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Vincent Goodwill on MVP, NBA Awards & James Harden vs Chris Paul

Yahoo Sports Senior Writer, Vincent Goodwill, returns to talk NBA Awards Show, the Houston Rockets, and free agency! He has thoughts on Giannis as MVP and the James Harden loyalists response to that win, how the NBA can better serve the big awards, and today's fandom. He also weighs in on the drama in Houston surrounding Chris Paul and James Harden, how Daryl Morey and the front office are handling it, and how a banged-up Golden State roster may influence the Rockets' next moves. Plus, they...


NBA Draft Breakdown with B/R Draft GURU Jonathan Wasserman

B/R Draft GURU, Jonathan Wasserman, joins to breakdown the madness of the 2019 NBA Draft - The good: David Griffin and the New Orleans Pelicans trade away #4 pick to get Jaxson Hayes at #8 to accelerate rebuild after losing franchise player Anthony Davis, thus making themselves exciting team to watch. The Memphis Grizzlies are also big winners getting a star point guard of the future in Ja Morant, and best defensive prospect, Brandon Clarke. The bad: Washington Wizards picking Rui Hachimura...


Chris Mannix on Anthony Davis trade, Kyrie Irving & the Nets, the Pelicans & Zion Williamson, and the End of the Super Team Era

Sports Illustrated Senior Writer and NBC Sports Boston analyst, Chris Mannix, joins to break down the Anthony Davis trade, and what it means for the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans moving forward. He also has thoughts on Kyrie Irving possibly going to the Brooklyn Nets, and why that would really be no different than his situation in Boston, what Boston might do if Kyrie leaves, and how all of this may impact Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, and Kevin Durant. Chris also makes...


Sam Amick on Kevin Durant's Ruptured Achilles & Free Agency Future

The Athletic's Sam Amick returns to talk about game 5 of the NBA Finals, the devastating achilles injury to Kevin Durant, the strange circumstances surrounding the press conference and KD's surgery announcement, pressure he may have felt from fans, teammates, the Warriors and/or the media to come back too soon, and the impact the injury may have on KD's free agency decision as well as Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis' respective futures. via Knit


NBA TV's Dennis Scott

Dennis Scott from NBA TV joins Howard moments after the Toronto Raptors stunning victory over the Golden State Warriors to go up 3-1 in the Finals! Dennis explains why the first 5 minutes set the tone for the second half, how Kawhi Leonard's cool, quiet leadership affected the Raptors, why Steph Curry's still the greatest shooter ever, and when he knew that Kevin Durant was a necessity for the Warriors and not just a luxury. Dennis also speaks to DeMarcus Cousin's role and future, Kevin...


The Athletic's Marcus Thompson on the NBA Finals and Kevin Durant

The Athletic's Marcus Thompson, who also authored the book, "KD: Kevin Durant's Relentless Pursuit to Be the Greatest," returns to talk NBA Finals, the Warriors health issues, and what the Toronto Raptors need to do to win the Championship. He also reveals what he discovered about Kevin Durant while researching his new book, why KD's hypersensitivity is cool with Marcus, and how he thinks KD's free agency will play out in the off-season. via Knit


RJ Hampton

5-star basketball recruit RJ Hampton has made a groundbreaking move in pursuit of an NBA career. He's bypassing college basketball to join the New Zealand Breakers in the Australian National Basketball League. RJ speaks to the groundbreaking decision that will relocate his entire family halfway across the world, and what he hopes it may do for age limits and the NBA. He also talks about his heroes (Steph, LeBron, Kobe and Michael Jordan), how he hopes to develop his game and improve as a...


Zach Lowe & The NBA Finals

Zach Lowe of ESPN and "The Lowe Post" podcast fame joins to talk NBA Finals, and especially how things might look when the Golden State Warriors arrive in Toronto for the first two games of the series on the Raptor's home court. He shares thoughts on the best defensive use of Kawhi Leonard, how Kevin Durant's possible absence will affect the Warriors' game, Steph Curry's offensive power, and how DeMarcus Cousins will factor into the strategy. Zach also weighs in on the "Toronto Drakes,"...


Jason "The Jet" Terry on Bucks-Raptors, Giannis, KD, Kawhi Leonard, and the All NBA Awards

Former Milwaukee Buck, Jason "The Jet" Terry, who retired last year after a 19-year NBA career, shares some insight into Giannis and Bucks, the current Bucks-Raptors play-off series, and who'll make the tougher opponent for the Golden State Warriors. Jason speaks to why Toronto may be more equipped than Milwaukee to handle the NBA Finals environment, how Giannis needs to improve his game to help his team, who should have made the various All NBA Teams (hello Patrick Beverley and Klay...


LA Times Tania Ganguli Breaks Down the Lakers, Magic Johnson, and LeBron James

LA Times beat writer Tania Ganguli has been covering the Lakers for the last 3 years, and was at the Lakers' press conference yesterday to introduce new head coach Frank Vogel. She joins to share her thoughts on what she saw and heard yesterday from Rob Pelinka (about Magic Johnson), Frank Vogel, and LeBron James. Tania also speaks to the Lakers' chaotic and drama-filled front office, Jeanie Buss' noticeable absence yesterday, "Laker Exceptionalism," their free agency and lottery plans and...


Jonathan Wasserman on the Lottery Draw, Zion Williamson, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Anthony Davis

B/R's NBA Draft Guru Jonathan Wasserman returns to break down the lottery draw and what it means for tanking, the top 10 picks, and potential trade packages from the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Lakers for Zion Williamson. Jonathan shares draft scenarios for the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, and Phoenix Suns, explains why there's really no difference between the 4th and 11th picks in this weak draft class, why Ja Morant is actually perfect for...


Wes Wilcox on Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and the Lottery

Former Atlanta Hawks GM, Wes Wilcox, returns to talk the future of eliminated playoff teams including which are (or should be) in crisis mode, which should be concerned, and which have nothing to worry about. He offers analysis and possible trade/free agent scenarios for the Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Boston Celtics, and Philadelphia 76ers. How will Kevin Durant's plans affect Kyrie Irving and Boston? What should Houston do with Chris Paul? How does competitive rebuilding factor...


Metta World Peace

Former Defensive Player of the Year, 4-time member of the All-Defensive Team, All-Star, 2010 NBA Champion, and star of the upcoming documentary, "Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story," Metta World Peace addresses his mental health issues, the Malice In The Palace, his relationship with Jermaine O'Neal, and growing up in the projects in New York. He also recalls pantsing Paul Pierce, brunching with Dr. Jerry Buss, and the inspiration he took from Dennis Rodman's Oprah appearance. Plus, he...


Actor Kelly AuCoin on the Portland Trail Blazers, Billions, and Dollar Bill Stern

Kelly AuCoin is "Dollar Bill Stern" on Showtime's "Billions." He's also a die-hard Portland Trail Blazers fan, who shed a few tears over Damian Lillard's 37-foot shot. Hear his take on the Blazers' post-season to date, and what drastic change he would make to the league if he were "Commish For A Day." He's also sharing plenty of great stories from the set of "Billions," including Dollar Bill's big boxing match against Mafee, meeting Deontay Wilder, singing Bruce Springsteen, and the creation...


Brooklyn Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson

Brooklyn Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson returns to talk about the team's breakthrough season, when he realized they were onto something, the night that Caris LeVert went down, the development and growth of D'Angelo Russell into a starting point guard and All-Star, and 2019 free agency. Kenny also speaks to his coaching style and philosophy, what it took to build the Nets culture, basketball's relationship with the media, and how he combats PSS (Post Season Syndrome). via Knit


Ric Bucher on the Warriors-Rockets Game 1 Officiating, Kevin Durant, and the Great (or not so much) Russell Westbrook

Ric Bucher, Senior Writer for Bleacher Report and host of the "Bucher & Friends" podcast, breaks down game 1 of the Warriors Rockets series, and how to keep the focus on the game(s) and not the officiating. He speaks to the Warriors current kumbaya chemistry and whether it's just a front for fans and media, and Kevin Durant's predicted offseason move to the New York Knicks, and how it compares to LeBron James' move to LA. And of course, Ric and Howard engage in the ongoing debate about...


Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey thinks the Utah Jazz series went better than he expected, is preparing for round 2 most likely against the Golden State Warriors even though he had hoped to potentially face them later in the playoffs, and addresses the Rockets 11-14 start. He also weighs in on lottery reform, the 3-point shot and its effect on the game, and Damian Lillard's series-winning, amazing shot against Oklahoma City. via Knit


ESPN's Tim Bontemps on the Eastern Conference Playoffs

ESPN's Tim Bontemps joins to breakdown the Eastern Conference playoffs to date, including the Boston Celtics making quick work of the Indiana Pacers. He weighs in on the upcoming Celtics-Bucks series, the Kyrie Irving-Gordon Hayward chemistry, why Giannis is the best player in the NBA (and will be for the next 6-10 years), and whether Coach Mike Buldenholzer's defense will hold up as the Bucks advance in their playoff run. Tim also speaks to why he believes the Raptors will give Golden State...


Richard Jefferson on LeBron, Steph, KD, Russell Westbrook, and the Lakers

Richard Jefferson, host of "The Road Trippin' Podcast" and Executive Producer of the new film, "Sprinter," returns to speak to his foray into movie making, and the reason this specific project connected with him. He also of course talks play-off basketball including whether anyone has a shot at beating the Warriors, what Philadelphia needs to do to beat the Nets, why it's tough to play in Portland, and why he thinks Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder is the most intense player in...


Game of Zones creators The Malamut Brothers

The Malamut Brothers, Craig and Adam, are the mad geniuses behind Game of Zones on the B/R app, and they just launched their brand new 8-episode season! Discover their take on the just-released Jimmy Butler episode, what they have planned with the Toronto Raptors, and why Game Of Thrones ending doesn't concern them too terribly much. The brothers also discuss their creative inspiration, their favorite episodes (Sun Kings) and characters, the ones they kinda feel bad about doing (Tobias...