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1611: The Bible in a Year - Hatcastes-logo

1611: The Bible in a Year - Hatcastes

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A daily podcast reading of the King James Bible in a year.

A daily podcast reading of the King James Bible in a year.
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A daily podcast reading of the King James Bible in a year.




Double Episode, 50 & 51: Numbers 18-22

In this episode we'll say farewell to Miriam and Aaron, but meet a new character who gets a surprising amount of attention for being pretty out of left field.

Duration: 00:31:32

Double Episode, 48 & 49: Numbers 13-17

Giants! Turns out that pretty much universally, we like to tell stories about giants who are What does this mean? And more importantly, what did it mean for Caleb and his fellow spies? (I mentioned the Amorites in this episode, as well as a particular poem for Brutus of Troy. Also, I heavily relied upon this excellent Wikipedia article on giants.)

Duration: 00:42:38

Double Episode, 44 & 45: Numbers 5-7

A summary of Numbers 7: everyone gives the same thing; multiply by 12 to get the total.

Duration: 00:25:48

Double Episode, 42 & 43: Numbers 1-4

New book! Warning: lots of names and lots of counting.

Duration: 00:33:26

Double Episode, 40 & 41: Leviticus 24-27

We're done we're done we're done! Next up, Numbers! Thanks for sticking with it, podcast listeners. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Now, I know that very little can thrill you like reading Leviticus, but if you're interested in trying something new, you just might want to hop on over to, a new podcast/sermon thing about Habakuk. Brian, its host, also ran into the reality that pretty much only the King James is free to fully reproduce (as I'm doing here for...

Duration: 00:37:54

Double Episode, 38 & 39: Leviticus 19-23

It's a sad commentary in and of itself that the best commentary I could give was to point out that this episode is, in a certain sense, the penultimate episode of the penultimate book of the pentateuch. It's also sad that (1) that isn't actually the case, and (2) that the prefixes of penultimate and pentateuch aren't etymologically related.

Duration: 00:31:20

Double Episode 36 & 37: Leviticus 14-18

The foundation of interpreting the law is to see it as the terms of a contract relationship between God and the Israelites with the purpose of separating them from the nations around them. From there, there's a multitude of ways to go forward, and we'll get into that in a big way when we reach the later New Testament. For now, it's interesting to look at some of the nuance of the law, particularly the notion of separating the Israelites not just from other nations, but from their own...

Duration: 00:34:57

Double Episode, 34 & 35: Leviticus 8-13

Today's episode contains waaay more information about diagnosing leprosy than you ever wanted to know.

Duration: 00:35:50

Double Episode, 32 & 33: Leviticus 1-7

We're in a new book! Unfortunately that's about all there is to say. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:32:27

Double Episode, 28 & 29: Exodus 30-35

In complete contradiction to God's plans, the Israelites pressure Aaron into building a golden calf for them to worship. The contrast between it and the detailed designs we've been reading through (and will continue to read through in this episode) is key to understanding this passage.

Duration: 00:32:09

Double Episode, 20 & 21: Exodus 7-12

This episode neatly contains the epic of the ten plagues, and also introduces us to the Passover. If you'd like to read the wikipedia article I referenced during the introduction, you can find it here.

Duration: 00:36:42

Double Episode, 11 & 12: Genesis 32-37

Did you miss me? I certainly missed you. Now that I'm back, recording on a regular schedule, I'll be releasing double episodes (like this one) until I catch up to where we should be. In order to improve the experience of these extra-long episodes, I've added chapter markers throughout the episode.

Duration: 00:31:44