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Episode 0060 - Fuck It... also, Metallica

This week, Rick and Philip hit a limit and just fucking let it all out. This is the bitchiest episode of 16Miles2Hell you've ever heard! Also, some shit about Metallica and Preacher. BOOYAH! ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!


Episode 0059 - Dawn Patrol

Political turmoil. Economic uncertainty. Religious strife. Enviromental collapse. But hey, don't let that get you down! This week on 16Miles2Hell, Rick and Philip welcome the amazing Dawn Dalton, freelancer for Geek and Sundry and all-around supergeek to the Mega Action Bunker to discuss what it takes to write for Geek and Sundry, a well as some of the bullshit women have to face just to be part of fandom. Then Philip goes out of the way to deiver a deep, thoughtful, and very touching...


Episode 0058 - It Came From The 90s

What two things go together so well that they seem like they were made for each other? If you answered 'paintball' and 'retirement homes,' then you are totally right. With that in mind, this week Rick and Philip throw caution to the wind and explore the 90's action movie genre! Once upon a time, action flicks didn't come with six heroes and films were shot in more than shades of grey! Discover a genre that is due to start geetting remade until the end of time any year now, and then stick...


Episode 0057 - Pip It, Baby

This week, Rick and Philip welcome ENnie Award Winning Game Developer Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games, and he immediately goes wild and destroys the Mega Action Bunker with a combination of class, style, sophistication, and a whole lot of china white! Will are heroes recover from this coked-out hellscape in time to talk Preacher? Only time will tell! The Pip System! GenCon2017! All this and a bean burrito, only here on 16Miles2Hell!


Episode 0056 - The Legend of Joey Dimes

Once upon a time, a corrupt teamster went missing, and the world went apeshit. Over the years, many theories have surrounded the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, and this week on 16Miles2Hell, Madame Bunnie edjumacates us on the all the facts you need to know. Also this week, we discuss the great vengeance and furious anger of those butthurt over a female Doctor, and bring you the Preacher's Pulpit and our reaction to the episode "Dallas." Miss this episode and you'll be swimming with the...


Episode 0055 - XBoxing Day

This week on 16Miles2Hell, Rick and Philip sick down with iamrickhunter of the Nerdy For Thirty podcast to discuss the only reasons Americans get the chance to make video games, the XBox! After the games and Tailspin lyrics, we bring you the next edition of the Preacher's Pulpit wherein we discuss Preacher - Season 02 Episode 04, Victor! If you miss this one, we'll hunt you down and shove you in a box and ship you to Zimbabwe! 16Miles2Hell starts NOW!


Episode 0054 - Urbie-Lovin'

What do you get when you combine a trash-can with a police car? The Urby-Mech Task Force! This week Philip and Rick welcome special guest John "Grok It" Stephenson for another round of Mechwarrior Online, where we discuss the upcoming Civil War update, the new Battletech game by Harebrained, and Mechwarrior V! Stay tuned in for the Preacher's Pulpit, wherein we talk about Season 2, Episode 3 of the best damn show on TV. 16Miles2Hell is locked in and ready to blow!


Episode 0053 - Preacher-ing to the Choir

After a series of hadoukens and flash kicks, Rick has broken free of the terrorist prison that entrapped him, returning and merging with Philip to form SIXTEENATRON, the most powerful and jailbait robot of them all! Fueled with the power of love (and other Huey Lewis songs), SIXTEENATRON brings you stories of terror, romance, and the return of the Preacher's Pulpit! This is an episode you don't want to miss, because much like the rhythm, it's gonna get you.


Episode 0052 - Pinheads!

This week, Philip has the common sense to send one Rick packing and bring Iamrickhunter in as a PODPERSON replacement! We talk video games, and find out how much of MacDaddy the Philip is as his bikeshake brings all the girls to the yard. What's that? Pinball! We sucker special guest Brandon Moose9000 to talk about the most tilted topic 16Miles2Hell has ever dared! Feed your ears the awesome and tune in, right now!


Episode 0051 - Playstation!

Once upon a time in Japan... ...Nintendo decided it was time to try out CD-based gaming, and they partnered with an electronics giant to create the most powerful, most sophisticated video game system ever to see the light of day. Then they said "fuck it," and left Sony holding the tech. Only now in this late hour do they see the folly of their ways! Today, Rick and Philip welcome Ric Hunter to 16Miles2Hell and talk about all things Playstation as we look back at the awesome that was PSX.


Episode 0050 - Turn The Beatles Around

The 50th episode of 16Miles2Hell! Alright, fine, the 60th if you count The Lost Episodes. This week, Rick and Phillip sit in for a little knowledgeification from Madame Bunnie who teaches us about Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, an album she personally endorses as "kind of a big deal." Will Phillip overcome his fear of Ringo's nose? Will Rick find true love sandwiched between a submarine and a giant walrus? WILL WE EVER TURN THE BEAT AROUND? Find out this week on 16Miles2Hell, the...


Episode 0049 - Urbymech To The Rescue

In another spine-tingling episode of #16Miles2Hell, Rick and Philip are joined by John "Grok It" Stephenson and Big Stompy Robots as they brave the Quick Game pool of Mechwarrior Online. What adventure awaits as our heroic Mechwarriors hit the battlefield armed with nothing but Urbanmechs and a smile? Spoiler: We don't win a single match. GIT GUD!


0048 - Resistance is Feudal

What happens when grown adults give up life in the real world to recreate a time medieval? An awesome time, every time. This week we're going digital into the game Life is Feudal: Your Own, where two GM's from the immensely popular RPCLiF server stop in to school Rick and Philip on all things Feudal! Verily, thine countenance doth not wish to miss this!


Episode 0047 - Better Parenting Through Geekery

Just in time for helping you make poor decisions, Rick and Philip are back, this time with special guests Gretchen Reed and John Stephenson to talk about the burning topic sweeping the nation! No, not the new update to Pokemon Go, how to be the parent of a geek and how geeking can make you a better parent! It's a very special Blossom this week on 16Miles2Hell, the Best Damn Podcast (What)Ever!


Episode 0046 - SEGA!

Coffee? Tea? Cigarettes? SEGA! This week Rick and Philip welcome Rick Hunter of the Nerdy for Thirty Podcast to talk all things Sega, from Master System to Dreamcast. What perils await our intrepid podcasters as they brave this topic foul? Well, none... not really. It's a podcast. The biggest danger is blood clots from sitting to long. Those are pretty serious, though! All this and less, this week on 16Miles2Hell, the Best Damn Podcast (What)Ever!


Episode 0045 - Megadething For Fun and Profit

Daring dorks of mystery, podcasters of might! Swoops out of the Internet, 16Miles2Hell is back. Somewhere some dumbass screams, 'cause we said he sucks! 16Miles, 2Hell is back motherfuckers. 16Miles! (Let's get Smoot-erous). 16Miles2 (2 Hell, 2 Hell). That's right, Rick and Philip are back after an extended 16-A-Cation and we're bringing the thunder with an episode dedicated to Megadeth, including our picks for the top 3 Megadeth tracks. 16Miles2Hell! Proving that talent is nowhere near as...


Episode 0044 - Dinner for Donners

On this, the day of the Ascension of the Cheeto in Chief, #16Miles2Hell brings you some thoughts on the post-apocalypse and other sundry topics. Madame Bunnie also joins Philip and Rick in the Action Mega Bunker, weaving a tale of intrigue and woe that will leave you hungry for more. All this and a bucket of sauerkraut on 16Miles2Hell, the Best Damn Podcast!


Episode 0043 - East Vs. West

Just when you thought it was safe to stick your tongue in a lion's ass, Philip and Rick are back and blasting your tongue-slot with Season 3 of 16Miles2Hell! This week, Ricardo Reyes of the Nerdy for Thirty podcast joins us while we debate the best RPGs out there, and the battle between Eastern and Western RPGs. Swallow a fistful on Adderall and hope on board, this ride isn't stoppping any time soon.


Episode 0042 - Night of the Returning Hosts

The last episode of 2016! Get ridof this fucked up year as all the hosts of #16Miles2Hell unite and bring you one hour of totally unfiltered shenanigans. Rick and Philip welcome back Maggie and Pascual, and no one knows for sure what will become of the world once they are released.


Episode 0041 - a Y'all Tide Story

'Tis the season to sell lots of crap, FaLaLaLaLa, Ka-CHING ching CHING! But where did this mysterious Yule originate? Rick and Philip learn from the feet of Madame Bunnie as we discover the history of Yule! Also, there may or may not be some other shenanigans happening. Find out on #16Miles2Hell!


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