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Rachel Corbett interviews well-known media personalities and celebrities to find out exactly what it takes to make it in show business.

Rachel Corbett interviews well-known media personalities and celebrities to find out exactly what it takes to make it in show business.




Rachel Corbett interviews well-known media personalities and celebrities to find out exactly what it takes to make it in show business.




Carrie Bickmore

Carrie Bickmore is one of the most well-known faces on Australian television. As the host of The Project she’s been delivering the news differently for ten years, she’s also host of Carrie & Tommy on the Hit Network and a mum of three kids. And this year she was awarded an Order of Australia medal for her contribution to media and brain cancer research through her charity, Carrie’s Beanies for Brain Cancer. So, basically she’s a bloody legend. In this episode of You’ve Gotta Start...


Derryn Hinch

Derryn Hinch is an Australian journalist whose career has spanned almost six decades. He’s recently made a return to the small screen as the host of Hinch on Sky News Australia after spending three years as a Senator in Canberra as leader of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party. Derryn started his career as a journalist at the Taranaki Herald in New Zealand when he was 15 and hasn’t stopped working since (apart from a couple of stints in prison after being convicted of contempt of court). In this...


Dr Chris Brown

Dr Chris Brown is a veterinarian, television presenter and half the Australian female population's hall pass. He started out as a guest host on the super popular Harry's Practice after being discovered trying to pick up a girl in a pub. True story. He was attempting to impress her with tales of the life of a vet and a TV executive just happened to overhear him. The rest, as they say, is history. Harry's Practice was cancelled not long after Chris' appearance and he's not so sure it was a...


Tim "Rosso" Ross

Tim Ross (aka Rosso) is an Australian comedian, radio host, design enthusiast and television presenter. Rosso is best known for his work as part of the comedy duo Merrick and Rosso with fellow comedian, Merrick Watts. Their partnership began after Merrick saw Rosso play in his comedy band Black Rose and fell in love with his moon boots. They struck up a friendship and the rest, as they say, is history. Together Merrick and Rosso created their own unique style of comedy gig that was more...


Natarsha Belling

Natarsha Belling is a journalist and newsreader with just about one of the most infectious laughs you’ll ever see on television. Ever since preschool Natarsha knew she wanted to be a journalist and worked her butt off to make sure she got into the career she was so passionate about. She started out as a reporter for Prime Television in Orange and also worked for the ABC. When she joined Ten News she was originally hired as a medical reporter, a job she loved. And over 20 years later...


Meshel Laurie

Meshel Laurie is a comedian, radio and television host and author. Meshel started out as a stand-up comedian in the 90s, treading the boards with a lot of the comedy stars of today including Dave Hughes, Rove McManus and Wil Anderson. Meshel’s first comedy show was Daisy Belles with Corinne Grant but her career really started to take off after she debuted her solo show The Whore Whisperer: Confessions of a Madam all about her time working as a receptionist in brothels. Since then Meshel...


Hamish Macdonald

Hamish Macdonald is an Australian journalist and host of The Sunday Project. He’s had an incredible career that’s seen him reporting from war zones, disasters and major world events. He’s also worked as a reporter for some of the biggest news organisations in the world including the UK’s Channel 4 News, ABC News in the US and Al Jazeera English. After years of living out of a suitcase, Hamish has finally settled back in Sydney where he’s host of The Sunday Project and a regular on ABC...


Joe Hildebrand

Joe Hildebrand is an Australian journalist and host of the daytime television program, Studio 10. Joe started his career as a cadet journalist at the Australian Associated Press and worked his way up to Editor at Large at News Limited which he admits is basically a fancy way of saying he can write what he wants. He’s appeared as a commentator on television programs including Q&A and Paul Murray Live. And also had a brief stint as a drive radio host on Triple M with Matt Tilley. In this...


Chris Bath

Chris Bath is an Australian journalist, radio and television presenter. She’s currently the host of Evenings on ABC Radio Sydney and presenter of 10 News First Weekend on Network 10. Chris’ path to working as a journalist started when she was a waitress at a Sydney restaurant where she met Sydney Morning Herald columnist, Peter Bowers. After suggesting she should study journalism Chris put in a last-minute application and ended up winning a scholarship to attend Charles Sturt...



Lehmo is one of Australia's most well-known comedians and in this episode of You've Gotta Start Somewhere, Rachel Corbett sits down with him to find out how he went from a regular country kid with no dreams of being a comedian to one of Australia's most well-known media personalities. Discover more episodes at


Season 2 Coming Soon

Season two of You've Gotta Start Somewhere is on the way and guests include Chris Bath, Meshel Laurie, Hamish McDonald and Lehmo. Catch up on all the episodes at


Shaun Micallef

Comedian, Shaun Micallef talks about how his wife is the reason he got into comedy, how he worked out how to make an audience laugh at four years old, the one tactical move he's made in his career and how doing radio changed the way he performs.


Shaun Micallef

Shaun Micallef is an Australian comedian, actor, writer and television presenter who worked in what would seem to be the world’s least funny field before getting into comedy - insurance law. After ten years of talking to his wife about his desire to perform she eventually told him to give it a crack or never speak to her about it again. So he packed up the car and headed to Melbourne to start his career as a comedy writer. Shaun was first introduced to mainstream audiences on the sketch...


Amanda Keller

Amanda Keller is an Australian comedian, television and radio presenter. She’s one of the hardest working people in media hosting WSFM’s breakfast radio show, Jonesy & Amanda, Channel 10’s The Living Room and Dancing with the Stars. Amanda started her career as a producer working on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World and Midday with Ray Martin. She stepped in front of the camera after some strong encouragement from Ray Martin and never left. Amanda worked as a reporter on one of Australia's...


James Mathison

James Mathison is a television presenter who rose to fame as the host of Australian Idol. James’ very first television appearance was on Channel 10’s, The $20 Challenge but his career really started when he won a VJ search for Channel V on Foxtel. After working at Channel V with Osher Gunsberg the pair were offered a gig hosting a brand new show called Australian Idol. Little did he know it would end up being one of the biggest shows on Australian television. In this episode, James...


Shane Jacobson

Shane Jacobson is an Australian actor, writer, director and comedian. Shane became a household name after playing the role of Kenny Smyth, a portaloo plumber, in Kenny. A film he wrote with his brother Clayton. Shane was a performer from a young age, acting in amateur theatre shows. He tried his hand at stand-up and ended up with his own radio segment because someone tipped a Gold FM off about the funny voicemail messages he used to write and record for friends. In this episode, Shane...


Ross Greenwood

Ross Greenwood is the Nine Network’s business and finance editor and host of Money News on 2GB. Ross started his career in print journalism and decided to specialise in finance after noticing the finance guys seemed to take a lot of long lunches. Smart move. His first TV gig was as the money guy on Healthy, Wealthy & Wise and he’s now a reporter and commentator on The Today Show where he hosts his Money Minute segment. Ross was the editor of a number of finance publications including...


Deborah Knight

Deborah Knight is a journalist, newsreader and host of The Today Show. Deborah was part of the “Mitchell Mafia” studying journalism at Charles Sturt University. After graduating she started working for 2GB in Wagga Wagga before moving to Mix 106.5 in Sydney and then the ABC. Deborah has reported on some of the biggest news stories of the last two decades and was in Washington the day of the September 11 attacks. In this episode, Deborah Knight talks about her early love of journalism and...


Gorgi Coghlan

Gorgi Goghlan is a journalist, singer and host of The Project. Gorgi grew up on a sheep farm in Warrnambool and started her career as a teacher at McKinnon Secondary College. While she loved teaching her students she also loved performing and on nights and weekends she would perform in her own one-woman Shania Twain tribute show. Complete with back up dancers. Eventually she realised she needed to make performing a bigger part of her life so she said goodbye to her high school kids and...


Michael Usher

Michael Usher is an Australian journalist, newsreader and host of Seven News Sydney and The Latest: Seven News. Michael started his television career at the Golden West Television Network, Bunbury where he was posted to Kalgoorlie. After dipping his toe in regional reporting he moved to STW-9 Perth and eventually to the Nine Network in Sydney where he got a job as Olympic reporter covering the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic Games. He’s also worked as a foreign correspondent and has reported...