Gegard Mousasi about his upcoming rematch against the only man to knock him out in his 13-year MMA career Uriah Hall. What mistakes did he make last time, and what's his plan for defeating Hall in Belfast this Saturday? All that and more on FIGHT!


17 - Miesha Tate & Brett Okamoto

Ahead of the massively anticipated UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden this Saturday night, we're going double-barrel on this week's FIGHT! Bob & Danny talk to Miesha Tate about her upcoming UFC 205 fight with Raquel Pennington, and pick the brain of ESPN MMA writer Brett Okamoto live from the floor of MSG. Also on the show: Rashad Evans is out of UFC 205, Jon Jones is suspended by the USADA, and... because of course... Conor McGregor.


16 - Jens Pulver

Ronda Rousey is coming back to the UFC, but says she'll only be fighting 2 or 3 more times before she retires. Do we believe her? How hard is it to walk away? On today's FIGHT!, Bob & Danny talk to the first ever UFC Lightweight World Champion Jens "Lil Evil" Pulver about why some fighters stay beyond their prime and what inside them won't let them walk away. Also on the show - Using Pokemon Go as workout motivation, which fights we're looking forward to most at UFC 205, Bob & Jens 7-hour...


15 - Nate Quarry

Nate "Rock" Quarry, co-host of Spike TV's MMA Uncensored Live & retired UFC champion is still fighting. He's part of an anti-trust lawsuit against the UFC in an effort to force the multi-billion dollar promotion to treat fighters, many who are living hand-to-mouth, more fairly. Also on FIGHT!, we discuss Nate's "underground cool" comic book (, how Bob, a germophone, can explain rolling around in other people's sweat and blood, and Danny wonders if his PPV dollars are...


14 - Damon Martin

Senior UFC Writer for FOX Sports and Damon Martin joins Bob & Danny to talk about Ronda's return to the cage, new ownership's recent layoffs of 15% of UFC staff, and who could pass as characters on Game of Thrones. Also on FIGHT!, Bob is sick of whiny fighters, Danny promises to be on good behavior when Michael Bisping comes on the show, and who likes Nick Diaz less: Bob or the USADA? Follow Damon on twitter @DamonMartin, and check out his other passion at


13 - Brent Knopp

It's all about new blood on this week's FIGHT! As MMA grows, will we see more pro athletes step into the cage like Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, and... Greg Hardy? Bob & Danny are joined in-studio by former UW Huskies football player, electrical engineer, and accomplished local fighter Brett Knopp about what it takes to fight your way up the ladder, setting goals, and the importance of good coaching. Is there room in MMA for fighters from different sports? If so, Bob hopes they'll stay away from...


12 - Dan Henderson

Here Comes the Hate! This week on FIGHT! Bob & Danny talk about fighters they hate the most, Danny finally gives his top 3 celebs he wants to see get trounced in the octagon, and who does he hate more: Hippies or the British? This week's interview is with MMA legend, former Olympic wrestler, and the oldest fighter on UFC's roster Dan Henderson ahead of his UFC 204 rematch with Michael Bisping in jolly ol' England. The guys ask Henderson how Pride is different from UFC, whether he thinks...


11 - Will Brooks

Will Brooks joins Bob & Danny ahead of his fight this weekend against Alex Oliviera at UFC Fight Night 96. They talk about his preparation & thoughts about his upcoming opponent, his last fight being only days before his wedding (and whether he was worried about having a busted face in his pictures), and Brooks's decision to speak publicly about his battle with depression. And it wouldn't be an episode of FIGHT! without some amazing Conor McGregor audio.


10 - Mike Goldberg

"The Voice of the UFC" Mike Goldberg joins Bob and Danny on FIGHT! Mike's been with the UFC since 1997, so he gives his unique perspective on how far the organization has come, where he thinks it's going, and what female MMA bouts have to do with golf. Also: Why are female fights so good? With Cyborg Santos struggling to drop weight, will we ever see that Rousey/Santos card? And is Chael Sonnen the best smack-talker in the game? (This episode is brought to you by -...


09 - Henry Cejudo

Lots of The Ultimate Fighter talk this week on FIGHT! Danny attempts to have a phone conversation with Henry Cejudo in the middle of "The Messenger's" lunch order, but we eventually hear the fighter's thoughts on his new role as coach, his gracious loss to Demetrius Johnson, and what his plans are moving forward. Also on the show: The people watching is great at Venice Beach. How much does Bob hate Kanye West? Is Chael Sonnen the best talker in MMA? And apparently Joseph Benavidez smells...


08 - Urijah Faber

Urijah Faber joins Danny O'Neil and Bob Stelton on FIGHT! in anticipation of his upcoming bout with Jimmy Rivera at UFC 203 this weekend. The guys discuss how Faber has changed his style to sustain his long MMA career, the toughness it takes to last in the sport, and neck tattoos. Also, who are the best non-champion fighters in the UFC? What makes the UFC different in that the heavyweight fighters don't carry the sport?


07 - Demetrious Johnson

Long-reigning flyweight champ Demtrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson joins Danny O'Neil and Bob Stelton in this episode of FIGHT! He discusses the challenges of staying on top, what it would take for him to move up a weight class to challenge for another belt, and this season of Ultimate Fighter, the champion of which will be his next opponent. Also, can he sing?! Danny and Bob talk about the match-ups they would most want to see next and how the UFC is schooling the sport of boxing when it comes...


06 - Carlos Condit

In the wake of the Diaz-McGregor fight at UFC 202, Nate Diaz says the dog ate his homework. Bob Stelton and Danny O'Neil aren't buying it and break down the whole match in this episode of FIGHT! The guys Get In The Cage with Carlos Condit, who made a tough decision not to retire. They preview his upcoming fight with Demian Maia and find out the secrets of a successful pre-match death stare.


05 - Anthony Johnson

Get your bottle-throwing arms ready! This week on FIGHT! Bob and Danny look back at yesterday's chaotic press conference and ahead at Saturday's UFC 202 with Anthony "Rumble" Johnson. Bob lays out what each fighter, McGregor & Diaz, will have to do to beat the other in what might be the greatest remach in UFC history, while Danny places the over/under on how many "birds" Nate will flip in the octagon.


04 - Anthony Hamilton

Bob and Danny break out their best fighter impressions as they look ahead to Diaz v McGregor at next weekend's UFC 202. How important is a fighter's persona? The fellas talk to heavyweight Anthony Hamilton fresh off his 14-second KO win in UFC 201, the 2nd fastest stoppage in UFC heavyweight history. See why he's "the nicest freight train you'll ever get run over by" on this week's FIGHT!


03 - Bas Rutten

Bob walks us through what it's like to get knocked unconscious, Danny insults the English, and both guys (kinda) talk with fight pioneer and UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten this week on FIGHT!


02 - Ben "Phoenix Jones" Fodor

What an interview! Ben Fodor was candid, insightful, funny, and controversial. This week on FIGHT!, we learn why he'll never speak to his brother again if he loses their upcoming World Series of Fighting bout, why he never likes to lose - at ANYTHING, and the major role being a 4-time national bowling champion played in his development as a fighter. We even get the origin story of his real-life superhero persona Phoenix Jones, including some hilarious early missteps!


01 - Josh Barnett

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett joins Bob and Danny on the premier episode of FIGHT! to tell us what the sale of the UFC means both for the future of fighters and the organization as a whole. They also get into PEDs, coming up today vs. 20 years ago, and things Nancy Reagan looks like. We're just getting started, so please rate/review on iTunes - that helps us a lot. And if you enjoy things that are 140 characters or less, follow @fightMMApodcast on Twitter.