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131 | Daniel & Catalina Call In From Florence, Italy! Custom Leather Artistry - Katian Boutique

Sue met Daniel & Catalina on a girl's trip to Florence a few years ago and fell in love with them (and their boutique) the moment she walked through the doors of their passion-filled store, Katian Boutique. Daniel & Catalina are coming to Seattle! One-day fashion show & exhibition. Saturday, November 16th. Doors open 9am. *Limited seats* $25. Get your tickets now:


129 | The Science of First Impressions with Lisa Fischer Styling

In today's episode, we're clearing the clutter - metaphysically and physically! With fall here (and the holidays right around the corner), it's the perfect time to clear the clutter and pull out your fall style. My guest, Lisa Fischer, will share powerful tips for creating a strong image-based style for great first impressions. Visit to signup for monthly styling tips.


127 - Get your DHARMA on with Kitty Waters

Tune in to hear this week’s show with Kitty Waters!


126 - Live readings with Sue and Nadine

We spoke to expectations and healing tools.


125 - September 24 - The Niagara Falls Show

125 - September 24 - The Niagara Falls Show by Sue Lundquist: Life Coach, Medium, Energy Worker, Spiritual Entrepreneur


124 - Discovering and reclaiming our new selves [Live Calls]

Another awesome call-in show with Nadine! September is the month of discovery and in this show, we talked about self-discovery and reclaiming the essence of our lives to be a better version of ourselves—version 2.0! We also had an amazing time chatting with our callers and helped them receive from their loved ones who already passed away important messages: acceptance of a sudden loss, following the heart and not caring what other people may say, self care and self love... Tune in to hear...


123 - This month is DISCOVERY, let us discover inspiration & hear the art behind being of service

Diving deeper than just the songs, Park City Songwriter Festival was also founded to focus on mental health and addiction recovery challenges that persist in the music industry today. Partnering with the Grammy’s MusiCares organization and headlining artist Anders Osborne’s Send Me A Friend Foundation, Park City Songwriter Festival cares as much about the health of the songwriters as they do the songs themselves. Park City Songwriter Festival’s initial lineup includes (in alphabetical order)...


122 - "WHO AM I?"... too tired, too frustrated to ask? We will do the heavy lifting for you!

Join in and listen to today's show where we're joined by Kim Garland, a clinical psychotherapist, and Dr. Garland, who co-created a YouTube channel with Jess Bubbico called New Understandings. We'll be diving into the topic of "Who am I?"


121 - Regain your personal power

Sue and Nadine open up the phone lines to educate, inspire, heal and give readings. I love this time so engage with all of you. We all learn so much when we step out of fear and become curious about our own truth, some blind spots and vulnerability. Today the theme was self love. What is showing up in our lives, how we get to self love, what it looks like and some powerful questions and then solutions in the form of self regulating tools to help us all navigate through our limiting beliefs....


120 - Encore Presentation with Ainslie MacLeod

Encore with Ainslie Macleod, his latest book: The Old Souls Guidebook If you missed this one, here's your chance to dig into this incredible interview!


119 - Inspirational book launch & a powerful conversation on "Death"

BOOK LAUNCH: Inspirations, 101 stories to Inspire you... Allison Voth: is an independent writer, poet, and intuitive entrepreneur. She has over 20 years’ work experience in the federal government, including serving as a Border Services Officer, and five years volunteering as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Auxiliary Constable. Her passion is serving the global community within the common unity that bonds us in the expression of unconditional love. Paula Meyer: recently retired from a...


118 - Live Call-in, spoke to Intuition, discernment a& boundaries-powerful stuff!

Great call-in show today. We spoke to a few callers and Nadine and spoke to the importance of discernment. What it means, how it works and how it shows up. We had a great opportunity to talk about how to language or to communicate boundaries. I am a recovering people pleaser. I am also a lover and nurturer, and quite honestly I really like that aspect of me, just as long as I am not allowing to be taken advantage of. Tune in to hear their story of transformation...


117 - ENCORE-while I am Team Leading with Dr. Joe Dispenza

We had such great reposes from this show I am encoring it again while I am out of town Team Leading for Dr. Joe Dispenza. Forgiveness is a choice.


116 - Can we inherit emotions from other generations? With Dr. Bradley Nelson

Studies indicate that trauma experienced by our parents and earlier generations can shape our health, including a brand new one showing how the nervous system can transmit information across generations. I have veteran holistic physician, international lecturer and best-selling author Dr. Bradley Nelson on the show to discuss just that... “At this stage of our understanding, we may not be able to do a lot to change our actual DNA, but releasing trapped emotions can help us to make changes on...


115 - Forgiveness is a choice....with Jess Bubbico

Join your Host and Founder Sue Lundquist and her "guest host" Jess Bubbico as they have and honest, powerful and candid conversation about FORGIVENESS of self and others -"POWERFUL" What is it? Why it important? And... What it is not. We share some powerful quotes that make your hair stand up on the back of your neck! And of course our real life struggles and conversations. Sprinkle in some power & practical tools to help you through your journey of forgiveness. More information about Jess...


114 - Carmel Joy Baird, a world renowned Spiritual Medium

Carmel Joy Baird joins the show today! Carmel Joy Baird is a world renowned Spiritual Medium, best-selling Hay House author, Reality TV star and an incredible Mentor who has instructed students across the globe on how to develop their own intuition and psychic gifts. I'm so excited to have her on, and when you listen in you will be too...


113 - The Courage Habit with Kate Swoboda

Special guest this week talking about courage... Kate Swoboda (aka, “Kate Courageous”) See where old, fear-based habits have kept you stuck or started to limit what’s possible for you or your organization. Then start creating a more courageous life by getting into “the courage habit,” a four-part process for behavioral and organizational change.


112 - Silliness and Finding Your Joy - Call-in Show

Today was a live call in show with three great callers. Which ended up having a theme: Self love and finding joy instead denying ourselves. Tune in to hear all the details!


111 - Dr Joe Dispenza

Encore show featuring Dr Joe Dispenza


110 - Rainn Wilson, MONA Foundation, and how "Projection" is impacting our lives and relationships

Today after we spoke to Rainn Nadine, I spoke on "Projections"... what is it, how it shows up and what it can sound like. And then what we can do about it! "juicy stuff" for sure! Learn what we uncovered about text messages and triggers too. Projection keeps us from understanding the true nature of our pain.... Tune in to hear the signs you are projecting to your partner.