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To-The-Point Conversations About the Bible, Theology, and Current Events.

To-The-Point Conversations About the Bible, Theology, and Current Events.
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To-The-Point Conversations About the Bible, Theology, and Current Events.




What does Jeremiah 29:11 mean?

Jared Belcher, Ben Shoun, & Brett Moore Jeremiah 29:11 says, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord. 'Plans for welfare and not evil, to give you a future and a hope.'" It's a great verse that has a lot to teach us - but it's also a verse that is often misunderstood. Is Jeremiah 29:11 evidence that God promises us a good life? Or is the prophet Jeremiah saying something else here? In this episode, we discuss what this verse actually means and why it is such a great...

Duration: 00:10:11

What does Phil. 4:13 mean?

Jared Belcher, Ben Shoun, & Brett Moore Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It's a great verse that has a lot to teach us - but it's also a verse that is often misunderstood. Is Philippians 4:13 evidence that we do anything as long as we follow God? Or is Paul saying something else here? In this episode, we discuss what this verse actually means and why it is such a great passage for us to know.

Awkward Family Conversations

For many families, the holiday season brings with it several extended family gatherings. Almost inevitably, some comments and questions will be made that will make us a little uncomfortable. As we head into Thanksgiving and Christmas, here are our thoughts on how to handle awkward family conversations.

Duration: 00:11:47

Shootings in the Church

Jared Belcher, Ben Shoun, & Brett Moore On November 5, one of the most deadly mass shootings in US history occurred at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas. At the time of this recording, 26 people had been killed, including children and elderly. As we process such a horrific event and pray for the families, a few questions come to mind. How concerned should we be about the frequency of shootings in public places? Is this a sign that churches in America are being targeting by...

Duration: 00:11:20

Who is Seminary for and What is Ordination?

Jared Belcher, Ben Shoun, & Brett Moore You have probably heard of seminary and of ordination - but you might feel a bit confused about what these words actually mean. Who is seminary for and why would someone go? Do non-pastors go to seminary? And then there is the term "ordination" that gets used in the church. What does it mean to be ordained and do you need a seminary degree to be a pastor? These are the kinds of practical church questions we're going to be answering today on the 10...

Duration: 00:11:42

Short Term Mission Trips

Throughout the year, our church sends out several teams on short term mission trips - both domestic and international. Many churches do. But have you ever stopped and considered... is it something we should be doing? What is the value of short term mission trips, and is there a right way and a wrong way to do them? In this episode, we put the idea of short term missions under the microscope and think through their purpose.

Duration: 00:11:12

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Celebrating halloween has long been a controversial topic among believers. Some believe it's ok to trick or treat as long as you disassociate it with its history, while others think it's sinful to participate in any halloween activity. Find out what we think about Christians participating in halloween festivities on this week's Ten Minute Think Thru.

Duration: 00:08:36

Is Marijuana sinful?

In America, there is a lot of unrest surrounding many substances. This week, our pastors are discussing several issues surrounding marijuana: should it be used medicinally, recreationally, or not at all?

Duration: 00:13:50

Do Boycotts Help?

Jared Belcher, Ben Shoun, & Brett Moore Over the years, Evangelical Christians have participated in many boycotts- such as with Target, Starbucks, and Beauty & the Beast - while many on the political left have done the same - Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A, and Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. As the controversy over the NFL continues, we answer a question sent in by a lister- Does it help for Christians to participate in boycotts? Do boycotts actually advance their cause?

Duration: 00:08:53

What does the Bible say about Cremation?

For the first time in the United States, cremations have exceeded traditional burials. As families grieve the loss of a loved one and consider how to proceed, a cremation is often a cheaper and easier option. For Christians, however, we wanted to consider what the Bible has to say about cremation. Does it matter? Is cremation a better or worse option for Christians?

Duration: 00:10:25

Multi-Level Marketing & The Church

Ever been invited to a party for a product? Then you've heard of Multi-Level Marketing. Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM, is a popular form of business where everyday people are the distributors for a company's products. Makeup, vitamins, essential oils, baskets, kitchenware, and a hundred others, MLMs are extremely popular, especially among women and especially in American churches. Whether you're a buyer or seller, sometimes, MLMs can lead to problems between friends. Should we avoid MLMs?...

Duration: 00:14:40

Does God Cause Natural Disasters?

Over the last few weeks, North America has suffered many natural disasters that have destroyed and damaged many lives. Earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding - is God in control? In His sovereignty, does he allow or perhaps even cause these disasters? These are deep and difficult questions everyone asks. In this episode, we consider God's involvement and our response.

Duration: 00:08:34

Finding "The Right Church" - Part 2

Choosing which church to be a part of is a big and sometimes difficult decision. When do you know if a church is the right one for you? In this episode, the second of two parts, we answer this question by evaluating the 9 marks of a healthy church.

Duration: 00:09:02

REpod: Is Our Christianity The Real Problem?

This week we are discussing a podcast recently published by Immanuel Nashville and providing our feedback. The podcast discusses what Pastor Ray Ortlund and Assistant Pastor T.J. Tims thoughts on the real problem within our culture of Christianity.

Duration: 00:12:22

What Does "Gospel" and "Grace" Really Mean?

In a culture where we are saturated with common Christian words and phrases, we often don't know what the real definitions are. What do words like "Gospel and "Grace" really mean when we get to the heart of them? This week on the podcast we are dissecting these two specific words.

Duration: 00:13:37